Spirit Whispers: Frequency of Compassion

We see and get a lot of messages on compassion.   It can at times be blasted at us, be compassionate, be understanding and loving.   However, we nearly always can be loving and compassionate to others in their needs but are we really loving and compassionate to ourselves and do we even know how to do that?

At 3am this morning (a time I personally love to be awake o.O or not) I was talking to Nerlila in a field of flowers about compassion and understanding, patience for others.   She laughed gently and the flowers heads nodded in agreement and she talked about compassion not of others but the flow of frequency of compassion when it comes from oneself.

She showed me the beauty of the frequency of compassion, in pink hues tinged with silvers and golds, compassion glows with loving warmth and alignment of heart energy.    She then showed me how when we direct compassion from our hearts to any other living person, it harmonises completely with the beautiful lightest turquoise frequency of forgiveness.   Amplified emotions within the feeling of compassion heightens senses and brings empathy and understanding in their own brilliant hues of pale greens and whitish lilacs.

For me the higher and purer the frequency, the lighter the colours are.   Frustrating is finding also a colour description here on the earth plane that remotely resembles the colours streaming through the air and around people at times.  Always it makes me throw my paint brushes in disgust at the feeling of not capturing the essence of the feel and hue of the colour I can see but there is no match here no matter how much I mix colours.   Nerlila laughs as she follows my thoughts on the colours, bringing my attention back to the frequency of compassion.  I smile at her.

“In order to understand how necessary compassion is” she smiles and her colours blast brilliance into the meadow and the flowers hum with the magic of her energy in delight “you must first apply compassion to yourself”.   I look startled. “To me?”.    She leans in and her eyes gleam “When are you compassionate to yourself?  In your thoughts? your own judgement? your actions?”.   I feel even more startled.  “Ummmm, I don’t know..”   I try to avoid discussing it as much as possible.  “I’m sure the Guides have discussed this before” I add hopefully.   Nerlila lets out a peal of laughter at my evasiveness and the flowers nod their heads in agreement of my avoidance.

She leans in again “To fully understand the power of compassion, one must apply it to oneself, in so many ways, so gently so as to heal at times the discord that you bring to yourself.  If you are capable of feeling compassion to another, why should you not be compassionate to yourself?    How many of your thoughts directed at yourself are negative?”      I glance around the meadow, flowers for Africa, everywhere and nowhere to hide from this beautiful Angel.  “Some” I mumble looking at a gorgeous blue bell right under my nose, inspecting it minutely.    Nerlila chuckles and the flowers nod sagely in understanding.   Really who did invite these small nodding gurus in my field??

Nerlila chuckles again, I look at her sideways.  “Oh all right then!  Maybe alot!”   A laugh bursts from her like sunlight through a cloudy day and I simply have to smile in delight at her reaction.   The blue bell tilts its head at her adoringly and the nodding gurus hum with delight.

“Compassion does not have to be found, compassion is always there.  However, you wait for events that you deem worthy before you show compassion to others, and hardly to yourself.    Be compassionate to yourself in all ways.   No one person will ever be as hard on you as you will be in yourself.   Value the worth of you compassionate, judge not the perceived “mistakes” you make as you travel through your life, but rather celebrate compassionately all the learning that you bring to yourself, gently as you would another, in empathy for yourself as you would another and then simply you start to see compassion in all things and live the compassionate life you wish to have”

Hmmm “How does being compassionate to me, change how I am to others? I think I’m better with them than me”.  She looks to the sky for a moment and laughs gently and wisely.  My poor Guides, I think I drive them nuts at times.  “Being compassionate to oneself allows you to see the beauty of you, to treat yourself gently and lovingly.  In this compassion of self, and frequency that is light and loving, you can see all that you are and then that is simply reflected in others.   Their choices they make for themselves, you allow lovingly and compassionately.    Their “mistakes” their learning, you allow compassionately and with empathy, understanding that they need too to be compassionate with themselves.   Ever learning on this journey about you, it enhances tolerance, patience and understanding more the value of the journey for each.   The frequency of compassion shines with divine love”.

I think about it, in this meadow of beautiful flowers with this wise Angel Guide.   We are dreadfully hard on ourselves.  We at times so willingly are compassionate to people, when they are down, when they are in sorrow or loss.  But are we compassionate with our own beautiful hearts?  Not really, we sit ourselves in the place of judgement of our own thoughts and actions and condemn ourselves in the jury of our minds for our actions and words.  Worse at times we blame others for what we “perceive” they did to us, but no one person makes us own our emotional “junk”, we do that and we do it magnificently.

I heard a beautiful saying while away in Australia at the Convention and I think it is one that we should own really, so compliments of the amazing Nick Ortner I saw at conference.   This one is for you.

“Even though I feel that I am so hard on myself with my thoughts and I feel like people do not understand me, I love and appreciate myself”

We are hard on ourselves in our own expectations of ourselves, acknowledging it verbally but applying empathy and compassion to letting that thought go, by acknowledging you love and appreciate yourself.  Makes it easier to allow the frequency of compassion to come in and change your thought patterns into a more allowing one.  Repeat the phrase until you feel the tension start to shift off you in a light and loving way.

Never forget we are all in this together and we have to start with ourselves first before we can help others to understand themselves too.    I love and appreciate myself, therefore I become what I think.  Give it a try, allow the frustration out with the I feel that I am hard on myself, and blow it away like dust.  I feel like people do not understand me, blown out with a huff, BUT I love and appreciate myself, and smile, because you so need to love and appreciate you!  The world needs you, its what you came here for, so stop the excuses and start to see you as the beautiful being you truly are.



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