Spirit Whispers: Switching thinking…

Happy New Year Gorgeous people!  It’s funny how we think we will just jump out of one year and all the frequency will change and be better.  However,  any music abruptly stopped and restarted causes us discord so why on earth would the Universe do that with frequency either.

We are still on the last of the 2018 energy which has been illuminating how much our needs have changed.  This energy is asking us to de-clutter.  De-clutter unhealthy work habits, patterns, friendships, relationships that are bound by duty not integrity or passion.  2018 you rascally year, you have been so very illuminating in so many ways our tolerances towards each other and ourselves.

The three energy converging at Christmas time were Relationship energy, de-clutter energy, truthful clarity energy, we really got some home truths reflected through others about what serves us and what does not.   It was brilliantly designed to be illuminating.  For those who got it, you understood the changes came from within you.  For others you felt ripped off that other people didn’t see your needs and understand your point of view.  Confusing times mostly for most of the population as we struggled with where we were yelling “I’m done” and “You are being difficult”.

Mostly this energy is still flickering in waves to cement within us where our tolerances are  but please also remember this.  If the beef was with friendships, partners and family, it was because where you have always turned up for others in a way that never served YOU personally.  It all just came to a head in 2018 with quite a few tantrums on the floor, severed relationships and judgement being thrown around like mud pies.

We all got to look at our behavior and with the underlying Universal shift 7 months ago into the Age of Accountability there was going to be no other place that the buck stopped but within ourselves.   Now we know human nature and that some people cannot see their own accountability and you know what they are not meant to.  It’s not why they came.  Forcing others to see their lack of accountability in this energy will totally dis-empower you and make you feel like you are the villain of the piece and the point is we never take accountability unless WE choose to.   It’s easy to sit in judgement of behavior of people, especially if you think they are opposite to yours.   However, we are in communication central people, and expectations, and judgement are all just a perception anyway.  The way through this next stage is totally truthful clarity, being 100% honest in your needs, both in self and with others with kindness.  We are reteaching ourselves compassion as well.    The Age of Accountability says it is not what you think, it is what you feel and this is the major shift we are entering now.

Rational mind is a wonderful thing.  It can override emotions, it can override intuition and convince you that you need to do this thing.  However, your heart can be so not in it.  An example would be going out for dinner with the in-laws that you don’t like and saying yes of course, when every part of your being is going please no I just can’t.   Those emotional pulls are going to increase until we continue into alignment of body, mind and spirit and mostly we are still governed by mind.

What if I said this to you (which how Spirit explained it to me).   You are heading back to becoming telepathic.  However, in the current form of communication there is too much deceit.  Rarely do you say exactly what you mean because you convince yourself that you will be too harsh or too mean with the words.  However, your body has already sensed HOW YOU FEEL.  It has already started responding on the basis of how you feel.  So then you have to doubly “cloak” your actions and words so that the person does not get the impact of your reaction.    This is not an alignment that is healthy.  Yet you have learned how to do it.

How many times do children get chastised for what they say, or do when in reality they are just following how they feel?   Do you really think as an adult you are any different?  You just got more inventive, or learned to be more inventive in cloaking your truthful self.  However, in hiding your truth, you feel uncomfortable.  Convince yourself you are a mean, selfish person and hold unhealthy expectations on yourself about who you should be.   The Universe is tired of this illusional alignment.  It does not empower you to live and breathe your beautiful truthful life.    So you are being pulled at a soul level into your “emotional” truth rather than your “logic truth or programming”.    We did tell you that you would be heading into more heart based energies.  Heart energy is how you feel.  This is a natural progression.  You are merely fighting with the uncomfortability of being accountable for your emotional states vs rational mind.    We suggest you get used to this uncomfortable feeling of having to acknowledge your feelings as the Universe swings more into this accountability energy of empowering your emotional states.

The key behind all of this understanding is that in alignment, you will have no thoughts that cannot be spoken.    You talk to people, explain the process is the solution and so this process of bringing you emotional awareness unlike you have experienced before will be empowering you into a more balanced way of feeling and thinking.    At the moment because this is a new way of thinking, through your emotions.  You are see-sawing through all of the emotional roller coaster of that uncomfortability at the moment.  Do not think you are flawed, nor (which makes us laugh gently) hormonal (any excuse is given by the rational mind).   You are simply being empowered into emotional states to give you back the balance in self you have desperately been seeking.     Your accountability in this new age, is your emotional balances for YOU within you.

Self care, self love, self appreciation, this your accountability and as you do this in self, you learn to accept and honour it in others. (Thanks Spirit).

We are switching, people… we are wanting to stop over thinking everything and we want a simpler, happier state of being.   I have seen so many people over the break who have just said I want no drama, I want to be happy, I want peace.   Well, we need to give that back to selves first and then  we will not need the illuminated learning coming from others and long-term in our honesty we will not have these destructive thoughts directed at self and others either.   Telepathy here we come…

The switch is happening regardless.  Do yourself a favour, if your thoughts are dropping out and you are intolerant with others about your needs not being met.  Stop looking at them.  Start looking at you and start working with giving yourself permission first to be just you.  Every time your mind says “YOU need” come back to is my “Heart in this?”   Then empower you with that knowledge.   We are in this together, let’s do this!




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Spirit Whispers: Truthful Clarity, the game changer…

I love that there is constant change, but I had to learn that one.   The quote goes “we fight to hold on, we fight to let go” and boy do we fight.  Mostly with ourselves I might add and we simply project at times onto others and the fight goes on.

