Spirit Whispers: A Lot more Soul, a little less Human…

Sooooo, how you surviving the rapid fire changes of energy?   I have been spending time talking with Spirit about their terminology of “The lag”.    I love some of the descriptions they give me to make it easier for us to understand.   “The Lag” is the gap in between the hardware and the software of ourselves as explained below.

Basically, we got upgrades, wonderful.  But what does happen when you add new “Software” to old “Hardware”?       In the human body case, when you add new thought patterns, new inner knowing and understanding at a deeply soul level and bring more of your soul understanding and light through (The Software).  Suddenly the human body goes into conflict with itself as the body and mind (The Hardware) tries to adjust to the changes.

First one is thought patterns.   Your mind may drop words, cognition and sentences.  You may become really forgetful and I need to explain this one.  Suddenly, with more soul you don’t need to store as much information in the physical mind, it is available on the Universal storage plane so why are you fussing around storing information in a redundant small storage space.   But, because our programming is that our mind has a limitation, a limited space in between our ears, then we think we need to just keep stuffing it in there.     With more soul, more storage space in Universal space, so it can store knowledge AROUND us.   It’s a completely different mind boggling concept and our old “hardware” is going “saaaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaat?”.

Secondly, our senses are going through an over haul.   As they compliment our Sixth sense, they are getting sharpened with more of our soul through as well.   You will probably notice your eyes the most, they will blur, shift, fuzz before they realign into making your view point sharper, clearer and colours will seem more vivid and crisper.  Simply you will notice more with your eyes if you don’t dismiss it as slightly odd or weird.  Don’t forget this is a system upgrade, and you are used to things a certain way.   Noticing is the best way of realising there are quantifiable changes.

The same for the other senses,  smell, taste (people taste like candy to me at the moment), hearing, all sharpening and refocusing as “The Hardware” adjusts to more soul being present and filling the cells with light.    The catch 22 one is always feeling.  Have you noticed how intensely you feel when people annoy you at the moment?   This is a massive adjustment as most of the soul element is present through the heart which is closely connected with our emotional states.   The feelings are simply more intense and instant.   People are saying to me, I have no patience and I have these instantaneous reactions to things and people.    Hmmmz, system upgrades to this intensity are intense and this one is like never before.

Foods will change in appeal as your Soul really decides what it doesn’t like you putting into the physical being, its now inhabiting more.   In the last couple of weeks more foods in my diet have been cast aside as the Soul says “That habit, that one, its terrible, time for that to go”.   Your need for sugar may be up and down and all over the place as well, then your body may simple decide to purge that one as well.  Keep yourself completely hydrated for the next 6 weeks as we slowly adjust to all the challenges and changes that more Soul and Light in the body means.

Most of us have noticed the changes but it also throws us into an internal conflict.  Put it this way, our Soul knows the balance of life, it knows that everything is always exactly as it should be and makes us feel like everything is possible.  Love that software, its so designed for being present in our lives without feeling personally attacked by the Universe and people and so, so much harmony beyond any limiting thought patterns.  BUT, and there is a HUGE BUT, our Hardware is designed for the “Suffer to Learn Philosophy” so its Allllllll about limitations and hard work and suffering.   So for a period of time you have Software designed to take you out of suffering and into understanding and hardware programmed for hard work.  Direct conflict.   This means we can be constantly arguing with ourselves about what we KNOW and what we THINK we should be doing.     Its a very confusing state of mind.

For a start, when our Soul says we can go beyond limitations, our hardware mind says but I only know what limitations are.  What does beyond limitations mean?  What does that even mean?      Our adjustment to different concepts are being explored by our ability to create, after all the Soul is all about creating.   The new energy coming in is “Create to be”  so the software is perfect for the Universal energy.  Poor old Hardware, our bodies and mind are used to heavy suffering energy and now we can be creative?  Sheesh, where the hell do you start?

Well start here, its underway anyway, no one is not getting upgraded in some way.  Some will be slower and some will be faster dependent on their soul evolution.  No one will be doing it the same way, we never have and never will.  Stop expecting people to match where you are at and let them evolve in the way they are supposed to, with patience and kindness.

Also break it down into allowable bite sized pieces.    “I am changing, evolving.”   Explore what what means to you.   What bits of your life are awesome and inspiring and keep those.  Investigate what it means to allow yourself to change. Be curious about your creative mind and I will explain creative mind is NOT Art only, its ideas, concepts, exploration and adventure.   Think about what you love and think about permission of allowing yourself to do things like create the business you always wanted and think about ways you would do that.  Explore your creativity with others.   I’m thinking about changing my career, I have always thought I would love to do this, do you think I could do that?  It is not asking another person their permission, but rather voicing an internal thought so it has more momentum, energy, focus and intention.

