Spirit Whispers: Would you like some Salad Dressing with that?

You  know it’s funny, over the last couple of weeks with moving house and a change in Guidance I kinda got in my own way.  In fact, I got in my own way a LOT!   Allowed myself to slip into habits and routines and just get caught up into earth plane stuff.     Circular thoughts and patterns and misunderstandings and just plain obstacles which I was creating in plain old spectacular procrastination  and woffling… o.O

Funnily enough when my new Guide came in and replaced Tai, it illustrated a lot of my own behaviours.  How much I depend on the Guides and defer a lot to what they have to say.   People say to me this can be a bad thing, however, if you had an opportunity to eat salad complimented with a delicious salad dressing, what would you do?   Say “Nope, I’m good” and chomp your way through a whole lettuce  un-enthusiastically, or would you take the opportunity to flavour your life with some higher guidance in the form of delicious salad dressing?     I don’t know about you, but I’m so far in my own way, that Guidance at this stage from such beautiful beings as the Guides, would be stupid to turn down.

When Tai left, I felt so distracted.  Bearing in mind that the Guides are also aspects of our higher self that we do not acknowledge in the physical, so much so that when I say to you “Do you trust yourself to change your life” or “Your Dad, in Spirit, says you can change your life right now”.  Who would you listen to?  Yourself or your beloved Dad?      The Guides and Angels and loved ones can guide us so much!

We simply at times are not brave enough to listen to ourselves, simply because we have plopped ourselves in our own pathway.   Of course the Guides can help, our loved ones can help in Spirit.  We are struggling to understand WHO we are, we think we are a bland salad, and that we cannot see our own dressing.  So why NOT have the Guides to help us, and loved ones as Guides?  Even more dressing so to speak in such a loving format we simply don’t give ourselves.

Meet Nerlila, beautiful and stunning Angelic presence, who has come in to present “more dressing to a dreary salad”.    Ownership of whom we are  is what we struggle with.  Deceived at times by that fickle brain that says, you need to be this… to be something, we outsmart ourselves at the quickest turn.  I don’t know about you but I’m a Pro at it, out smarting myself and getting in my own way.   Nerlila has been pointing this out gently over the last couple of weeks.

The one thing about the Angelic Realms is this beautiful, underlying frequency of healing love.   For all of us here, always when I am dealing with them, I think of them as the “creme da la creme” of the salad dressings for the love the Angelic’s bring to us is so pure and healing, and it is a love we should give ourselves, but we are so deep in lettuce we are still chewing on ourselves incessantly.

Nerlila, in the wee small hours last night, as I was wondering whether I would over sleep the alarm to get back on the plane to New Zealand, asked me this and I wanted to share it with you because simply lettuce is nothing without a good salad dressing, and the best salad dressing is the Guidance from loved ones, Angels and those passed before, because they have those experiences, that go beyond the human experience, into Divine Love that we at times deny ourselves in such a loving way.

Nerlila, beautiful one, thank you for your thoughts…

“Why do you not look at yourself as a painting, one that has been shaped and formed in the passages of understanding.  Created with wisdom deemed by experiences of the heart and soul.

Why do you expect yourself to be perfect, when you have no idea what perfection is and that you are already that.  Never are you more beautiful than you are at this time, stopped in a second, a flick of a brush that brings a perception of change, an awareness of yourself as a being that is creating your own world, a painting of gorgeous light in a true making of itself.

Why do you perceive again and again the value of your worth as being nothing, dull and discontent.  Hard on yourself of your judgement of nothing else but your own mind and perception.  Lighten up, and understand that there is no more beauty in you then you can give yourself and you give yourself nothing at times in a way that dis-empowers you completely.

You are the creation of pure thought, based on the beauty of the love of you.  Created not in a thought, but a love that shines through your heart if only you allow it not to be separated from your mind.  You are simply what you think, what you own and what you refuse to love.

You do not need to believe in yourself, change yourself or beat yourself up about what you perceive you should be doing, but come down to the simplicity of what you are.  Beautiful, simply beautiful.   A master portrait being completed over the passages of time by none other than yourself.   Would you shape this for someone else? differently?   If the answer is yes, then again you have not acknowledged yourself as the being that you are, the beauty of you.   Gently, gently, move aside the dis-empowering thoughts, and truly see how deserving you are of the love of yourself.   For truly never more than now do you need that love”

I love this new Guide, her ability to shine a light in a pathway where we look not for the beauty but the obstacles that we can throw right under our own feet.  Not acknowledging our beauty nor the simple state of being, we don’t value who we are.   We need to think about this, our worth and our beauty of self in a loving nurturing way.  We simply do.     All I ask is you think about HOW much you are getting in your own way.  Start listening not to the voices that pick in your head but the beat of your heart, the thrill of being alive and the beauty of you…..

More salad dressing?  hmmm I think so…



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