Spirit Whispers: De-clutter, clear out, clean up…

Things have been changing and really I felt its time to  blog about what’s going on again in the swing of the Universal frequencies.   This particular colour keeps coming up again and again around people and I really want people to address WHY it’s coming up.

Usually for me, Turquoise appears around people’s heads, in a beautiful bubble when they are thinking too much, over analysing and just generally have TOO much going on in their heads.   It’s de-clutter time people! for simply you all are over thinking everything too much.

This Teal Blue though, is another matter.    This is thoughts directed at yourself, NOT good ones.   We at times are so critical of ourselves, our expectations HUGE and often very unreasonable expectations.   Runs a lot like this in our brains, “I should have done this.  Why didn’t I say that?   How could I let them do that to me”.     The value of it is incredibly heavy and very exhausting to your energy.   The need for us to address why this colour is so dominant at the moment is that the Universe is actually really trying to get us to address the residual issues we hold that no longer serve us.

People feel pushed and poked on all their vulnerable bits, when in reality the Universe is calling us to change from within, our bad habits, patterns and cycles that we no longer required for our learning.   The cellular changes within the human body are strengthening and lightening.  It’s completely understandable that the expectation of rational mind to move forward, is next on the agenda for a clean out and clear up.   Addressing the clutter in our minds, very important for the next stage as well.

Sitting right upon that as well is EMOTIONAL CLUTTER…   Those dreaded words… Emotional clutter.  Before you look all indignant and say I don’t have that and try to shield your vulnerable bits even more, how is it serving you to avoid yourself?    I know personally in myself that I would rather bite my own arm off at times than to address my accumulated clutter.  Well its a bit like the towel cupboard isn’t it.  If you shut the door it all is hidden.   Barrrrrrrrrrrp!  Wrong, it’s not the towel cupboard, its your heart.

Now I did notice one thing and I suppose as my client pointed out today, and its true, as we start to tidy up and de-clutter our homes, so must we de-clutter and clean up ourselves.  We have a lifetime of accumulated clutter at multiple levels and all of this can hold us back from changing to the frequency that best serves us and allows us to really feel in our lives.

So buckle up because the clearing energy is not quite complete until we have such a good understanding of ourselves that we stop fighting with whom we are and get back to actually enjoying our lives, which when we over think it and over analyse it, is not that much fun.  Even less fun when we actually stuff emotional clutter into the mix as well.

Oh weary heart, one day you will actually go PHEW when I stop kidding myself and allow all the emotions to not be squashed, smothered or just plain stuffed under the carpet.   The problem in this frequency, with all its heavy Teal Blue is that we are creating difficulty for the physical body and it’s starting to rebel a bit as well.   Symptoms of fatigue first and then manifesting into illness as the body responds to our refusal to address our clutter.  Illness always brings us back to our priorities and the importance of both the body and the human existence.    Yet we stubbornly refuse at times to address our clutter and the body responds.

People, it’s time.  Stop hiding from you and start to empower you to the next frequency level.  Look at all the signs around you ASKING you to change your patterns and frequency to free you from old habits.  It’s a very good thing!   Stop with the over thinking and start to look at how you feel about you.  People are bring you this understanding about you by challenging you.   Situations are bringing it by challenging you.  All of these things are not picking on you, rather ILLUMINATING what you need to address.

Sounds annoying to say THANK you, but you really need to.  These are the days, you are truly learning a) what you hide from and b) what really works for you at a heart level and simply it’s over due.. Way over due.   So stop fighting, fighting with yourself and moaning you didn’t or haven’t asked for these changes.  They are coming regardless and we need to change too, into a lighter, happier, more fulfilled us.

Awesome!   Come back to the importance of you, not governed by situations or people, but your own expectations of you.   Allow your heart to heal from old hurts, change patterns that no longer serve, de-clutter and clear out and clean up to a new way of life.  Just for YOU!



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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: De-clutter, clear out, clean up…

  1. Jan Burmester

    Oh how right you are. So much mind talk, self talk, uncertainty. I feel that for those of us who live in Christchurch it is a constant day by day dilemma. “when will EQC or the Insurance Co’s get their act together?” Everyone needs or feels that they require this information in order for their lives to move on again. Coping with job loses which equates to Fear. I too have a great deal of emotional clutter to be rid of. Thank you Jackie for allowing us an insight into your life/experiences, that makes you human as well. Lessons for all

  2. Brijsahney

    Thank you for the information I have lot of clutter to clear .its a big lesson for me to . Have to clear the clutter as soon as possible

  3. jodywhitewolf

    What a pleasure to read this. I keep, repeatedly, saying, “if something bugs, bothers, or upsets you, say thank you for the mirror gift.” It sounds like hard work but it truly isn’t. Or rather, it is…IF you side with the mind and not with your Spsirit.