Spirit Whispers: O.M.G… they stole my Chocolate..

Well I have decided that when “upstairs” says its time to change your diet, they simply give fair warning and the body responds to the change in frequency.  However, at some higher level within the changes of frequency, your higher self is simply aware that things cannot remain the way that they were, especially if you are like me and so very bad when it comes to food.

Over the last couple of months, I have been talking to a lot of my clients about noticing the changes in their daily requirements for food.  Feeling like a food you want to have and when you go to eat it suddenly feeling like you never really want to have it again. Just like that out of the blue, but really is it?

For me the cellular changes that have been happening for months now are reinforcing simply what is no longer good for your body.  Our habits on the other hand are telling us exactly what they think we should have and here’s the curly bit.  Brain says OMG I so feel like having chocolate and body responds with “eject, eject”.   Hmmm there’s a massive communication breakdown if I ever saw one.   Cellular structures are lightening, thinning and becoming more luminous.   Due to this amazing change, the body is now starting to really tell us what is good for us and what is NOT.

My taste buds are obviously a bit slow on the uptake because I still think things taste nice but the after effects of “eject eject” are really starting to tell me something.      It’s not just me that is being affected like this either, as we transition forward into the lighter frequencies our bodies are responding in many different ways to the changes.    Diet is one of these changes and many clients that I am seeing are having exactly the same responses from their bodies.

Many a client has sat on the couch wailing “But I love chocolate, it doesn’t love me any more”.   A very sorry state of affairs truly.   After waving good-bye coffee a year ago and 6 months ago tea, closely followed by alcohol  (really where are ALL the fun bits going). Chocolate has been the next on the list of things that are rejected by my stomach.     I’m clinging to cheese but paying for it as I sneeze my way allergically through trying to maintain eating it.  (Honestly I’m stubborn and a slow learner!).    Dairy has a tendency to clog peoples sinus’s and also throats causing that “ahem ahem” clearing.  Give it up for a week and you will see what I mean.

Wheat I could deal with, it made me feel bloated and sick, poor bowel decided enough of that rubbish and called a halt to the eating of wheat.   Cannot say I am sorry to see it go, I feel better in myself and not so sluggish and weighed down.

BUT Chocolate???  How truly cruel can you possibly be.    Still if you are like me and constantly peering at the ingredients on the back of the package, then of course it had to go.    Over loaded with the sugars I so cannot stomach and a multitude of other things that I really liked but seems they don’t like me.   Chocolate has been sin binned…  Buggar!

The upside of these changes of course have long term positives, but again its the perpetual fight between body and brain isn’t it?  Brain encouragingly saying “Go on, go on, one piece won’t hurt” and body, particularly stomach with its hand ready on the “eject” button for straight after you inhale that decadent one piece.     Brain you CAD, how could you!

So please as we move forward over the coming months, don’t hold to your OLD habits of what you THINK is good for you.  Start truly paying attention to how you feel, particularly how foods make you feel.   All cells respond differently to different things, and as a multitude of cells are in the human body, never underestimate what your body is trying to tell you.   Stop listening to your brain and your habits and truly look at how well you feel.   Times are changing and we need value the skin we are in.   Start listening, after all its the only vehicle you have.




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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: O.M.G… they stole my Chocolate..

  1. lorraine williams

    YOU are so good,i have cut tea and coffee down to one with reprieve at weekends rocky road when i think i need it lol

  2. This is so me too, the higher my vibration and the more light in the body the less I can tolerate a lot of dense foods and the ones that are known to cause sensitivities. The children coming in also can not tolerate these foods either .