Spirit Whispers: The Changes to come, Buckle up it’s about to get interesting…

Whee I have moved house and with it startlingly, or rather not, has come some very large changes in frequency.  “Upstairs” has been extremely busy over the last couple of months sending us the frequency of change.  Many people have manifested this into the physical by changing jobs, changing house, changing styles and outlooks.   What a wonderful way to bring in the new energy for ourselves or so I thought.

To change things in our lives takes courage at times as we hold ourselves to our own securities and the things that make us feel safe.   Even though we can outgrow things we hold to them because we understand them and we perceive they make us feel safe.  However, sometimes the reality of what we create makes us inflexible to the changes which serve us brilliantly in growth.

Moving has been challenging for me on multiple levels.   I have moved from suburbia to rural onto 5 acres of land on the top of a hill.   The feeling of it is one of freedom which enables me to stretch my energy outwards without touching other people in immediate proximity.    This has been like taking a huge stretch after a very cramped car ride.  Interestingly though it caused me to lose my balance in myself and my bearings of my energy and turn into an emotional blubbering git.   YAY for the change of emotional clearing… Yeah RIGHT!.

I love (really who am I kidding) when I manage to throw myself out of balance.   When I talked to the Guides about it and my feeling of not belonging which came with the move made me realise that it is not a need to belong in a place but rather to find belonging in myself.   The frequency of change at the moment is heralding a need for us to understand WHO we are so that we adapt also to the changes within, DNA structures, patterns, behaviours and old habits.   Moving house, changing jobs, relationships or decluttering is not just about the physical, but mental and emotional and boy has this year been giving us loads of opportunity to address what we need to change in ourselves.

So I give you the mental picture of me out in the paddock on my hands and knees with my fingers in the soil, bare feet and blubbering as I try to work out what I need to change in myself to address the need for change that I have presented also to my family.  An attractive picture note, doubly enhanced by my gorgeous number two son sneaking up on me and asking if I was going to eat the grass or was I merely trying to be a sheep.

Honestly, it was absolutely the best way to find out whether I had still retained my sense of humour after all of the challenges and the changes of moving.  Thank  Goodness I still have.   It did in fact take me four days to find within myself the feeling of the belonging within the new frequency of change and embracing it and not fighting with myself about it made things easier.   The point I am trying to make is this, we need to understand that we need the changes from within.   We can implement them from without but you will not change that feeling of restlessness as at a soul level your higher self, in conjunction with all your loved ones in Spirit, is bringing to further empower you on your way forward.

What DO you need to do for yourself for the changes within? and without?   (Take it from me, behaving like a sheep is really not an option for a lot of people).  However, within that when do we actually take the time to allow ourselves to look at how we respond to the changes that are happening?     We ask for change all the time from the Universe and then become horrified when it doesn’t come in a format we expected.   Why were we expecting it that way anyway?  Predictability is our OWN influence not really what the Universe has planned for us anyway.. there simply is no growth in predictability at all.

Oh and on a heads up note, a little bird told me that changes also to come are affecting the planetary alignments for October at a “let’s do a little more work on the emotional issues you would rather avoid” level.  Well just plain old Woot Woot about that one.. I know personally I’m excited as all heck (insert happy face here).   But think of it this way… HOW COOL, that the Universe KNOWS that we have changed so much over the last year that we able to address this at this stage, that we have changed so much in ourselves we have a better understanding of it.   That my friends is awesome.

So don’t go hiding from yourself again (nor hide in my paddocks, although you are most welcome to.  I’ll be the one eating the grass and not making eye contact).    Embrace the changes in self, that free those emotional barriers that are holding us back from our beautiful selves and know that with each challenge, each change and each moment we let go of what no longer serves us, the closer in our evolution we come to understanding more and more about us.

I tell you, its a good thing.     Universe bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


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  1. Oh my! If you only knew how impeccable your timing was for this beautiful post. It spoke directly to me. I would love to come hide in your paddock as a grazing sheep – sure would be easier no doubt! 🙂 I am fighting this so hard, yet I don’t understand why. Yes, the universe knows what is best for us so I need to get out of my way and just let it happen! Thank you Jacqueline, for your beautiful words and greater sense of understanding. L&L