Spirit Whispers: Habits, Cycles, Learning…

Looking at your own habits and cycles in self is challenging at times.  However, as Spirit reminds me every day, the wheels of change are only truly pushed by yourself.     It really does come down to us to look at what repeats in our lives and how much we need to change us to stop the Universe bringing us more learning about ourselves.

Governed by our own learning in this lifetime, based on learning from our childhood, parents and also the impacts of our past lives even.  We are evolutionary products of emotional states.  The constant learning of this realm bring us ever closer to understanding our own selves in a way that we can perceive as empowering or dis-empowering.

While we have a tendency to feel impacted by the actions of others in our lives, the truth of the matter is what we OWN in our own selves is never a perception of others but a reality that we create for ourselves.  Be it positive or negative.

We dislike intensely taking ownership of our own feelings really and in this regard we create more emotional drama than we truly need.   Getting frustrated on behalf of someone else is the best scenario to bring that drama into your own life.  Understanding that everyone has a choice to be who they need to be for their own experiences is such a challenge for those people who (like me) would really like to fix and heal the world.   It simply is a pattern of mine and one at times that makes me look at the reasons why I do the work I do.

I am simply in my own way learning about my own boundaries and what I can choose to do here.  All of us are actually doing that as well.   Our perceptions of what we need to do or perceive we need to do can be very different from each others, based on our learning and our own upbringing.     When I talk to the Guides about it, they simply come back to “allowing” each respectfully, to have their own experiences with love and understanding.

Each interaction with people you love, or don’t love, brings an understanding about yourself in a multitude of ways, with a choice always of how we view it.  Bearing in mind it will always be from your own perspective.      It is hard not to have expectations of others when it is all that you have learned in your life.

The Guides simply ask this as well.   Have a look at how many times in your life, a situation be it reoccurring has happened.  Maybe in subtly different ways, but there is usually a pattern or a thread that continues through that is relevant.

“I always seem to miss out on that job”.      “They always get what they want it seems so unfair”.  “I never get the approval from my boss, colleagues etc and others get it”

Start to look at the patterns, for these are Universal indicators of insecurities manifesting in a physical format, trying to bring us the understanding that we need to truly find ourselves within ourselves.    We just at times look at these as being negatives rather than the illumination of patterns and habits that are reoccurring and grump and moan.

Once you start to see what is the underlying pattern or thread, you can start to acknowledge in yourself the changes you need to make for yourself.   It can take time to really understand the essence behind all the understanding of patterns but once you start to look you can always see the underlying thread.

Tai often said to me….

“The Essence of Self, is woven in an endless Tapestry of a Century of Learning.   A Tapestry woven with 1000 hurts and the brilliance of a 1000 loves.   When you start to see that the hurts are complimentary of the growth of self, you can see that the Tapestry is indeed worth a great deal, for never more beautiful shines the Essence of Self beneath all of the other threads.  Ever shining like a golden thread throughout the many colours, this is what truly creates the being you are.   A perfect growth and understanding of self.   At times you will need to look closely at the threads to see the shine, other times the shine will be so clear you will trust the self immensely.   Born of the frailties of the Human condition, the Tapestry weaves on until the Essence of Self, brilliant in its golds shines its worth.   Truly a spectacle to behold.  This is what you search for and this is what you become”

I truly do not believe until we leave this world will we ever really understand our own learning and the values of it.   We work towards truth of self, and love of self.  But never more do we need others to help us to illuminate us, then we do right at this moment.   Not with blame, or denial or judgement of them, but in admiration of the choices they make to be all they can be in a challenging, self empowering world and allowing them their journey too.   Dare to work on yourself, for you are the one who will weave your own Tapestry with the beauty of who you are.  Weave away until the beauty of you is fully defined.

Tai, thank you always for bringing your wisdom and until we meet again.  Bless you always for your love, your light and your guidance.     I will miss you my friend, you have a piece of my heart.




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  1. tina

    Thanks jac, just what I needed to hear today.
    Bless xxx