Think of yourselves as a moving, constantly adjusting piece of symphonic music.  A constant adjustment to chords, pitch, layer, rhythm.  Human beings are like that, a moving master piece of music.  I mean imagine if you had to listen to the same piece of music over and over again.  The first couple of times you think “ohhh I love this song” and listen delightedly.   Play it another couple of times and its starting to wane in its beauty, and predictability.  You still love it but your ears are kinda craving some new tones.   Listen to it for too long and the darn thing starts to irritate the hell out of you no matter how much you loved it in the beginning.

That is simply what happens when we hold ourselves in the same frequency, same learning, same conditioning.  We become bored, irritated with our lives and bundle into resentment of everyone else around us when actually what is required is an adjustment to ourselves within ourselves.

I love this new energy coming in, but many do not as it brings brilliant illumination and then change.  Lovely change.   In the layering of the Universe, we have moved into the Age of Accountability (welllllll yes, it was always about you) and with deep chords of Relationship with Self energy, then higher pitch notes of Expectations collapsing, subtle middle tones of Illumination of Boundaries,  sharp pings of Frustration, Resentment and Intolerance as the illumination spikes.  Then WHAM out your mouth will fall Truthful Clarity.

Under the Societal programming of not really saying what you think… which by the way never serves you and makes you feel taken advantage of.  Truthful Clarity shines with its pure notes.    See it is simply this, the Universe is trying to make us think, speak, be in perfect harmonic alignment.  Smothering your needs, thoughts and feelings, never ever fitted into that beautiful plan and because we are soooooo good at doing that because we got taught to put our own needs last, of course the Universe was going to bring in Truthful Clarity energy.

Loving it yet?   Didn’t think so.  It’s a tad confronting until you get used to what it represents for you.   You may find that things are plopping out your mouth rudely at the moment or you are pinging yourself into guilt plus feelings because when someone pushed your boundaries, you grumped… or not just grumped but blew a valve… o.O

We have got to start being gentler with ourselves seriously.   If you are ignoring the energy changes because you don’t know what is happening, please realise this.  This energy is affecting everyone, not just you.    As I said in earlier blogs, I am hearing “I’m done.  I’m over this.” and you know what, that’s okay.  Well done you for recognising you are at the end of that particular musical piece you were living and breathing.

Time for some realisation you were getting sick of it and now adding some new notes and chords to your story.   Truthful clarity is your new best friend if you bring in kindness and understanding to self and then give that to others.  Biting heads off others for their own lack of understanding never worked and brings you into feeling picked on and isolated.  BE HONEST.    I’m feeling this way… you would be surprised HOW many people are feeling it too.   In our honest dealings with others with love about our own feelings, and our acceptance of sharing, we find our way through this completely.

Heads up, we just entered it and its here for the next 5-6 months…  He he he… Right over Christmas and those feelings that Christmas brings up in torn loyalties, senses of duty, and forced cohabitation with relatives you may not like.   Hmmz, I’m not laughing really but the Universe it brings with it such wonderful opportunities to illuminate where we are not turning up for ourselves and forcing ourselves into situations where we lie to ourselves about what we are doing.

Hell I could pin a tail of that mischievousness and call it a weasel…  Sorry, bad Blackadder pun..   But, think about it carefully beautiful people, and start to bring thoughts and feelings and EXPRESSION into alignment or the Universe will present more and more situations for you to get fully illuminated with Truthful Clarity.

Hey, it’s up to you and you can always blame someone else for their Truthful Clarity, but the way through it is to realise, adjust and surrender to the changes within and without.  We need to come back to understanding ourselves and others and sharing more how we are truthfully.   We live in a world where Depression is an ugly flower stuffed to the back of the vase, but the truth is, its still in the vase… It’s there no matter how much we ignore it, and it’s not going away until we bring it to the front and heal it with understanding and love.

Just have a think for me, for five minutes please.  HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU SMOTHER HOW YOU FEEL? WHAT YOU WANT DESPERATELY TO SAY?    You keep doing that and you lose the ability and the words to say it.   Why are we doing this to ourselves, this constant pressure.  The Universe heard and its responding and its starting the process of change.  Time to get real, to drop judgements and recriminations, and bring things back to love.  Its time, it’s over due and we are losing too many beautiful people in the expectation of being superhuman instead of plain old humans with thoughts, feelings, doubts and insecurities.

EMBRACE TRUTHFUL CLARITY AND GET EXPRESSING… with love, with kindness and with understanding.  We all need this energy and its NOW.

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Spirit Whispers: Entering the Age of Accountability..

not sure

I think the problem with human nature is we just hate change.  However, the one thing I have noticed and I am sure everyone else has in their own way too.  Time they are a changing.  Driven by the Universe’s big plan for us all, energy and frequency keeps on a moving.

We have been transitioning through Relationship energy over the last 10 months.  Relationship energy is really governed by our relationship with ourselves reflected through others.   Loving the illumination that is coming through others at the moment (wonders if the sarcasm is a bit obvious in that sentence).  However, it is necessary.  Basically in all your relationships whether they are family, friends, lovers or work colleagues, you will be shown how people expect you to turn up and where your unreasonable expectations of yourself are.  This will be on the basis of how you have turned up for everyone in the past and trust me, I don’t think you will have been liking it.