We are STILL in Identity energy people, until August, so please take the time to invest and investigate into what you truthfully need in your life for you.   Who are you is defined simply by what you love to do and if you don’t know what that is then it’s time to be curious, explore and create different experiences that make your Soul sing.  After all your Soul will be pulling you to explore all that you are now there is simply more in the body, so let your soul draw you into the unknown and beyond your perceived limitations of yourself.  It’s time to be the light you always were but now there is just more… be more, do that.  Its a great place to start!




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Spirit Whispers: “Fallen Angel Syndrome”

Goodness me, you start to unravel the energies and it suddenly either becomes very clear or very murky.   For a very, very long time I have had an absolute fascination with Angels and Angelics.   I simply could not believe it when Doreen Virtue renounced them and said it was all made up.    I think I was horrified in myself for months.  Simply because we also crave the thought of something to believe in that’s beautiful.

Why do we love the thought of Angels so much?  Because down here on the earth plane we have forgotten our wings, we have forgotten how loved we are and we aspire to these beings as being all the purity that we don’t see about ourselves, all the love we are capable of, our strength of heart and the beauty of our beings that we just cannot see we are.   I loved when Spirit taught me to see what Auras meant when I was little.  I loved that people shone with these amazingly beautiful colours emanating from their beings and they didn’t even know it!   How could they not see how divinely gorgeous they were?   I spend time explaining auras to people to try and show them how incredibly beautiful, amazing and loving they are, just never to themselves….

Which brings me to this blog.     I have talked about frequency changes being really rapid and huge changes in ourselves with ticks and aches, headaches and creaking everywhere.    This is because physicality is busy adjusting like mad to all the frequency changes, and it’s exhausting so expect to have some odd sleeping habits as well in this energy.

The body is such an amazing thing, its like a massive pocket, it stores all our hopes and dreams and our judgement and self doubts in it, usually in which ever organ we inventively hide it in from ourselves and I have noticed this for years that people manifest and experience illness in those organs or spaces in the body inventively in their judgmental view of themselves.   All those thoughts directed awfully at ourselves get stored and they get stored in hiding places within the body.    For example, if you never speak your truth, never say what you need to say, you will suffer from throat issues.   If you cannot stomach other peoples bad behaviors, then you guess it, its your stomach you will have issues in.   Kidneys?  That is always what you filter through in annoyances.    The symbolic nature of illness gives it away every time where it is linked to perception of self and blame, judgement, resentment, frustration, denial and all those other thoughts we do to self. (I did write a whole blog on this a couple of years ago).

Now bodies are undergoing this amazing frequency change and they are cellularly opening DNA strands, heart based energies and increasing the amount of light running through our beings.  However, one thing I have noticed is you do have to be welcoming of the light, and a lot of us are fighting with ourselves to hold onto old aspects of ourselves to do with blame, guilt, denial, resentment.   As our Soul is pushing us forward to receive more of itself and the light of itself, there are old aspects that need to fall away from the old learning philosophies and yet they are so familiar, even in their uncomfortability, we are clinging to them because we don’t know any different and if we don’t know what else there is, then why not cling to the familiar?

But, this is where it becomes a problem completely and utterly.   If you are opening up anyway because the frequency change is pulling on us all, and you cannot see you as the beautiful light being you are, what happens?  As people are so busy fighting with themselves, the human experiences they already know, and the Soul wanting to bring in more light, they struggle within themselves with their own identity.   If they have told themselves for years and years they are flawed, how will they know that light is trying to come in?  What I am seeing is they don’t, they don’t see its light, and they only see their own darkness, flaws, judgments and instead of light opening them and letting them see their own beauty, they see more darkness and misery only and it seeps more into their being, causing illness, unhappiness, mental trauma and despair.

I asked Spirit, what is THIS?  Elom, the beautiful golden Angelic I have had the privilege of loving in my life for so, so long replied.  “Fallen Angel Syndrome”  I’m startled.  “What? Is that even a thing?”

Elom replies “Do you remember all the stories of the Angels we have told you for years and years?   From the smallest Angel who doesn’t believe she is big enough to be special?   From the Angel who pulled all her feathers out from her wings and dropping them to earth,  trying to get people to believe in Angels and hope?”      I nod, I have listened to the Parables for years understanding its our hope that wants us to believe in these beings, its our want to believe there are special beings that love us so much, they support us through our lives.

Elom continues, “Do you remember the story of the Angels who believed they had fallen from God’s, the Divines Graces?   That they were no longer accepted and loved and they fell to earth to live out human lives until they remembered that they were worthy always and in all ways, but had to remember to love themselves and accept themselves in love first?”    I nod, I love that story so much and have heard it for years because its what I see in people.   That they are so beautiful, so perfect and so, so cruel in the love they willingly give to others, but never give themselves.

Elom touches my face gently.  “Fallen Angel Syndrome is those who think they are so flawed, so out of touch of the Divine love, that they do not believe they are Angels anymore.   They do not believe that they are so loveable, so beautiful, incredible that they do not see themselves as anything else but hideously flawed and unloveable”.   I can feel myself wanting to cry.  I remember over my life, how I have viewed myself at times, the horrible things I have thrown at myself in my own mind, the judgment, self hatred, denial and blame.

