Spirit Whispers: Divine you, what are you waiting for?

Hmmm when do we really change ourselves?   Do we actively pay attention to how we think, how we feel or do we look at ourselves with degrees of indifference?  Forgetting that we have this amazing ability to generate so much understanding if we only applied it to ourselves.

We look externally at situations all the time, people and life happenings.  But at times we truly do not really apply it back to ourselves.    If situations and people can produce intense emotional responses in ourselves, like “That’s not fair”, “I never get a break”, “I’m always picked on”.   Then we are not looking at ourselves but rather feeling like situations around us are being unfair.   The simple truth is that the situations, people around us, impact on us to get us to learn about US.

Most people don’t like change.  Tell them that they will change house, change their job, lose someone they love and we all start cringing and thinking about the scariness of it all.  However, what about the opportunity of it all?   If you could understand that the power of the Divine you could bring all that you require to bring you such a wonderful life.   You would be so delighted, but DO you KNOW you are Divine?  Do you know you have the power of you?   Usually we are not that excited to look at ourselves.   It is simpler, easier to look at others and situations and blame them really…

I hear so much “I didn’t ask for this”, and indeed I am so guilty of saying that myself.  However, as a good friend pointed out (before I wanted to strangle her) that I DID ask for this, in so many ways, for me to address what I simply LOVE to avoid in myself…  Happy Days!

It works a lot like this..  Until we are pinched, pulled and things DON’T get changed in ourselves.  We don’t think about how we feel.  We are complacent in glimmers of happiness and then simply go back to worrying again about what MAY happen next…   o.O     It’s only really when we are pinched we usually HATE how we feel and try to ignore it as much as possible.   Well beyond difficulty is ILLUMINATION…

The theme for this whole year energetically has been ALLOW!   Allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be you and in doing that ALLOW all things to be as they should be.   Most of my learning (trust me A type personality, structure, structure) has been flexibility and in that flexibility has been taking the time to understand me.

My insecurities are Rejection, Failure, Judgement….  These are not Universal energies, these are MINE.  I own them so much I bring such learning to myself it’s not funny.   Now these are not straight insecurities because it also works like this, for every single person I come across or situation, it will bring me some learning around these in a multitude of both HARD and subtle ways.  The Universe says this, ADDRESS THESE!  they are holding you back from the Divine you,  you are waiting to be.

If I am so honest with myself, I own these hugely.  No one person does it to me but a comment can be crippling, by the judgement I heap on myself.  The failure I heap on myself and the TOTAL rejection of ME.    It takes courage to address the insecurities of self and I don’t have much… (Those chicken noises are TRULY coming from me)..

However, the beloved Universe AND my Divine Self, LOVE ME so much.  As ALL of us are truly loved, they BRING back these insecurities through people and situations AGAIN and AGAIN until I free me to BE me…  Bless them so much.

When I started this blog, my beloved Guides asked me to be so honest about what we need to do to be our Divine Selves.    In order to NOT be a hypocrite that just talks at people I so have to OWN my own words and apply them back to myself, for it is simply NOT fair to be telling people every day, in so many ways, from Spirit and from the Guides, to OWN whom they are, when I wouldn’t do it myself.

So please understand this, as the Universe brings in the new frequencies that are so inspiring and uplifting, they cannot lift us without us OWNING our Divine Light.  So the curly, emotional, avoiding bits have to simply be addressed.  We have to stop kidding ourselves that the Universe conspires against us.   It doesn’t.  WE conspire against ourselves cruelly, by refusing to acknowledge our beauty and our Divine Light by our rejection of our own selves through negative thoughts, self blame and a rejection of feeling.

It’s time and this time, this Year of Universal balance has never applied so much to us finding out who we truly are.   We have to embrace that, to look at the “challenges” with grateful thoughts, to look beyond the situation and “see” what we are manifesting to free ourselves to be our Divine selves.  If you do this, you will be amazed at how much changes around you, quickly and simply bringing you to a more harmonious state of being.  Why? because you NEED it for you, for the lightness of living but for living in harmony with your own self, within yourself.

So just think… the next time that things happen, comment happen…  Is it ABOUT you or something you need to look at in you.  Address them as they come up and the Universe SMILES and you become free of the learning you are generating through not being the beautiful Divine YOU that you so deserve to be.




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  1. lorraine williams

    this is so beautiful and beautifly simple.hope you having good luck selling house