I have had so many gorgeous people going “What am I doing wrong?  I bend and I bend and it’s still not enough.”   Well it actually is enough, you are enough.  The Universe is just showing you that bending yourself, contorting yourself for others doesn’t serve you.  Not a bit and hey I have had this argument with myself as well.   Do I have to become selfish?

No, it is not that at all.  Sacrificing yourself to keep others happy never served you and it has nothing at all to do with selfish, but rather selfless.  (See previous blogs)  Still if you have had this habit for a lifetime.  It will feel really confronting to look at where you are continuing to behave in a way that doesn’t work for you.  I mean literally everyone will show you by making you feel like you are being taken advantage of.  I walked around thinking I had “doormat” on my forehead for ages until I realized something.

“I have literally trained people to believe I am available for their needs all the time”

Gawd, that was mega confronting and it was simply what the Universe was trying to show me.  Bless it, through a myriad of different people and in different ways.  So it was back to the “Oh gawd it IS me” again and then putting in healthier measures to re-establish the balance my soul desperately needed so I could stop jumping into judgement of them (myself really) and frustration.   Bless the Universe, it’s really trying so hard all the time to get us to look at ourselves through others actions and our own.

So just when we are doing that, along comes the “Age of Accountability”.   Talk about onion rings and multi level learning and I can hear you say wait what?  Aren’t we in relationship energy as well?   Yeah well, errmm yes, its kinda a “let’s do the whole hog”.. Can be summed up as follows…

  1.  Enter Relationships with Self Energy reflected from others… 10 months and counting before
  2. 5 Planet retrogrades to make you really look at your “stuff”
  3. Enter the “Age of Accountability” 6 months ago .. No running from yourself with that one…
  4. Drum roll…. Now “Truthful Clarity” for the next 5 months…

Seriously, why not have a complete clear out of family, friendships, go through the washing machine of planetary alignments,  realise its ALL about you and be annoyed where people can’t take accountability for their own crap least of all yourself, and then fall into yelling some home truths at everyone AND yourself…

Ahhhh Universe we looooooooove you!

All of it is for your own good.  It is the end of the “Age of Illusions” people and thank GAWD for that really.   Everyone is tired of putting on a mask, turning up in ways when we don’t want to.  But the Age of Accountability also starts with US.   Do you really take accountability for your own actions?   When you are being a plonker and you know you are, do you blame a situation for causing it?   A person for triggering you?   Them for being well, them?

We are wonderful at believing and I mean believing that its someone else’s fault that we feel like crap.  But if the Universe is responding all the time to US and ALL of us are in it together, then it’s ALL our crap… Combined, in little crappy formats just for our own brains…

Universal CRAP…  That is overdue to be cleared away, so in truthful clarity we can… drum roll again… be ourselves!!   What is that?  I dunno, I struggle to be honest enough with myself about what I need before I am distracting myself again with stuff to do, for another, for others, for my kids.   OMG I’m a Crapologist…  I have filled my life up with little bits of crappy things that annoy the hell out of me, because I don’t take the time to listen to myself at all.  Queen of Distraction… or Crapola…

Now if you are reading this and going… OMG I am a Crapologist too…  Well done, we are after all in this together and to be perfectly honest it’s not all crappy.  It is simply where we need to realise that it ALL starts with US.  Not the job, the husband, the kids, the weather, the bloody planets… its US.   Where we truthfully put our focus and attention is the reality of who we are.   Its our life… We only GET ONE..

And before you go money makes the world go around, or I have to work, or look after the kids… Yes I get that, shock horror… SO DO I.   But you don’t have to sacrifice yourself completely in the DOING of it.   The Age of Accountability is where you step up in “truthful clarity” of WHY you are doing what you do, and OWNING it, if you want to, but be honest with it.   If you getting those pings of frustration or judging people for not doing enough in your own world.  Then its up to you… BE CLEAR, BE KIND, but be honest enough to decide if it suits you.

Last time I looked there was no gold medal issued for looking after the world single-handedly…   Collectively, sure we all make a difference, but making yourself sick, draining your energy, having no freedom, no enjoyment.  That’s crapola peoples, and you wanna take some accountability of self for allowing yourself to convince you, this is your life.

Every part of these changes coming in are designed to serve you, help you, empower you into your beautiful life.  BUT, you have to lead it.  Take accountability for where you are turning up, why you are doing that, and flipping heck, be honest with yourself.  It’s the end of the excuses and if “but” flies out your mouth?  Well HOWS that working for you.  Cause ain’t no-one going to come rescue you, until you look to your beautiful self and take accountability where you need to.

I’m loving dropping the crap, being honest and sitting in uncomfortable realisations that I have been striving for perfect for years.  I’m not, actually I don’t want to be.  I’m untidy, messy, lazy and weird.  Maybe that’s my superpowers…  Best I start owning them… How about yours?  What you wanna take accountability for?   and better?  How you wanna start turning up… as you are building the new foundations for your next 5 year investment into your life.  Make it a goodie, because in the Age of Accountability it will ALL be up to us…

*winks… How’s that working for ya?




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Spirit Whispers: Handing back the Ancestral Burdens

Hope you are all surviving the energy as much as possible.   We are massively on declutter mode at the moment and I asked Spirit to give me a technique that would help people to remove the Ancestral burdens that have been handed down through generations into our current personal stories.

So they came up with this technique which is both easy to envisage and a great place to start with the shifting of the old beliefs, energy, frustration and responsibility burdens that have been shifting through the generations and are now completely over due to be released.

