Spirit Whispers: The Whispering Pine

Funny how when you try and ignore life, that things happen in it to make you pay attention, also extremely funny when your Guides tell you stories that are really a celestial kick in the BUM! o.O

The Whispering Pine:

Once on a hillside, the wind blew in and deposited the seed of a pine.   The pine seed slipped down in a crack and fed by the moisture, put down tiny roots in the soil and began to grow. Time passed and the small shoot grew and grew and became a sapling.  The pine looked over the hillside and watched the valley below.  The years passed and the tree watched, people come, people go.  Villagers come and set up crops and homes.  War came and the villagers fought with neighbouring tribes and land was conquered and more people came and settled.   The pine watched and grew taller with the passage of time and the world turned.   The lands fell again in another war and armies marched on the valley below and the pine pondered the ways of man as it grew on the hillside overlooking the valley.

Time passed as time does and the pine accumulated its knowledge of the changes of the world and it grew large on the hillside and ever more thoughtful.  It had seen so many changes on the earth in the valley below, had lived for so many years and it shed it’s seeds on the wind many, many times.     One seed fell beside the tree and put down shoots.  The pine watched it fondly grow and thought it should share its knowledge with the small sapling.      So the pine started to whisper of all that it had seen and the sapling listened. The wind whipped around the pine and pulled on the words of the pine and the sapling strained to hear.   The wind pulled and pulled and a storm grew and grew.

The pine whispered of all it had experienced and the wind howled in annoyance.   The storm pulled by the wind circled the pine and the wind demanded that the pine not share its secrets.   But the pine kept whispering and the sapling strained to hear but could only hear in snippets as the rest was snatched away on a greedy wind.

The storm build and the wind thrashed the whispering pine, the storm crashed and a massive bolt of lightning shot from the blackened sky and hit the great old pine.   Sparks flew on the wind and the pine split in two, showering the small sapling with pine needles and bark.    As the massive pine crashed down the hillside and the wind howled with glee.

The sapling stood in the wind with the remains of the massive pine exposed to the elements and it mourned.  It mourned for the loss of its protection, it mourned for its parent,  but it mostly mourned for the loss of the knowledge of the older tree.    All of its wisdom was lost in the wind, never to be passed along.

The small sapling  looked out over the valley and it resigned itself to forming its own understanding with the passage of time sadly and wished it had asked the old pine sooner and valued more the knowledge of the tree.


We seem to have lost somewhere along the way our joy in sharing our knowledge.  Our joy in memories, remembrances and old wisdom.   There has always been wisdom in the old simple ways, yet in this time of instant gratification, our impatience, and selfishness we at times have a tendency to hold onto knowledge like a fiercely kept secret.    The Guides tell me always, knowledge has no value for just one person.  Knowledge is meant to be shared, meant to be enjoyed and passed on.   The story tellers of old were the only way to pass on remembrances, understanding, cultural and history changes.     We are in danger of forgetting to share, forgetting to listen and celebrate the passing of knowledge.

Share what you know, embrace your past, your memories.  Do not have ownership of knowledge, for it can quickly go with you, as life can move so swiftly.  Share your knowledge joyfully and allow the world simply to see through your eyes.


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