Spirit Whispers: The Weight of Thoughts…

I spend a lot of time being shown things by the Guides.  This is part of my learning and also enables me at times to be able to share with others understanding of what we are all learning together.   Each experience we all have is so unique, there is no wrong and if you find yourself learning more about you from it, then all of the understanding is incredibly valuable.

The Guides have always told me that knowledge is wisdom, and with wisdom comes understanding, with understanding comes a sharing that empowers each of us to be all we can be, knowing we are all in this journey together.

As I tumbled into bed last night, I was immediately pulled upwards and was standing in the Zen Garden with Tai and Jacob.  I looked at them, “That was really fast!”.   Tai laughs “We have something to show you”.   I refrain from wrinkling my nose, a lot of work I have been working on lately has been all about energy, energy manifestation and what my thoughts are doing impacting my own life.   So as you can imagine I am immediately suspicious of them!

Tai moves and touches my arm, “Just relax, we wish you to think a negative thought”.   I look at him startled.  “A what?”  He smiles.  “Just think a negative thought”.    I close my eyes for a moment.  Isn’t it funny I can think a negative thought most days but for the life of me on demand I cannot think of one.    I squint an eye at Tai and Jacob smothers laughter.  Patiently Tai nods at me.

“I am not a good person” I think and immediately am aware of a hum right in front of me.  Suspended in front of me is a baseball sized ball of energy, swirling in dirty, muddled colours, intense dark blues, greys and murky teals.   I wrinkle my nose.  “Eeeeuw!”   Tai smiles “this is your thought.  Please feel the weight of it”.  I put my hands out and allow the energy to sit on them, immediately it becomes like trying to hold a Medicine Ball.  It was extremely heavy and felt intense and almost dirty.  I feel like recoiling from it.

Tai asks me to “replace it”.    I close my eyes and think “I am a good person” and notice the shift in my hands immediately.  I open my eyes to see a larger ball of golden and red hues, shimmering beautifully, it is about three times the size of the other ball and is shimmering in constantly movement, bringing a heat through my hands and a delight in my heart of the feeling of joy and love from this ball.   It is also extremely light, I can balance it on a hand.

Tai waves and the energy disappears.  I smile at him.  “Well I like that one better!”.  He laughs, “Then only produce those ones then”.  I frown.  “Easier said than done”.  I think of how many times I go to do things and criticise myself or judge what I am doing in a negative way.   No wonder those thoughts are so heavy and so detrimental to ourselves.  They are intense, heavy and bring our energy levels completely down.

We simply, because we cannot see the energy we are creating by thought, the impact on our mental health and our auric and physical well being.      The Guides were simply showing me how we can create energy and the impact of the positive and negative energies on myself.  To see it that clearly gives me an indication of the power of thought energy, however, we hardly SEE this do we? and if it can be created into a ball the size of a basket ball, a single thought, then the impact of multiple negative thoughts can be completely crippling.

We are energy condensed into matter, what we create in thought is therefore an energy of ourselves.   Just because we cannot see our thoughts, we do not consciously understand HOW much of an impact they are having on our lives.

The next thing to consider is the WEIGHT of collective thoughts.  If all of us have these negative thoughts and ADD it to the collective consciousness of the planet, we make it simply feel like we are wading through the heaviness of multiple negative basketballs that have all merged together in a blanket layer of negativity..   Well that’s just down right depressing!

My point is this though, and I completely understand WHY the Guides show me how energy works and how the Universe responds to what we put out, and that is simply FREE CHOICE.

On our physical journey, we are given all the “tools” to empower us to have the best or the most challenging learning experiences for our own growth.   How we contribute to our own learning is how much we generate back to ourselves,  in terms of our energy thought processes and how much we actually use the loving side of us in a positive and empowering manner.

The differences between the energy and the responses of the Universe is huge.  I simply think that when we behave in a more loving manner in our own thoughts of ourselves, we contribute massively to the positivity of the collective conscious and this brings a much more enjoyable journey for all of us.

So the next time you think something negative about yourself, consider this.   One thought is abut the size of a basketball, it is heavy, murky, muddying and disempowering.  One single thought.   Are you really willing to do that to your own energy?   It is simply time to be kinder to yourself, empower yourself more and start to be the shift you need for your physical, and energy to be lifted to the level we need to be.

I’m not asking you to change for any other reason but you need to be you.  Love firstly by yourself for the amazing being you are and no one person can lift you more in energy than you by your simply thoughts alone.   Just for a time, an hour, a day, take the time to see where your thoughts go, are directed and think too for a moment WHAT kind of energy you are creating with a simple thought process.

Own your thoughts, they simply create your destiny.  Would you really give that energy physically to another?  I didn’t think so, so decide what you need to give yourself, and empower you in the shift forward.



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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Weight of Thoughts…

  1. Stephanie

    Fantastic example! Thanks Jacqueline. Love and light!

  2. tina

    Thanks jac and tai, loved it xx