So for you, Gorgeous Lights, give this technique a whirl.

Ancestral Burden Release:

Find a comfortable spot and take three breaths in and out, blowing out the energy of the day and releasing pent-up emotions.     Close your eyes and relax.   In your mind’s eye, I would like you to look down and see that your solar plexus is glowing like a small ember.  I would like you to empower that ember by asking that all of the burdens, ancestral and from past lives feed that ember, coming from the depths of your being and adding to the ember until it is a burning bright flame.   Add to the flame all of the feelings of duty, responsibility and wounded hurts of the past.    As it becomes brilliant and the size of a small orange.  I would like you to loving collect that flame from your solar plexus and place it into an old-fashioned black or iron lantern from yesteryear.

Notice how the flame easily came away from your solar plexus and completely fills the lantern brightly.   I would like you to ask for all the women on your Mum’s side of the family to help you through ancestral links to pass this light “wound” back through time to the space of its origin.   You will feel the movement as Spirit comes in to line up to collect what is no longer yours to carry for Spirit is aware as well, it is well overdue to let go of these carried burdens from the past.   You do not need to see the women, just look for the reaching pair of hands to take the lantern from you with love.

Handing the lantern with love to the first pair of hands that reach, please say the following.

“I take this light wound, this ancestral feminine burden that I have been carrying and I hand it to you, so you in turn can pass this back in time to the point of origin.  I give this light wound back with love, the burden no longer needing to be carrying but needing to be acknowledged through space and time, to return to the place of its conception.”

For each set of hands that reach out and take the lantern, please repeat the above.   You are for each wounded woman, acknowledging their role, their hurts and the burden that they too have carried and wish to give back.  You may find that it goes back more than four generations, keep repeating until the light goes to a pair of hands that will either extinguish the light, or it will snuff out.  In some people I have seen the lantern be thrown, smothered or even stamped out.   The point is it needs to go back to where it came from as it is no longer yours to carry.   It is their decision how they choose to extinguish the light wound not yours.

Now that the “light wound” has been extinguished I want you to ask for the help of the Angelics to fill the “hole” that has been left by the wound and you can simply do this by asking them the following.

“Divine Beings, Messengers of Divine light, I ask for you to help me, to fill my being with my divine purpose, light of love to replace the burdens that I have carried for so long.  I ask that I am filled with the light of the highest of love, filling my centre, healing my ancestral wound. So be it”

Envisage yourself being filled with light to the centre of your solar plexus and flowing throughout your whole being.   Thank the Angelics for their blessed role and allow yourself a couple of days for your energy to settle again.  You have been carrying this for a very long time and it may take a couple of days for you to resettle in yourself.

If you feel also you have carried burdens from both sides, male and female.  Please feel free to hand these burdens back all around.   I would not suggest doing everyone at once for your own energetic sake, but just who you are drawn to at the time.  Allowing time for your energy to settle is crucial but also as crucial is the recognition in self, and let yourself be led by this as to whether it is the masculine, or feminine energies of family connections that carry the most burdens.

If you choose to do the masculine sides of your family tree, by all means change the wording to the following and then repeat with the Angelic blessing for wholeness.

“I take this light wound, this ancestral masculine burden that I have been carrying and I hand it to you, so you in turn can pass this back in time to the point of origin.  I give this light wound back with love, the burden no longer needing to be carrying but needing to be acknowledged through space and time, to return to the place of its conception.”

I have hesitated a bit in putting up this technique as I totally believe that it is free choice to remove burdens that you may or may not be aware of.  However, remember this in this de-cluttering energy, that it truthfully may be time to acknowledge so much of what you carry in your belief structures, programmed experiences, understanding and even lives you have had before, can at times hold us back from giving ourselves the freedom to be ourselves.   We are like onions, we have so many layers and permission of self to free self is so very crucial and important.   I leave therefore, your choice around this technique to your own soul wisdom to choose as you see fit.

One of the benefits I have seen from this technique is that it works through space and time forwards as well as backwards, and it takes the burden inadvertently passed from children as well.   Not their life choices, nor their own learning, but any ancestral linkage that may no longer be required.

Please as ever look after yourselves as lovingly as possible in this shifting energy and let me know how you get on.





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Spirit Whispers: What’s in a Journey, a Parable

Goodness I actually realise that while I spent a huge amount of time with my Guides listening to their wisdom and the learning that comes in between, I usually don’t stop long enough to share it with others.  If you thought they stopped telling me Parables, then you would be wrong.  I love stories, have since I was little and Aho, my current Guide who is teaching me of “Compassion of Self” is very good with stories.   Also his name is Japanese and means “idiot”, another story completely as Aho and I had a life together where he was born sickly, and blind due to a mother addicted to Opium and a Grandmother who refused to give up on him, teaching him wisdom and unconditional love.   It amazes me the depths of love we have for each other if we can just get out of our own way.  That story belongs to another day, but I am so grateful for all his wisdom and the Parables that make you think.  Aho, I am blessed, grateful and delighted to share.

The Journey:

A long time ago into the depths of the mountains in China, a young man dreamed of the sea.  He did not really know what the sea was, but in his dream it felt like it was a wondrous thing, rhythmic and vast, bigger than any lake or stream that he had seen in his small village life and he longed with a deep abiding drive that he simply did not understand to see something that consumed his dreams.