“Is that why they are not bringing in light?  The light of themselves more?”   He shakes his head.  “They forget who they are.”    I’m curious, “Are we all Angels then?”  He smiles “Why wouldn’t you be?”    I’m more curious.  “Really?”   He smiles “You know that many, many times we have talked to you about you all being a part of the Divine.  That you come to experience all you can be to evolve and learn to love yourselves.   Yet you never most of you even remotely associate yourselves as being special, perfect, amazing light beings.  Angelic, not Angelic, Alien not Alien, Starseed not Starseed?  Mostly you don’t associate yourselves as very much more than flawed”.

“Fallen Angel Syndrome?”  He smiles “One of the best ways to described how flawed you think you all are”    I think about this.   I actually completely understand his description.  How much do we focus on how bad we are in ourselves, judging ourselves constantly and finding ourselves flawed when we aren’t, we never were, we just think we are.   We are evolving and evolving FAST, yet we do not see ourselves as special.  How in the changes in the physical, can we become all we are, if we only see our flawed selves.  Self love is not taught down here, its not embraced to the level it should be nor as my favourite grizzle is, taught in schools along with self regulation, appreciation and emotional understanding.

“Elom?  There was one wave following the virus you talked about and I haven’t looked at yet.   This is it, isn’t it?   The choice, the choice to move forward into the new energy is ours, based on how we see ourselves.   Its why we have been given time in lock down to re-connect with ourselves in a way that is empowering, uplifting and valuing?”    My mind is racing, what about all those people who have depression?  What about people who struggle to see themselves as awesome?  Those already suffering?   As the strands are activating, what happens if they don’t see themselves as light? but instead pull in more darkness?     He watches me struggle in myself with understanding, how to even help with this, to word it into understanding.

“The choice has always, and will always be your own”.   Part of me wants to hit him over the head.  Come through the veil they said, incarnate they said, it will be amazing they said.   You’ll forget, they said.  To remember they said.  The evolution of you will be challenged and amazed by your soul growth.   Great.   THIS is why we are in identity energy until August.  We need to look past programming and what flaws we think we have and remember our own beauty, and love ourselves well and into the next phase because truthfully WE are our way forward.   We never fell, we forgot.  REMEMBER who you are.  Stop fighting with yourself, your body, your programming and open your heart to loving you as the perfect, evolving being you are.    BE the light you came to be, not just for the world, but YOU first.     Accept, surrender the fight, and remember, its the easiest way to evolve, let your soul lead you back to you. BREATHE.

I also ask you this, Gorgeous Lights, touch other people with your light, help them also to remember to love themselves into more light, past the thought of their own darkness and worse.   SHINE a light, the light of YOU by teaching others what you know, that self love, gratitude and appreciation of yourself, helps you to see the world differently, as a different space and so it will be, for what we focus on we become.  Its our choice, and the choice is now.     Remember who you are.


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Spirit Whispers: Once more into the Light

I have waited a couple of weeks to write this post.  In the Hope for Tomorrow post Spirit talked about a period of time we would be in restricted movement, 6-8 weeks and then there would be a healing time.

We have sat in lock down nearly four weeks now and we have been given this amazing opportunity to see, really see ourselves and each other.   We have been given opportunities to decide whether the relationship we are in is the right one, whether the work we went to, but may not have enjoyed is really what we want to do.   As we have got sick of Netflix, gaming, baking and gardening, walking etc.   We have had time to reflect about who we are and what we truthfully want.   If we have not been doing this, it means we are still trying to avoid ourselves completely.

For those who have valued the time, they have realised completely and utterly what is important in their life.   There are those who will deeply resent what has changed, they will feel betrayed and isolated.   There are those who will pity themselves that this always happens to them.   However, beyond all of the ways we vibrate frequency wise and what we are here to learn, there will be the complete choice, individual choice, about how we move forward into the future within our own selves.

I have this amazing gratitude that warms my heart, that we have still had the internet, still had communication tools to talk to friends, loved ones and for me to connect with my beautiful clients.  It has made me realise HOW important connections with others are.  I also was asked what I missed the most about being in lock down.  I knew the answer completely.  I missed hugging people, my friends, my family, my clients.   That shows me how important hugging is to me, that tangible tactile connection.   I’ll probably over hug people once we are past this, awkwardly for them, delightedly for me!

Spirit also wanted me to acknowledge that they have seen so many people acknowledging in this isolated energy embrace the knowledge in themselves of growth and evolution and what is important.   We are in the waves of change, of us, driven by an external force that we cannot control, we are changing within ourselves and that brings me to the massive energy shifts that have been happening in the last week.

