Spirit Whispers: Hello? Is it YOU you’re waiting for?

Soooooooo how’s the energy going at the moment for ya?   Feeling a lot like you either don’t know what direction you are going in but actually feel like you are waiting for something??    Hmmm well join the club!   At lot of people having that spectacular lack of clarity at the moment and having a real HMMMMM moment.

I was talking to a lady in Spirit the other day, while we were waiting for her daughter to arrive, as my client.    I asked her, “Why have you guys changed how you give them information and guidance?  You all seem so pushy about us owning our stuff and getting ourselves sorted at emotional levels”.

She leans forward and eyeballs me.  “Well you need simply, to get a MOVE on at paying attention to yourselves.   You procrastinate, blame and avoid  and really all you are doing is waiting for YOU to decide what you want for YOU.   So we try and poke, prod and cajole as much as we possibly can to get you to see how important you are in your own lives and how important it is to own that you are creators of your own destiny”  She winks at me.  “We can be shrewd you see, we use the fact that they love us so much to get them to listen”.    I stare at her and smother laughter.

I mean I had often thought that at times Spirit people use their love of their loved ones here to get them to listen more than what they would if you just passed it in a random comment but to actually HEAR this gorgeous Mum in Spirit world say it,  it made me laugh my head off!!

So the upshot seems to be this people… all this waiting, procrastinating is actually YOUR own doing.   Powerful in ourselves, we forget simply we have the ability to manifest drama immediately in this frequency of condensed learning.   One tiny, “I think it may go pear shaped and it does”.   That’s all it takes.  Simple.   So simple you may actually want to whack yourself in the head… literally… A LOT, in fact DON’T do that but actually LOOK at your patterns.   How you believe in yourself?   Do you believe that most things you undertake will be successful?  Or do you believe most things you touch will go pear shaped?  Hmmm and HOW’S that working for you again???

Com’on people, you are so beautiful!  Have you not got it yet??   You are NOT owning who you are just yet and the Universe is sitting in the corner throwing curve balls in your direction to get you to see that, the tiny little thought of negativity has the power to send such condensed learning towards you, that it’s just NOT funny!  And you know what?? Before you think I’m IMMUNE to it, my house has been sold FOUR times now… each time with a drama.   NO I am not jinxed, but I’m sure as heck receiving the curve ball each time that the Universe is so willingly allowing me to manifest FROM MYSELF the insecurity it MAY fall through.  Personally I’m doing a FANTASTIC job of manifesting that… (insert face like I just sucked a lemon here).

Man, don’t you so have to OWN it when you are creating it yourself and are slightly aware that at multiple levels its been your OWN doing… o.O   Time for a lobotomy really..

So you can search out there for all the reasons the Universe is telling you that you need to pull your head in and PAY attention by blame, excuses and denial, but YOU are truly learning about what INFLUENCE you have over your own life, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

I know… Mind boggling… Look what happens when you don’t show yourself how much of a MASSIVE role you have in your own life… and here you thought you had just come to eat your lunch o.O   I THINK NOT!!

So HELLO, it’s not some great Epiphany, Lightning Bolt, or even a Chicken Little moment…  IT’s YOU you are looking for.     The Universe is bringing EMPOWERMENT OF SELF and you know.. Its GREAT thing… so stop cowering in the corner, hiding under the bed and moping in the closet.   Get close to the most important person in your life and have heart to heart..  Aha Aha I hear ya.. No, I know no one listens, that BRAIN.. really its been YAPPING for years about what could go wrong and LOOK it DOES…

Hmmm gonna fool yourself with that one a bit longer?  Cause bless that Universe, the balls are lining up and strike three, you’ll take a walk and you MAY well find unless you look at you and WHAT you are manifesting, then in a weeks time, you will be back to Batter UP, more learning on the way.

Now the Universe is not doing that to PUNISH you (can feel myself going all suspicious for a moment)… It’s NOT.  It’s truly asking you to FIND you, how?  By pushing on your sensitive bits until you go ALRIGHTY!  That’s enough I deserve more…

Cue MAJOR Duhhhhhhh moment….  You mean I created this and I can have more, that I deserve more?.  Well it’s not like getting a free set of steak knives is it?  After all this (drum roll please) is YOUR LIFE.

So if you want it more interesting and NO more balls thrown to get you to pay attention and clear out your old unwanted, cluttered, and dis-enpowering thought patterns, then NOW is the time to embrace YOU, the new you, without the self critical “let’s sabotage, my own life” unhealthy patterns of learning YOU KEEP DOING.

So Hellllllooooooo it’s YOU, you’re looking for… Decide for you and change that negative brain to positive, empowering and I JUST LOVE THESE challenges and changes that help you to see what you truly deserve and WHAT YOU ARE CREATING.   Hmmm Batter UP?  I think not… Hit a HOME Run and wait for the adulation of realisation YOU are the Master of your destiny..  Hmmm  it has SUCH nice ring to it 😀



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6 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Hello? Is it YOU you’re waiting for?

  1. Juliet aitken

    Jaqs thanks so much Hun. I have been sabotaging myself. I need a vacation from my brain and all the crap it’s spewing out at me. I am no longer listening and going to stOp wth the doubting Thomas Crap, then going to start the ball rolling at adopting u so u can be my slap in the face every time I go to the dark side ‘!!!! Love u long time sister!!! Xxxx

  2. Now you have hit the nail on the head lol but i still don’t know what i want to do or what i'[m good at, thanks again Sphere for all you give and do ❤

  3. That hit home. Right in the bread basket. Thanks Jacs and the guides for reminding me that I am the mistress of my own destiny. xxx

  4. tina

    Awesome blog LOL……Loving that gentle loving slapp feeling I got when reading. I Love it how its sooooo… simple and we are still figuring it out. LOL!

  5. Brijsahney

    Hi I have stopped getting mails from you Please send me the mails Thanks

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  6. Brijsahney

    Hi I have not been receiving your mail for quiet some time .please I would love to receive mails from you Thanks mrs Brij sahney

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