When he was 17 he told his father, he would not tend the small plot in the village, that a wanderlust deep in his soul was pushing him and he needed to go and see if what he dreamed was real and as wonderful as what he thought.  The father was saddened but having spent years listening to his son talk of nothing else, of something so vast yet unseen.  He knew that to regain his son he would have to let him go.   With a heavy heart he helped the young man pack a cloth knapsack of dried foods, rices and walked him to the edge of the small mountain village.    “Go well, my son” he said as he hugged him tight to his chest for a moment.  “I truly hope you return to tell me you have found what you sought.”   The young man looked at his bare feet for a moment and then said to his father.  “Thank you, for understanding my need.”

He set out of the village and headed down through the valley, learning as he went and weathering the pathways carved by many travelers before.    He had been travelling through villages for many months when he came to a busy village and he stopped with weary feet and approached a man for work.  “May I help in your shop for a meal and some time to spend, as I am on a journey to find the sea.”  The man surveyed the young man, liking his stance and his honesty and he agreed.   The young man worked very hard through the day and impressed the older man took him home to meet his family.  Upon introducing his daughter to the young man, he was immediately aware of the spark between the two and he smiled.  He thought this traveler may be very good for his stubborn, choosy daughter.   He left them talking and went to bed.  The young man remained with the family for four weeks, enough to fall in love with the young woman but the dreams continued and he regretfully declined the offer from her father for her hand and leaving a tearful young woman, who he vowed he would return to.  He continued on his journey across the lands in search of his dream.

The months passed again and he came across a farmer planting in the early spring and offered again his services in payment for food and lodging.  The farmer initially distrustful, agreed if the young man helped him plant the field, he would indeed feed and shelter him.  They worked solidly and soon they had finished.  The farmer delighted with the days work and the diligent speed of the young man, took him to the house and fed him well.   That night he asked the young man to stay and work for him until the harvest of the field and he would pay him with half of the reward of the crop.   The young man shook his head and explained he had been on the road for months and months in his quest.  No offer from the kindly farmer could sway him for long and a week later he was on the road again.

Many times the young man through his diligence, honesty was offered food, reward and even presented with an interesting offer in one village of going on a quest with another man to seek a cave of riches of which the man offered to share with him.  He turned all of them down and continued on his quest for the sea.

He finally after a year of travelling arrived at a seaside village.  The smell of the sea was in the air and it was everything that he had dreamed of.  He sat for hours just taking in the sights and the sounds, in awe of the reality of what he had dreamed of for so very long.  The sea crashes gently on the shore, rhythmic and vast, relentless in its caressing of the land.  The young man stayed for many months by the sea, watching her every day, the changes but also the relentless persistence of her and he came to an understanding within himself.   Finally he said to the fishermen that he had been working with.  “It is time I went home.”   They were saddened to see him leave but Fishermen understand that restlessness is often a trait of those who are drawn to the sea and they simply nodded.

They helped him pack, older and wiser, for two years had passed since he had left his home village.    He turned and headed back the way he had come.  There was now a spring in his step as he retraced his tracks and headed back.  He had accomplished what he needed to do and he was content to continue back to a settled life.  Thoughts of the young woman came to his mind constantly and pushed him further away from the sea shores.

The first village he came across he was welcomed back with open arms, they recognised him even though such time had passed.  It was the village of the man of the quest for the cave of riches and he found the man in a tavern, dressed immaculately and dining on the best food.  The young man approached him.  “I have completed my quest, if you wish I have time now to help you on your quest”.  The older man looked at him slightly confused.  “But I needed you to help me on the quest months and months ago.  I have already been and found the cave and the treasures were there.  I am sorry, my friend, I have no need of your help.”  He clapped the young man on the back and brought him an opulent meal and wished him well on the way.   The young man was slightly disappointed because he would have liked to take the wealth to the young woman.   He rested for the night in the village and headed out early the next day.

He traveled, and traveled, walking days and nights and came to the village where the farmer was.  He knocked on the farmers door and it was pulled open.  The farmer delighted pulled the young man in, questioning of his travels and did he get what he needed from the quest.  The young man smiled.  “I did but I wondered if you needed me to help with the crops for a time, and if the offer still remained for a share of the tended yield?”    The farmer shook his head sadly.  “I am sorry, that crop was amazing that year, I am very set up, I have no need to work as hard as I did.  I thank you for your offer and 12 months ago I would have taken you in.  However, it is different now and soon I shall be retiring in the village for a peaceful life.   Go well in your life, I am sure you will do well.”  Again the young man was a little disappointed to not be able to take the young woman any finances or reward, stayed with his farmer friend for a couple of days and then traveled again for months on his way back home.

He reached the village of the young woman and his heart was bursting with delight.  He brought some simple flowers and knocked on the shop keepers door.   The young woman with her hair up in a bun, opened the door and gasped in shock.  The young man sank to his knees and held up the flowers.  “I am back, beautiful girl, will you marry me and return with me to my village in the mountains?”   The young woman burst into tears, holding on to the bump on the front of her.   “I am so sorry” she sobbed “I did not believe after a year that you would return with no word, no message, it gave me no hope.  I have married another and carry his child.”  She fled from the door into the depths of the shop and the father came forward and placed a hand on the young man’s arm.   “She mourned you terribly” he said, “then the arms of another gave her solace and hope.  Safe travels’   He shut the door gently in front of the young man.