I have been fascinated, knowing that we were under going a cellular level change,  but fascinated to watch how it is changing.   In my own self, I developed as I said symptom changes, heart based pings, painful bone aches and watching my own blood cells at a very intensely close level shift and change and become more enlarged.    Simply, because I spend a huge amount of time in sheer fascination of energy changes, this has been amazing.  I have checked with beloved friends around the world in their awareness, and checked them out as well and noticed the changes in their bodies that are happening.  What sort of symptomatic they have been experiencing as well, and depending on each person’s frequency, they have had noticeable shifts and changes in themselves.

I walked on to the beach and noticed that all the colours of the trees are shifting and changing, brightening and their auras!  Absolutely crisper and brighter, and I have pinged questions left right and centre to Spirit about this and they have simply replied “Change, Adapt and bring in the light”.

We are shifting and changing as light frequencies are increasing in those who are open to adapting and accepting the changes as we move more into this lighter frequency of understanding what is important.   There will still be jobs, life opportunities, relationships etc, we are not changing that much, but we are changing into a newer space for ourselves at such an individual level.   There has always been evolution and growth within ourselves but this is very intense this time, not the gradual understanding that we have noticed before.

Anyway, that brings me to the reason for this blog as well.   The new energy that has come in over the last few days is a highly creative one.   Please pay attention to your ideas, thoughts, and dreams.    We are set to really have some levels peeled back in our own understanding and if we allow the light into ourselves, then the possibilities for creation are endless!     This frequency has now changed enough for us to decide in ourselves how open we are to more light embracing our beings.   We have always been the Universe within, but have only really thought about the Universe without.   If we accept that we are all connected and are at one with everything, then we are without a doubt welcoming more light into our beings by that simple understanding.

So take a moment, right now and think about your body.   Does it feel heavy?  Does it feel lighter?   Thoughts wise, do you feel heavier or lighter?    Emotions wise, do you feel heavier or lighter?    Where DO you feel the lightest?   In acceptance of change, and adapting as we go forward?   This is your new superpower, use it well.  The light of you and the embracing of becoming more you.   You will have some dreams or visions of letting go of pieces of your own self.  There may be dreams of people of the past and leaving them behind, even people of the present.   These are all indicators of your own evolution into lighter frequencies.   Celebrate that, you are part of a moving, breathing community of evolving light beings.    So join me, once more in light we move, once more into one of the biggest changes, the change and evolution of self.   We got this, anticipate where we can go, anticipate and adapt, its why you are here to be here for this pivotal change in history.    Love the skin you are in and welcome in the light ❤




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Spirit Whispers: Expansion of You

I have this Goyte Song that I love.   It’s called “Heart’s a Mess”.  When I first heard it Spirit commented that I do this to myself and I was a bit horrified.   What do you mean I do this to myself?

The lyrics played:

“Your hearts a mess, you won’t admit to it.  Makes no sense, but I’m desperate to connect, and you, you can’t live like this”

This last week I have woken up to this song playing and for this last week my heart energy has been fluttering and fluctuating hugely.     Now before you say shouldn’t you see a doctor (and you SHOULD if you are worried about your own heart).  I need to explain something, all of us are influenced by the changing energy and as I actively reach forward into the new energy I also have to doubly adjust to the changes and what that means to my own body.   We are in one of the biggest expansion phases I have ever seen, in this lifetime it will affect your body with the changes.   You may experience some dizziness, heart palpitations, fluttering, stomach flip flops, and muscle and bone aches to do with the new frequency.

While we are distracted by the virus that is waving across the globe, there has been some fundamental changes that have been happening within and without.   For a start I definitively felt the planet slow in revolutions, time seemed to slow as well.   Most would have noticed the feeling of slowing down in your own self.  You can say this is because imposed lock down and yes, correct, however, I am talking about within yourself.   Your motivation may be off, you may feel detached and indifferent, then spiral into worry and doubts, and then back again.      At the moment, brains are kinda wondering where the routines and structures have gone and worse, with no direction and distractions we are forced to be present with, shock horror, ourselves.

Our expansion is how we deal with ourselves, where we are in our own way and how we turn up.  So while we look to the news, worry about economy and families and how we will be, internally and externally the world is shifting and the frequencies are HUGE!   As humans we dislike so intensely things that we cannot control, and when we look at what we think makes us secure, we see that it can collapse in a moment by something we cannot even see!     The bottom line is the world is changing, but it needed to, and we in truth would not change a thing, until it is forced upon us to see what is really valuable.

My soul has been so touched by the amount of people who may have issues with their families, and friends, reach out and ask if their people will be okay.   Its incredible to see, that in moments of truth, we define what is truthfully important.   EACH OTHER.   It was always our chance and our choice to see that in Unity we are able to support each other with love.  Oh look seriously, we will always have our differences, and annoyances, we are so unique and learning how to be ourselves down here, how can we not?

But, this is a choice, and its an amazing choice happening within you right at the moment.  WHO will I be in this energy going forward?  Will I be proactive and see the positives?  Will I let my heart open (cue heart flutters, dizziness and expansion), or will I sit in fear of things I cannot change right at the moment?

