Spirit Whispers: “I seeeeee” said the Blind Man…

Go away, go away, intense restless energy!!   Do you know most of my clients are also so struggling with this energy as are a lot of people.   It feels like the dryer has got a shoe in it and its bashing around while you are trying to get all perfect and fluffy!    When I said that it would get easier from July I so meant it but WHOEVER upped the dryer spin to INTENSE really needs slapping!

So I’m donning my best grin (with loads of teeth) and truly stopping wrestling with the SHOE, even thought it has probably clouted me in the eye about a dozen times now.   This energy is MAKING us, truly look at what’s important and what better way, then to send those last minute IN YOUR FACE people and situations that really want you to tear your hair out.

The energy seems to alternatively SPEED UP so fast, that the days are whizzing by and then slow down so much I swear I counted to ten between my eyelids closing and reopening in a perfectly ordinary blink!   ENOUGH!  This Hare and Tortoise thing is doing my head in.

Most often asked question?   “I can’t seem to see which direction I should be going in”.  Hmmm personally I’m tempted to vote for horizontal here… Go back to bed until the energy settles and pull the bedclothes over your eyes.    But seriously!

It’s about ownership peoples!  You can wander around feeling like you are blindly “feeling” your way through a maze or you can start to own what you need for you.   “I don’t KNOWWWWWWWWWWW!”  they cry.   But, then see, it’s like this….

When was the last time you truly thought about what made you happy?  What empowered you?   You know Rational mind is wonderful.  It tells you simply what it believe you HAVE to do.  But look at where you are at this very moment.  Would you encourage your friends to go and be all they can be while you sit on the couch eating popcorn?   It’s not a good place to be really…

So before that shoe comes around AGAIN to whack you in head and make you address more things, know this.   As a Manifestor of your own Destiny, are you creating wonderful things for yourself in anticipation OR are you sitting in amongst the towels waiting for the shoe to hit you and picking bits of lint off yourself?

I got challenged today and on thinking about it, I believe very much in this.   Taking a leap of faith when you can see where you are going is all good and well.  BUT in this energy it screams for you to OWN WHO you are.    I personally think that to a degree the Universe has had enough of us pussy footing around and is sitting back randomly throwing heavy things at our heads to get us to see our own importance, but more than that getting us to OWN what we ARENT creating for our beautiful selves.

This energy, this wonderful energy that is so very empowering is really not being accepted by ourselves at this time.   Its causing very INTENSE feelings as we are being asked to feel from the heart but we are fighting to hold our safety nets.   Because we cannot see the way forward we hold ourselves, and our breath waiting to see what’s next and the Universe simply ROLLS its eyes at our reluctance to embrace who we truly are.

So its coming straight down to this.    IF it doesnt empower you, or you love it, it won’t succeed.   Its not about a Leap of Faith and hoping it will be ok.  Its about leaping anyway and TRUSTING it all will be as it should be.   It wont come to you UNTIL you own what you truly want for yourself.   ANNNNNNNNNNNND before you start with that wee rational mind and its buts.   Take the time to look at the changes that have been happening around you… Empowering?/Disempowering?  Your choice?or feeling bullied.

Take the time to look at what is seriously empowering you in yourself.   I bet its not your brain….  But your heart needs to feel and needs you to address HOW you feel about your life.

How we approach change comes completely and utterly down to us.   We can anticipate and jump full on into new things or cringe in the corner holding our bits of lint (what did you need them for anyway?)   Or consciously and I mean consciously CHOOSE to move through these last “shoe to the head in the dryer” moments understanding simply that we are strong enough to BELIEVE in ourselves and the changes within.

As the frequency of lemons and aqua’s become more defined and more richly enhancing our lives with changes for the good of us, we need to open our hearts, throw away the stick we are poking around with blindly, and step forward confident that we can manifest what we truly desire.   In that moment, we leap and KNOW that all it really takes beyond a leap of faith is TRUST.

July is already lighter in energy and bringing in new opportunities for people and closure at multiple levels of their lives as they really start to embrace who they are and the change they need to be for themselves.   Liberating really because in all honesty, our old thought patterns, “I can’tttttttttttt, what if I faaaaaaaaaaaail” are really becoming so redundant as we decide that we really are SICK of our moaning selves.

Use that wonderful thought energy to address the challenges, knowing that coming out the other side of YOU is a happier and more content you, manifesting more of what you truly want in your life.   Embrace that and go forward, and it may be that you cannot see quite which direction you are going, but TRUST if it feels right in your heart that it is GOING to be exactly what you need for you!

Be the change you need for you, simply!


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