The young man was devastated with the loss and determinedly traveled, hardly sleeping or eating in his grief and finally made it up the mountain pass to his village.  He was thin, weak and drained in his grief.   His family delighted with him being back could not believe the changes in him.    The father said to him once he had recovered for a couple of days.  “My son, was the journey so bad that you return as you are.  Half the man, disillusioned, passion gone and grief stricken?”   The young man  replied.  “Father, in my quest, my determination to get to what I thought was my destination, I missed opportunity after opportunity.  I came to realise that life is like the ocean.  Comes in ebbs and waves.  If the opportunity is not taken, it is like it is written in sad, disappearing in the next wave, never to appear again.    My mistake was not realising that what I sought was not a physical thing, but the ebbs and tides of the waves of my life and the joy that it would bring.”

The father clapped the son wisely on the shoulder.  “Your wisdom is great my son, vast as an ocean.  What will you do now?”   The son looked deeply into his fathers eyes.  “I will be like the tide, persistent, caressing, seeking grains of truth in all I do.  I will BE the journey not just take the journey this time.”


Aho, thank you, it is indeed a truth, we think we are on a journey, but we are the journey and the opportunity always is within us to be all we can be.

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Spirit Whispers: Self-ISH

Seriously when Upstairs handed me a machete and a piece of cheese AGAIN in October I was gobsmacked.   This had happened before I left NZ to live in Canada when I was 18 years old.   I was immediately suspicious.   “What’s this for?  I am done carving new pathways!”  I hesitate looking at the items “Aren’t I?”

Reynard, ever patient, ever kind looks at me with such wisdom.  “You know that on the earth plane, there is always change, always evolution and most of it, is how you learn about you.”    I mumble, “Yes but it’s never in a format that doesn’t challenge me is it?”

His eyebrows soar to the roof just about, like eloquent wings of white.  “Why on earth would it not be about you?”      I refrain from my eye roll.   Mehhhhhhhh!!  I don’t want these things!   I tuck them politely away behind me, a move that Reynard smothers a grin at.  Seriously I can tuck them away all I want in denial but things are about to change.

Most of what I have learned about being on the earth plane, is that at a soul level we are pushed by our own soul level evolution.  We either do it ourselves after becoming so restless in ourselves that we finally shift ourselves into change, or we are (lovingly?) positioned by other souls (family and friends) into making massive changes on the back of “I’m DONE being taken advantage of!”  Doesn’t really matter what way it happens, lose someone, get fired, someone has an affair.  Change is there at a base level of your learning because it simply evolves YOU.

I suppose I should in a way be grateful for the heads up that they always give me that something is about to change or give.   So me being me, I “Ostriched” it…  Buried the machete, tucked the cheese in my pocket and filed the good luck note.   (I’m so amusing in my naivety).

All through October and November illuminations came thick and fast I could not be there ENOUGH for people.   That my own needs would be continually put on the back burner, or others needs would take precedence over mine.  I bent and I bent, hobbling along to my lovely healing man to get my painful back sorted and then carrying people some more as it moaned and complained with the weight of my “distorted” responsibility.    As the saying goes “Something’s gotta give”.

Upstairs, when I moaned, pointed simply at the machete, the mouldy cheese and mumbled about filed notes.    Funny what becomes a tipping point really, it always in my book is a straw, yellowed and dried in the hot summer sun, that breaks the camels back.  Relentlessly the energy pressured me to look at what I was doing to myself and more and more people joined beautiful forces to illuminate what I was doing to myself.  Judgement, criticism, rudeness and expectation crashed down on me from an inventive variety of sources until that back broke.

After a night of struggling to breathe as yet again my diaphragm locked its muscles into agonising constriction, I went mental at Elom (my lovely helpful Angel).  He let me vent, lovely golden features and peaceful calm and said “Self-ISH”.   I immediately did my normal trick of trying to blame myself and said “OMG am I being selfish???”

He laughed, bless him.  “You have forgotten in your distraction of needing approval from others, that you have your own needs.  You look at them for a moment and then continue to accommodate others because you have told yourself you are of lesser importance.  You have distorted your reality so much, that you cannot breathe under the pressure to please you have created on yourself.”

Stubbornly stunned pause on my behalf as I consider this and then answer with the one word that Carer Souls use so frequently to justify bending over backwards to please others.  “BUT…”   He frowns those golden features at me not with displeasure but at the speed I am about to justify my behaviour that sacrifices me.   After a pause from me, and an eloquently raised brow from him, I just look at him in silence.  Carer Souls justify to themselves that they are the ONLY ones who can fix things, do things, be there.  Usually totally missing the point they are creating continually Universal Illumination that others will take advantage to try and show them to stop it.

“Self-ISH” he pronounces AGAIN.   “You need to unlearn your habit and relearn a new way of being for yourself.  Without justification, guilt and blame directed at yourself.  You must gently give yourself permission to say “No” without that chorus of voices in your head screeching you are lessor, you should sacrifice you, that you are the only one seeing what needs to be done and doing it.  You need to be SELF-ISH, not PEOPLE-ISH.

You need to approve you as an important person and relearn lovingly to allow yourself room to be yourself first.  You cannot help people with a distorted view of where you fit in your own world.  It is time for you to carve a new way of life for YOU.”

During this advice, it is feeling like an elephant is slowly deciding to get off my diaphragm.  Amazing what the body has been trying to show me all the way along.  Sod it!