And that sums up the song completely.  HOW open is your heart?   Will you surrender to stop fighting with yourself to keep it “safe”, “closed”, “tight from pain”.  Or will you give yourself a chance in this energy to truthfully connect with the very human part of yourself and forgive yourself for all the “perceived” faults and flaws that you supposedly have and just love you for being you?   THIS is your expansion, this is your freedom and THIS is the way forward.

Truthfully, your DNA codes are being activated and you are part of this amazing plan going forward.  The old burdens of self blame, rejection, betrayal and judgement are being released as you move forward from the burdens of old learning strands within family ancestry.  This is continuing through to August this year.  The roles we are playing with each other, co-dependency, narcissism, martyrdom, challenge, blame, resentment are all being pulled to the surface for us to clear our own way forward into the legacy of the planet work we came for.    Vibration frequency is both fast and slow all at the same time, incredible!    Take time to sleep, take time to adjust and be kind to yourself!

The biggest choice we have at the moment is within.  To stay as we were or to look inside and see that while this may not have been presented in a way we expected, it has been presented in a way we cannot simply avoid any more.      There will be no going back to “normal”, what was normal?  Working ourselves to death?  Letting others raise our kids? Stressing over money, mortgages, cars etc?    You get to decide, what is important and what you need for you.      The Universe has shown us that simplification makes us inventive.   Change makes us do things differently.   That our health is important, and so are people!

Expand your heart, and your mind will follow.  Please don’t let your mind wallow in your fears.  Do this, think of all the times in the past that it felt that things were not going right, the way you wanted it to be, that you may have lost a job, a house, a partner.  Life sucked?   It didn’t stay that way.  It never does, change brings positives as well as negatives but it doesn’t last.

Neither will this, so don’t get lost in the focus on what it is, it simply is, surrender to it and then let new ideas of the expansion of your heart and you, bring through the next step.   You got this, you always did, now own it and expand into the new you.   Its simply time!   Stop fighting with yourself and open yourself to gratitude, positivity and hope!   Those will see you through and those will help you plan forward without fear.    Together we can do this, together we can reach tomorrow with wonder.


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Spirit Whispers: Communication for Soul Connections

During one of my many, many conversations with Spirit I voiced my concern about how do people connect and have relationships in this period of lock down?   Interestingly, Spirit actually had a lot to say about it.   So I figure, I will pass this on for single people or people wanting meaningful connection at this time and beyond.

Having been helping people to try and find good connections for the last 10 years, I know that half of the problem and I seriously mean it, is communication.   We are more likely to communicate our frustrations, resentments and annoyance to a friend then we are to our own person.    I have heard for years, my partner doesn’t listen to me and I have blogged repeatedly about expectations and invisible expectations.   So it comes as no surprise to me, that the basis of any good relationship is communication.   When they talk to me about blogging about it, I understand we are seeking to figure out ourselves, but also this isolation can cause us to miss connections with others, and the connections that feed our soul.

Spirit comments that the internet is very much our salvation at the moment and there are a myriad of groups and chat places to visit and start conversations in.   This gives us something to look forward to and gives space for commonality of interest and new connections.   Chatting with people via writing takes time for us to formulate what we want to say so that it is clear in intention and understanding.  This teaches us to look at the ways we communicate and where our expectations of understanding are.  You cannot be understood or expect another person to understand you unless you are extremely clear.

Most of the time we communicate with the expectation the person already knows what is going on in our brain.  They don’t, they can’t.  They have their own formed “play dough” (mind) of experiences that they associate both terminology with and their own formed expectations from their upbringing.    To truthfully get to know someone means you have to be honest and clear about what you are meaning so they completely understand.  People say to me, that’s hard.   Ummm no, its not, its about taking the time and not going into frustration and resentment and its worth it, because it forms understanding and connection when you take the time.

Most people go on a first date and say there was no connection.  Really?  What kind of connection were you wanting?  Someone singing a concerto in your head?  A lightening bolt?    We are not good at communication full stop.   Males communicate in terms of what is required or needed.  Women communicate in terms of emotional feeling.   Its a challenge to find people who “gel” immediately and the amount of people who say “Oh I didn’t like them when I first met” is huge.   We have stopped taking the time simply to connect healthily and with patience.

Cue lock down and a wonderful time to be able to communicate properly and really get to know what the other person is about.   It calls also for deeper and more meaningful conversations which mostly humans suck at too.  In our vulnerability, we feel exposed, and worse judged if we let out some of our most relevant bits of information.  Yet without showing all aspects of ourselves, how can we truthfully have wonderful, accepting, relationships?

To have interesting conversations, you have to be able to start them.  Move past the small talk which we say we hate but we consistently do.  We either rely on people to fill the gaps, start conversations, keep them going and then get frustrated when they don’t.  To have meaningful discussions you have to ask curly questions.   Asking what people’s point of view is, gives you an opportunity to truly explore what they think.  Having patience and not correcting them or needing to be right, gives a whole new realm of discussion.  Most people connect to be heard, giving someone else room to express can be a whole different ball game.

