Spirit Whispers: Walking your own walk…

Hmmz it’s a funny thing isn’t it.  The more I work with Spirit the more in awe I am about what they know about us, what they care about us and how much they try to teach us to live our lives wonderfully, successfully and happily.

Still I suppose when you have left the earth plane for whatever reason and know what you know beyond the human journey.  How much would you want to help the people who you love so much left behind?   I never cease to be amazed at how much they want to connect and guide, a truly beautiful thing.

I am always in awe at their love of their people and hope that each person I see is touched with the beauty of connecting with such loving guidance from their loved ones.    Each person is so unique and even though we may have the same issues, be it loss, grief, relationship, life changes.   Each of us deals with it differently and in our own way.  There is no wrong in this I have found with Spirit just advice given in ways to help people to understand what they need to change for themselves, so that things are easier for them or clearer about their passing or what their loved ones needs to enhance or embrace in their lives.

The guidance given is NOT always through a Medium/Reader.   There really is nothing special about these people, they have just learned to listen simply to the “extra” messages.   Everyone has this capability and in so many ways each person understands that their loved ones are always with them and surrounding them in love, and guidance.     At times all that is really required is just to shhhhh that naughty brain and allow yourself to be more in tune with your own intuition and above all TRUST you.   That’s one of the hardest things to get over, trusting yourself with the information you receive.  However, in this wonderful energy, there is simply more information to be given, so start paying attention and I think you will be delighted with the results, there is alot you already are receiving in information.  It is just acknowledging and trusting you and OWNING what you intuitively receive.

I have been working with a new Guide, her name is Merrin, a tiny old Chinese lady, she challenges me constantly to “own” my own thinking.   Now that may sound particularly odd, but there is a massive difference in talking to people about owning their beautiful lives and not doing it yourself.    Merrin delights in calling me on everything that comes out of my mouth, and in truth, how much DO we give advice to others but not implement that same advice ourselves?     Over the last 6 months Spirit have been doing what I call an “Echo back” on me.    When I talk to people and what I say applies also to myself it simple ECHOES.    Disconcerting to say the least but very, very illuminating in having accountability for what you need to do for yourself.

Each person that comes across your path has their own purpose, however, if they have crossed your path they are bringing something to you.  In reality this is a GIFT, they bring learning, for you, for them, for growth.   We need to start looking at how much we interact with people, all people and what understanding they are actually bringing us.   We are not here to change, challenge, or fix everyone.   We are here to undertake that for ourselves, in conjunction with the rest of the planet.    Slow it down a moment and think about all the times you interact with people.  How many times do you give well-meaning advice that you should really take for yourself?    We don’t particularly pay that much attention to our own advice unfortunately, it is wonderful to help others, but HELLO? was there an echo back for yourself in there too?

Merrin is wonderful, black eyes and a creased lined face, weathered by years, learning and wisdom.   At the moment she has a tendency to yell in a very strong Chinese accent “You listening!!!”   Right in the middle of a reading as what is coming to pass for the client also applies to me in my own life.   Mortified the first time she did that I wavered between going bright red, continuing the reading or strangling her.   Luckily for me, my client cannot HEAR my Guide yelling at me so continuing was absolutely the best option.

However, the point was made.  For months listening to the “echo back” and ignoring it as much as possible.  They have sent me a Guide who is bossy as and blunt in her direction of learning.     I was driving to work the other day, worrying about something and Merrin sent me an image of a perfectly clean floor, gleaming in its perfect shine and she is down on her hands and knees cleaning it again with dirty water.

“What on earth are you doing?  That floor is clean”.   She looks at me long-suffering, “Yes, floor clean, thoughts clean, YOU making thoughts dirty so I thought I make floor dirty again”.      Honestly I think I startled the heck out of the man beside me at the traffic lights, by roaring with laughter.      How many times do we get sorted in our own brain about something and its clear and then we start to meddle and worry and dirty the decision that we had made.   A perfect illustration from Merrin, and AGAIN calling me on my own behaviour.

Over the course of the week she has shown me at some very awkward times, that I am not owning what I KNOW.    Talking to a friend on the phone I shared a concern I had in my life.  Merrin wanders in carrying over her shoulders a pole with plucked ducks hanging from them ready for cooking.   Again “What ARE you doing?”   “Oh you bringing dead thoughts in again, same as ducks”.    Honestly I spend most of my time giggling inappropriately as this Guide bluntly shows me my own patterns and habits.   It’s been an illuminating week.     She nods sagely at me this morning “you slow learner, but you learning”.

Perhaps you would all like Merrin for a couple of weeks?   *snorts laughter, it would certainly be illuminating!   The point is this though.   If you want to lead the life that you want, DON’T just talk about it, change it, implement it and STOP advising others to change their lives, or embrace what they need for them if you are not prepared to do it yourself.    This creates you “walking your walk” in a manner which inspires others to change.   Words flow, not given enough value, vaguely listened to but hardly implemented.

Listen to yourself, what comes out of your own mouth and HOW it applies to you, when you give it to someone else.   THEN and only then do you start to see how much your life is showing you, through intuitive, through situations, people AND through your own words and actions, what you need to truly be you!




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6 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Walking your own walk…

  1. You are a wonderful writer and tell Merrin she can visit me anytime. 😉 Thoughtful and meaningful advice and I will start listening for my echo! Thank you Jacqueline

  2. Olwynne

    Fab as always and so appropriate for what is going on in my world right now.

  3. beryl

    Yes I agree I give a lot of advice butt don’t do it myself I need a Merriam lol or a strong guide to hit me over the head lol good advice hot me thinking,

  4. Stephanie

    Simply gorgeous! And apt. Thank you … next time I find myself worrying I will picture your Merrin and throw that dirty water out. Warm regards.

  5. Polly

    My echo is ” trust “

  6. tina

    yip, :-/ the echo. Just loving it, but sooo….. true, we can give so much loving thoughts of help and compassion to others and when it swings back your own way you struggle to handle it. Its a coat you just need to keep trying on until it feels comfortable to wear everyday. Thank u gorgeous light, xxx