Elom showers me in golden petals and they kiss my face like raindrops.  “Time to love you first and then you will have more love for others.”    I have thought about this a lot and I do not believe that he is wrong.  Instead of sitting in resentment that others never think of you.  Think of you first and start the long process of re-educating others that you are not there at the drop of a hat when it suits them.  Personally I think it does require a machete and a piece of cheese and a good luck note as a LOT of people will not be happy with this change in you.   After all have a think about HOW long you have been educating those around you that you will be there for them first and you second?   I bet its been quite some time.

And those screeching voices in your head,  that make you feel guilty for speaking your mind? Saying what you need to?  Finally claiming some space for you?  Tell them to SOD OFF, its time to be SELF-ISH.   We are heading into the most creative energy I have ever seen and its about creating your beautiful life not rescuing the world single-handed even if you are cradling a machete.   Nope, this is about a NEW pathway for YOU, one you carve just for you and if its carved well, then NATURALLY others will want to follow!   Go you, you Pioneer!!!

Personally, I’m back breathing, moving and really well!  Machete in hand, I may not be here to answer every question, I do the best I can and some things OF COURSE, you get to sort yourselves.  Doesn’t mean I love you less, but I’m learning to love me and that too is MY worthwhile investment into me.   So help me through the changes and in turn help yourself!   After all we are in this together!   SELF-ISH here we come!


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Spirit Whispers: Princess/Prince VS Queen/King… Emotionless Warrior VS Emotional Warrior

I have been thinking a long time about this blog and discussing it majorly with “Upstairs”.  There are so many changes happening in this “relationship” energy and its amazing to watch how people handle things and the reasons why they handle things the way they do.

In some ways, this is a two view points blog but its happening to both genders and the fallout is the massive gap in communication in between.   It is not about being the voice of reason the Guides say but how much acceptance we have in terms of shedding responsibility and how much blame we can give ourselves and another.    When they word it that way I kinda cringe, because there really is only an individual perspective for each person in every situation and if we believe that all is exactly the way it should be, then why am I writing this blog.   Simple… Illumination.

We are at a pivotal shift in how we look at each other in relationships.  I am talking mother/father, mother/child, father/child, partner/partner just about every mix you can think of is being adjusted in this monumental shift.   So to try and make it as simple as possible the Guides use some of the following analogies to help it be more clear BUT firstly…  Holding SPACE is crucial at this time and I fundamentally believe because of my own experiences, this is necessary for all parties (if they are willing to evolve) to do.

So here goes…   My definitions in this energy…

Princess/Prince Stage: When you suddenly realise that you have quite a bit of understanding spiritually and wisdom gained physically on your pathway and suddenly from your point of view everyone else is either behind the eight ball or soooo slow to work out what you already have.   Your tolerances are sharp and thin and you cannot stop mentally rolling your eyes at people’s habits and patterns, behaviour and thinking “For God’s sake WAKE UP”  So you decide in your newfound understanding to “express” to people where they are going wrong and have been going wrong in your life, your entire life.  You don’t realise you have been turning up for them in a certain way for years and now you want to change that?  Instead you snap at them, jump down their throats and burn the bridges of friendship because you are DONE with them taking advantage of you!    Hmmz, when you read it that way it sounds terrible doesn’t it?   Suddenly you are wanting to quit your job because you work with idiots, leave a partner because he doesn’t do anything for you and you have been doing stuff for him for years, get rid of all those needy people sponging off you when you thanklessly did stuff for them for years and years.    They are all wrong and you need to get rid of them!  All of them…  *coughs quietly and mutters (Off with their heads!)  Now I am not picking because that would be judgement and in the Princess Stage there is enough judgement to sink the Titanic.  I am merely pointing out, its a really, really valid STAGE and its everywhere at the moment and I have to say women and men alike are “Princing and Princessing” their way across the Universe right now, completely unaware in their vindication of being right, that everyone else is WRONG.  Seriously this is a STAGE but some can own it for a lifetime..   Sure, you have changed and its great that you have recognition that you have, but in this stage, its blame central and everyone the royal eye casts itself on will probably get a tune up….. 


Queen/King Stage: It takes time and vulnerability of self to become a Queen/King.  It takes long looking into situations with patience and an open mind to see that the Universe is responding all the time to the changes in YOU.  Then understanding, most of what is changing is not because of someone else, but rather pivotal shifts in your own growth that makes you see where you have been turning up for people in a vain attempt to keep them happy, when you are actually making them and yourself miserable at the same time.  Queens/Kings rule their worlds with wisdom gained of experiences and self, are vulnerable enough to know they make mistakes and gain from them.   They look at all their subjects as part of their world, their Kingdom and they love them for being a part of it regardless of what learning and growth they bring.   They patiently wait, gently guiding others to be more thoughtful of themselves and so in turn how they deal with others.   They HOLD SPACE waiting for others to work it out and feel supported in their transition.  They don’t blame or judge.  They use careful, caring strategies to place firm, clear, assertive boundaries with clear, assertive communications.    They can have a tantrum at the Universe but acknowledge to self, that all things in balance are part of being human without blaming themselves for not having it all together.    Queens/Kings have earned their role, weathered through enough hard gained wisdom to truthfully know that communication, compassion and honesty pay off in the long run of life.   They look carefully at their relationships and give room and space for the other to grow with them, not forever, but some time.  They are clear in communication of this and regretfully weed out those who will not look at evolving, with love even in the face of tantrums from the outgoing parties.  Good Queens/Kings and I am using these terms as analogies, remember that, listen to the people, keep an open mind.  Recognise needs and awareness of others and patiently keep calm and assertive in recognition of a wider understanding.  They will hold space, an agreement within themselves for a period of time, to allow others to evolve into a deeper understanding.  Very aware that each has their own growth stage, while never compromising themselves for others.