When you choose a chat or interest to connect to, it gives a great starting point as well.  Commonality can be the basis for a mutual interest that can roll into marvelous communication.   No commonality, just looking at the person because you like their face means you need to try harder to communicate well.  Think of it like a dance.    We like to think its stimulating and fun.  Yet we need to actually put the energy and effort on the dance floor.  Communication is exactly the same.  Learn some moves, some interesting techniques and then have some fun!  Ohh speaking of which though, sense of humour is a personalised thing!   What you find funny another may not, so making sure they are aware you are just joking is crucial as you kick off conversations as well.

I do know that people are connecting still in this energy so make sure to understand that some worthwhile connections can come out of making an effort in this lock down situation.  It means you can chat more, talk about what you would like to do together post this, hopes, fears, get real and get honest.   Listen to inflection in voice, where people express how they feel and what they need for themselves.  If people talk about their family, know they are deeply loyal.  If they talk about finances, they value the position they have worked to in their life.   There are always underlying stories under the simplest of words, pay attention to how that person’s voice makes you feel?   Do you feel safe with them, do you feel they listen.  TELL them that!

Connecting into deeper connections relies on us allowing ourselves to connect and be real.    We have had some core programming that men should turn up and be the instigator of approaches.  (really? it’s time to be brave ladies!)   While men! yes you can form discussion topics away from Sport as well (be brave enough to tell someone how you feel about LIFE).    We need to acknowledge the sexes do have different ways of connecting and communicating but its time to put SOUL into it.   So we can have the connects we want.   SOUL = letting people close to how you feel, moving away from thinking you are judged and tip toeing around things.   You have room all of a sudden to be able to be in depth.  DO that, with everyone and you will find you step away from wanting to turn up in a shallow way, and have the deep connections you need.   Give it a try, see how it pans out.    Now is perfect!




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Spirit Whispers: The colour for Immune System Boost

I have been spending a huge amount of time with Spirit and it sparked a discussion around illness and what we can do for our systems if there is no immunity to the virus.  Spirit reminded me that each of our internal organs work together in synchronicity but also have their own frequency.

For example the heart, which to me is a deep forest green frequency, has its own frequency which has been measured as 1.5 hertz.    Sound and light have their own frequency which can be translatable by science.  For me to do this blog, I simply asked them what colour has the best frequency for ourselves to use as a boost.

We know that the body has a specific density of frequency being energy condensed into matter, so it is perfectly reasonable that by definition the body is made up of different frequencies specific to how we operate.  I am aware I am trying to make this blog as simple as possible so it is digestible when in reality, this is the area I love to work in.  People are frequency to me by the colours and when I work with people I only look at the fourteen different colours of personality.  In reality, you are made up of so much more!    However breaking it down a bit….

Mentally, we have what Eastern Mystics call “the little drunken monkey”, the part of our brain that says “Reasons why not”, in the current environment we can see this coming out in people and countries.   “This isn’t really happening”  “It’s just a flu virus, its not that bad”.  This part of us shows up as this discoloured lime green colour, in reality it is avoidance or denial.  However, it also helps us to hide from our internal fear which is how will this truthfully affect me? and how can I positively deal with my fears of potential loss, income, people, lifestyle.  Not being proactive in looking at our fears deeply affects our immune system as its impossible to rebalance ourselves from denial.  Our minds have these wonderful defense mechanisms for our protection but we are actually world class avoidants of ourselves.

If you take the time to recognise “the drunken little monkey” then you have the ability to actually get beyond it and not get stuck in the “fear of change”, but rather move in the fluid tangerine frequency of ideas, opportunities and creativity.   I personally love this colour and see it in the personalities of most entrepreneurial people.   This is not to say that this colour belongs to them, they are just better at tuning into the tangerine frequency of ideas and new concepts.

(As a note, in the next 2-3 weeks we are getting an “Entreprenurial Ideas” blast of frequency from the Universe to help us be mega creative in areas in this new environment so dreams and ideas will go through the roof.  Make sure to have pen and paper available to jot down and watch out for the “little drunken monkey” telling you its too hard!)

The tangerine colour is the seat of ideas and ability to tap into the Universal Collective frequencies, so people who are meant to work together post our world changes, will get similiar ideas and concepts.  How truthfully exciting, it means that you are co-collaborative and meant to help each other expand into these new concepts and ideas.  There is a unity in co-collaboration which will spark new business ideas and growth.  It will be such an exciting time of change.   So expect your psychic abilities to surge under this new energy as well.   Telepathy is increasing and understanding with it!

