Spirit Whispers: The Fat Catfish…

Hmmm I wondered whether you all had been missing Tai’s ever delightful Parables… They are busy being condensed into the Book of Parables – Wisdom for the Soul…  BUT when I heard this story in the wee small hours I just had to share.  I so hope you enjoy as much as I do.

The Fat Catfish:

In a river, deep in the jungle, lived a large, fat catfish.  It had grown to this size simply cruising up and down the familiar river feeding here and there and being very possessive with the range of its territory.   Years had passed and the catfish was extremely plump, well fed and seemingly content.  However, as it cruised up and down the river it had a restless feeling and it wondered if there was a world beyond the river.

After weeks of feeling restless and discontent with its life, even though it thought it had everything that it wanted in the river, the fat catfish decided to swim downstream to the sea simply because it could not stop wondering what more there could be.  It slowly travelled the river looking at the similarities and the differences, the river and the trees remained very much the same, slightly different eddies and rocks, but very much the same.

Eventually the Catfish came to the sea.   The water tasted different, and the Catfish wrinkled its nose at the change but kept swimming and swam out into the sea.   It was huge, vast and didn’t sound the same as the river.   It moved further out through the tides and into the depths of the sea.   All different sorts of creatures were here and nothing was familiar.   The Catfish, watched as the further he moved out into the sea the bigger the creatures got.   A whale pod moved musically past him, singing of the freedom of the sea and the beauty of the depths, and he shuddered, he was so used to being the biggest in the river, the fattest in the river that he was truly horrified to see something as large and unfamiliar.

He moved back towards the shore and came across a large shark.   The shark peered at the catfish with his long whiskers and commented.  “Well, now that’s something I don’t see every day”.   The Catfish commented back.  “I could say the same of you”  The shark grinned and showed all its teeth and the catfish shuddered again and scooted past the grinning shark and back to the shore.  It was starting to think that moving from the river was not such a good idea at all.  It scooted along the shallows of the sea and listened to the small gossiping shoals of fish in the tide line.   They talked of the horrors of the sea, and the dread of predators and the catfish listened and decided that it would take the very first river exit that it saw.

The next tributary of a river beckoned with its clear fresh smell and the catfish hurriedly swam up the river further and further into the deep depths and sighed a sigh of relief.   It made its home in a deep well of the river and contentedly munched its way through the days but the underlying restlessness continued and it swam up to the surface and looked at the jungle through wet eyes.  It looked exactly the same as the river it had lived in for all of its life.  It looked around him and even though he knew he was in a different place, it looked the same as it was before.     He sighed and settled on the mud at the bottom and thought.    Changing rivers had really brought him no change at all.   The catfish sulked in the mud.


We create lives that we think we need, security, comfortable living, structures, patterns and conformity.   Yet we create for ourselves in that familiarity, ROUTINE and within that routine and conformity, not contentment but rather boredom.    We seek actively to have peaceful lives and contentment but yet, within that we create in ourselves a restlessness and a lack of understanding of what we truly need for our hearts contentment.    The saying always goes and is so very true.   Complacency builds discontent.  Because when we have everything we think we need, at a soul level we are reminded that we are not really growing, not really experiencing.  What we thought was safe, secure and comfortable, becomes the very shackle that ages us, makes us discontent and unhappy.     When we agreed to come to this planet, this realm, it was all about our own learning, our own understanding of ourselves.    So choose wisely what you create out of what you THINK you need.    Are you truly happy?  Or have you in creating something you thought would make you happy, created a restless feeling of discontent, merely out of settling for far less than what you need for you, out of fear, comments from others, or an ideology that no longer suits or serves you.

Dare to change and make the changes that scare you just to find out more about you…  After all, I don’t know about you.  But I certainly didn’t just come to eat my lunch.  Life is to be experienced!  Experience it all, change what you think you need to what you LOVE and the world just became a much more exciting, rewarding and inspiring place to be.


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