These are not the only fundamental changes that are shifting, but looking at the societal roles in place in this current energy is also changing as well.   I have talked about moving out of “Suffer to Learn” and into “Create to be”.    These are transitions, and stages, and like putting jigsaw puzzle pieces together, we are slowly evolving into better understanding of each other, genders and equality of emotional levels.

I know that there are elementary differences between how males and females think but if we are changing philosophies then the rules have changed also in how we deal with each other.   Most of us have programming from our parents, society.  Heaven forbid, “Roles and Rules” that we were told we had to fulfill that were gender specific.   This energy is challenging so many areas in relationships, we have to pay attention to where we are personally at so we can stop being at such cross purposes.   We have the worst statistics in terms of how we treat relationships than we have ever had and we are falling down on communication with each other massively.    I have been so quiet blogging because I have spent most of my time actively discussing all the changes with upstairs and wondering how the outcomes will fall into place.   They keep showing me glimpses of understanding and how it is slowly, painfully slowly incorporating into our world.    We need to be the change we need in patience and tolerance.


Emotionless Warriors:

I love men, I love the way they think!  Simplicity and at times compartmentalized brain patterns.  Wanna talk about the car, no problem, but don’t interrupt that talk with another subject, sheesh!  I have the car compartment open.   They are gorgeously direct and amazing.  However, seems that I am seeing a lot who have been programmed with the “man up, suck it up” philosophy handed down from generation to generation.   Also I am meeting quite a few women who fit in this category too.   It’s the game of distraction at its best.   I DON’T LIKE FEELING VULNERABLE.   So I will either, ignore the problem, or you.   Distract myself with a task that makes me feel better rather than sitting in how I feel.   Apply a fact or logic so that silly emotional needs can be dismissed.    They simply detest having to feel because of how vulnerable it makes them feel.   The Guides and I discuss this one a lot.  Mostly it is programming, where they have not ever been taught to self nurture, and have a startling lack of love and nurturing through their childhoods.  They have the ability unfortunately to make those who feel to make them feel isolated, lost, alone and emotionally unstable. They can make you feel like YOU are the one with the problem.     BEFORE you want to force them to feel, be aware of this, these amazing people have been damaged by a lack of love.   They actually feel incredibly deeply but they have never been taught HOW to nurture themselves let alone others.   “Upstairs” has a saying…  “You want them to feel, but in reality, it is like sending them outside blindfolded, without a shovel and saying you want a hole dug.”      They have no tools to evolve with until someone lovingly takes time and energy to help them evolve.   Many people will not have the time, energy, communication and love,  and the Prince and Princesses will definitely not.  It takes patience, wisdom and understanding to work with people who have never been loved well.  They struggle to love themselves deeply and yet most feeling based people “expect” them to be emotionally reciprocal when they cannot.    It takes open communication and nurturing, time, and in this energy many do not have the time for it as they are finding they need to work on themselves first which is perfectly okay, but we are all in this together too.  We need to remember that.  They are just as much work as the Prince and Princesses in their avoidance of themselves and love tactics!


Emotional Warriors:

Again few and far between but energetically we are being pushed towards this.  The people who have looked at themselves and said “I will start with me first.”   I will apply wisdom and understanding that I am really important in my own world and it is not selfish.   They allow themselves to experience without judgement all aspects of the emotional spectrum and they are not afraid to show it.    Tears can spring from eyes at the drop of heart based energy and they are not bothered by it.   I have met only a few men who are able to be vulnerable and in touch with their feelings and honour who they are but they are amazing.   They have not sacrificed one little bit of themselves by being vulnerable.  If anything they are stronger for it.  They recover quicker from life issues and challenges and are more in tune with their own needs and those of others.  Women who have run this gauntlet as well are stronger and more in tune with their own lives and clear boundaries and balances.   All are open communicators with balance and understanding.  Please understand no one is expecting anyone to be perfect within this, Emotional Warriors usually work with people to help them find their way back to themselves as well as they know and have experienced the benefits of being in touch with who they truthfully are, warts and all.  Emotional Warriors have experienced suppressing emotions and know how hard it is emotionally, mentally and physically to do this and they won’t.  They have discovered who they are and how they want to turn up in their own life and they were the change they needed to be.


There is no pointing fingers here, there is just illumination of shifts and changes and the challenges that go with it.   The human experience is an evolutionary one, but sometimes stop and hold space for yourself to work it out and see where you are changing and then while you are changing have a look at it in terms of stages.  If you are in a specific stage, then recognition and acknowledgement are crucial because taking it out on everyone else and expecting them to “understand” when maybe they haven’t got that recognition or are even at that stage is cruel.     We need to hold space for ourselves and others, and give patience and tolerance, compassion and love for the growth of us as a collective.  Now is perfect to look at how you are responding in this “relationship” energy as its going right through to February and how we weather this together for ourselves, each other and the world, is how we get through these stages in the end.    It’s my thoughts in conjunction with discussions for months with “Upstairs” put on paper…

As ever I am interested in your thoughts and how you are doing in this shifting pivotal time.   Look after you, learn to hold space for you and others, we truly are in this together.


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