Physical being in its density, responds with healthy, non-muscus producing foods going into our systems.   The lock down can cause us to forget this as we boredly munch our way through the cupboards.  However, one of the most empowering things you can do is to plan and eat well, to keep your body at a good level of well being!   Clarity in peoples auras without cloudiness means they value their body and look after it.  To understand this, your body is like your car.  Think about your actual car, do you keep it clean, tidy or throw things around in it, never clean it out etc?  Chances are you may treat your physical body a bit like your car.  Time to align it and being a couch potato only means you clutter your auric field, bloat your body and disharmony affects your auto immune system.   Get off the couch and walk, its not as if you don’t have the time at the moment.

Spiritually, the alignment of healthiness is in your thoughts.  We all have fears, we all worry about where we are going to be after this.  In truth things will NEED to be simpler.  We are having to deal with changes and challenges in financial situations and I mean all of us.  Money has been a staple way of being for so long, how can we imagine things differently.  However, as Spirit clearly has stated, it also is stealing our health, our lives and pushing us on treadmills and making us miserable.   In the short term, we need to be very conservative about our needs.   We can relentlessly feel we don’t have enough and it drives us unhappily out for more.  If we stop (which we have been forced to), what exactly are your needs?   We need to sit down and have an honest conversation with ourselves about that one in a positive and empowered way.

In our brains having positivity and faith in tomorrow, we can keep a healthy Spiritual alignment and that adds to firing positive brain synapses and also keeping us in a positive and proactive state of mind with simple GRATITUDE.   Make it simple, so grateful for sun, for rain, for walks, the internet, communication and love.   These have their own frequency and also empower us into Spiritual understanding we are in this together and with Unity we can come out the other side.   All of these alignments, mental, physical, spiritual deeply affect our auto immune system.   If we look at the alignment of how we help ourselves in positivity through all of our system we help our auto immune to work at its lovely positive functionality.

Now lots of people have been in contact because they have a compromised auto immune and if they cannot work on Body, Mind, Spirit areas because of existing areas of illness I asked Spirit what exactly they could do and they came back with Viridian Green…       Apparently Viridian Green is the colour boost of the Immune System.

I googled Viridian Green to see what the colour was.

“Specifically, it is a dark shade of spring green, so it is the color between green and teal on the color wheel, or, in paint, a tertiary blue–green color. Viridian takes its name from the Latin viridis, meaning “green”.

I thought about it, spring green.  The colour of new leaves, growth, vibrancy and harmony.  Plants cannot GROW unless they are happy, fed, watered and content.   US…  At the moment HOUSE PEOPLE, not plants…   Right we can do this…

So, here’s the little exercise they asked me to get you to do.

Think about a glass house, filled with new plants, growing happily and contentedly radiating out beautiful viridian energy and step into the glass house.   Stand in the hum of joyful plants growing in contentment and let their energy seep into your being.  Fill your lungs with the warm green glow and stand as long as you like in your glass house of amazing contented growing plants.   As the energy fills your being with fresh green warmth, allow yourself to feel rejuvenated, new, expanded and content.  Breathe deeply and pull the warm viridian growth colour deeply into your lungs over and over, boosting yourself and your energy with empowering colour.    Do this exercise as much as you like.

Also, we are all tapped into the Universal Energy and the Collective Consciousness.. Do yourself a favour at this time and be careful of the collective consciousness of fear.  It also is unbalancing of the immune system and Spirit reminds us to rise above into the possibilities of what this change means with positivity.   All will unfold as it should be, people will rally, we have the earthquakes to remind us of this, however remember too that we personally can do our bit energetically by keeping ourselves positive and aware that fear can pull us towards vibrational frequency of illness, making us feel that we are sick when in reality it is just collective fear at a vibrational level.   Take the time to say “Take this feeling off me, if it is collective fear and help me rise above”    You may find that some of the heaviness dissipates with this request.

I will be posting more information as I can from Spirit, please feel free to share if this reasonates with you and you feel it helps.   We are in this together and I firmly believe that what changes within and without at this time will take us into the freedom of being we know is possible.   Information is wisdom and I am happy to pass on what I can through the connection with Spirit.

Keep shining Gorgeous Lights, keep your focus on the exploration time of ourselves we have been given and work with your people in Spirit by asking them for reassurances, signs, songs and know they will respond with love showing you how supported you are at this time of pivotal change.    Be well.


(Happy Health Aura Image compliments of Light Emerging (Journey of personal healing) – Barbara Ann Brennan)





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Spirit Whispers: Hope for Tomorrow

I have tossed up and tossed up for weeks, months, how to approach this, how to convey it in a way that makes sense.  One of the hardest things about being able to see things is to see the things you don’t want to.   This message below is channelled through me and put in my words in the way I understand it.   Its not to create any fear, we have enough of that already and its not helpful.  At your best, you are the most empowered, gorgeous, amazing, unique Human being, each one of you.  You have your core strength in the love of yourself, your people and the planet. BE THAT, its enough.


We are at such a pivotal time in the evolution of the planet.   There has been a series of events that has been implemented as the earth slows on its axis energetically and physically.   The viral wave will pass through and the souls that have agreed to leave the earth plane, will leave. This brings the change of the guard; the old societal programming and greed-driven way of living, which has to be addressed.  You will see each country struggle with this concept. There is no unity in the old ways and if the earth continued on that axis your planet would suffer.   

This is not a reset but a restart, into appreciation and hope.   We will not answer questions of how many will die, we will answer instead that those who need to leave, will.  The new energy as the earth shifts and restarts on its own axis means there will be an activation in new thought processes, new visionary ways of doing things.  This does not mean that some of the old ways will be lost, just that the narrow thinking will be redundant. This keys on you exploring your creativity with ideas, projects and understanding.  You have your internet and now is time to explore the innovative ways that humans truthfully have – but you have forgotten to use.

Understanding is the most pivotal at this time.  Not understanding what is happening, that is already happening.  But rather understanding and allowing yourself to expand. You are in a three year expansion phase of your own choosing, you will come back to using creative mind, in new ways. Simplify.  This does not mean the virus will last for three years, it will not, it will run its course and will disappear as quickly as it came. Look to your planets history in this regard. 

For a period of time you will be on the planet at a simple living level.  For those in New Zealand and locked down parts of the world, use this time wisely, it is a time for reflection of how far things have got out of balance and a time of appreciation of what you do have.

The degrees of separation are too great, the self absorption too much.   We tell you that the virus was just a tool implemented at an earth plane level, the souls that were leaving were already in agreement to go.  Blame is pointless, the series of events are already in motion. You can mourn this and grieve this but you have to understand free choice and each soul has its choice in this matter.  Tell people how much they mean to you, but honour and you must honour their journey.  

Many will survive by their way of thinking, if hope for tomorrow is in their thoughts as this boosts your autoimmune system.   There are practical issues, yes, and if your thoughts run to who will help me then look to your people around you, ask for help, ask for unity.  Be humble enough to offer what you can to others, and be more open to sharing your knowledge, faith and hope. You are to rescue yourselves at an individual level and see where you have the deep identity that you have always, love of each other regardless of judgement.  

Hope is crucial at this time, not “I hope I will be okay” but your bodies respond to joy, anticipation and faith.  Negative thoughts will not help your well being at this time or your immunity. As we pass through this contagion phase, send healing thoughts to all, reach out with a tool you have been failing to use which is truthful communication in empathy and love.  Forgive old issues that you have with others and drop expectations completely. This is a choice of Unity.

The virus will disappear as quickly as it has come, but you will be wiser and more appreciative.  You are seeing where the planet is responding to its own healing space when you do not interfere, let this also be part of your understanding.  Change. Adapt.

Your Prime Minister (NZ) is also part of the new way of thinking, she is adapting, changing and looking to empower people.  Resetting how people look at money by offering options, however, you also must help yourselves, relearn to look after you, without expecting others to.  You have all of you, your own set of skills to be able to contribute in the ways that empower.  

This is a time of dropping complete expectations others should do things for you and coming back to realness of what you can contribute.    There is a 4-8 week period of intensity (this does not mean it is over, just a time frame of intensity) as the wave crests around the world, after this period of time, you will get more ideas and concepts to explore through thoughts and dreams.  Do not dismiss this, it will give you an indication of where your new direction lies in how you will live past this. Then there will be 2-3 months of planning changes and healing. There in reality is actually three waves, one the virus and its mutations, and two the realisation of living differently, three the activation of understanding.   

Those who have already been working in the fields of empowerment and helping people to live breathe different lives have already been activated and are here to help you empower yourselves at a personal level.    We have not orchestrated this at a physical level, we merely seek to help you in the empowerment of yourselves and the planet in the face of the changes. 

Judgement, resentment, blame are old ways of living.  Forgiveness, hope, love, empowerment. These are your tools, use them wisely.

Practically, you can do things to help yourself in this stage which you have to pass through.

  1. Eat healthily
  2. Vitamin C and Vitamin D
  3. Fresh Air into lungs and Sunshine
  4. Drink hot water frequently and keep hydrated
  5. Wash hands and surfaces vigilantly
  6. Avoid muscus producing foods
  7. Keep distances
  8. Communicate healthily 
  9. Minimise worry for things you cannot change

Use your internet to study, research, learn and challenge self to grow.  Do projects, tidy up loose ends of things you wanted to change but did not have the time.

You are in a process, you cannot force it, change it, ignore it.  To do so is unwise.   


I have struggled in myself with this blog, the understanding and the overwhelming grief I am feeling that makes me feel like my heart would break for humanity.   Please understand I choose to offer this freely, what I have received. I give it out not in fear, but in hope that you see as I do that we get to focus and do what we do best, be resilient and empathetic and caring.  For this is the truth of us, the depths of us beyond learning, is loving each other and our planet well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you chose to read. Keep shining, keep believing and knowing there is a beginning, a middle and an end.  This is temporary.



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