Spirit Whispers: All revved up but stuck on idle…

This energy… it’s fluctuating so much and taking a toll on people with it as well.  It has been such a transitional year of change for many and yet there is still changes to come from within.  Look out October, it’s about to pull the rest of the “avoidance bits” to the surface as the Universe brings out the planetary alignments to address some more of the stuff we love to hide from ourselves.   Making plans in this energy is exhausting or so I think.  It’s bit like having the best intentions but finding a gear to put yourself into feels elusive.  So revved up but on idle and the noises that come out people’s mouths in this energy are simply but..but..but..but..but…   Speed it up and you have the perfect idle noise for your revved up motor…   BUT it’s not helping any of us.

Merrin’s answer “Stop thinking.  You thinking so much you make brain hurt.   What you accomplish?  Nothing, what you doing? Nothing.   How is that helping brain.  You need to learn to relax more”.

Honestly by the time I get that delightful litany thrown at me most days I end up in peals of laughter.  She normally flaps her hands at me at the same time and shakes her head.   Glaring at me “You better take seriously, this is your life” she mumbles.    At the same time as I am snorting I do understand where she is coming from.     The problem mainly with us with this energy is we have an expectation of what we want to be sorted out.   However, we are so busy tripping ourselves in what we think we need to THINK to move forward that we are not peddling anywhere.   Ask ourselves what we want, and we can be so busy wailing “I don’t know” that the inertia of it all keeps us just idling over while time goes no where.   It’s not a good place to be.

The Universe in its wisdom simply goes.  Oh goodie, more learning required as we hold to our suffering safety nets because we simply cannot “see” which direction would be good for us.   What a wonderful lesson in learning NOT to over think things and how beautifully it is being illustrated to us, that nothing happens in this energy UNTIL you find a gear, any gear whatsoever to move you forward.     Ask any person why they stay in a job that they don’t like, they will come up with all the “reasons” why they need to.  Be it money, be it a fear of failure, a fear of the unknown and the but.. but.. but.. but’s start to form and hold them to the “known” pattern that they perceive, at least I KNOW it, it must be easier than the unknown and so we sit in the suffering of discontent by our own refusal to just TRUST that things may be different.

Same with relationships, changes, anything that brings us outside of our comfort zones, EVEN when they are uncomfortable.    Merrin also challenges me when I perceive I have an answer from Spirit for someone else whom may be struggling on making the decisions in their lives to move forward, “You hear that?” she yells, “You listening too?”    So I get the benefit of understanding as well, that change is good for us at a very, very LOUD level.

The amount of times that lately during the course of a reading my client has been told to get on with it, is unbelievable.   The other night when I was talking to Elom, a beautiful Guiding Angel.  He leaned in closely in the beautiful gentle manner that he has and said “I advise you to gently get out of your own way”.   Merrin yells from a distance “You listening?  You hear?”.    Smothering laughter at her perpetual reminders from the left field I ask Elom why.

Wings shift gently as he moves, gossamer soft shuffling on chiming threads of light, this beautiful Angelic being I love to pieces, leans in close and reminds me that the Human Life, and journey is extremely short. “You will have regrets” he states very gently.   I look startled.  One of the things that Spirit often say to their loved ones during a reading is they regret not doing something, saying something, being warmer, more loving, more appreciative, communicative.   A myriad of regrets.   To hear Elom TELL me I would have regrets was such an eye opener for me.  I like everyone else have a huge amount of plans for my life, however, I the same as others get caught up in life, the doing, the perceived have to’s and time relentless marches forward.   I don’t want to have regrets.

“Each day a gift, each day celebrated with gratitude, and implemented to the highest good of yourself is a great way to start”  Elom reminds me.   “Looking at each moment presented as being fulfilling, wonderful and a moment which to embrace the journey of self, is better than thinking tomorrow I will do this, tomorrow I will get around to changing this, doing that.  For many tomorrow simply has never come and they have their regrets”   I swing around and glare at Merrin.  Daring her to yell “You listening?  You hear?”

She looks at me innocently, raises eyebrows “What?”   I hear the chimes of Angelic Laughter as Elom beams at her lovingly and this tiny Chinese lady with the weather skin, cackles laughter with this enormous Angel and I have to wonder if it is completely in perfect understanding of each other, for Merrin is NOT what she seems and they know so much more than we do.  Understanding simply beyond us getting so caught up in the trivial things in our lives that consume us at times, there is MORE, way more to the human journey that we, in our current form can ever understand.

“I don’t want to have regrets!”  I tell Elom earnestly.   He smiles kindly at me.  “Then understand that at this moment, at this time, in this energy.  YOU need to manifest what you need for you, to trust in you, that you have a way forward, that believing you can be all you can be is ENOUGH.  That the way doesn’t need to be clear, but needs simply to be walked.  Stop holding onto your old habits and patterns out of fear of not knowing or being able to “see” which direction to go in but start by stepping in a direction away from your fears.  Knowing full way there is no failure, but to sit in a place of boredom, is like sitting stationary and expecting the world to stop turning just to accommodate you.   Start owning what you want in your life.  Start celebrating BEING, start there for that, is as good a place as any”.

Hmmz, I AM listening Merrin, I am.   If you don’t like where you are right at this moment, or the Universal energies are pulling on your soul to get on with something. DO it, the time will never be more right, never be more in tune with you.  If you think you are idling, not in gear, well the Universe is waiting too.  Waiting for you to get how much you need to accomplish for you in the journey of your life.  No one can do that for you, only you can.  Start embracing who you are, the value of you and start simply to put you in gear.  No regrets, own your own destiny and START by changing one aspect that no longer serves you.   Be it clothes, be it food, be it a habit in your day.     It’s life people, get out of idle and let the revs take you on your journey.  There is no better time than right now.

You listening??  You Hear???




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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: All revved up but stuck on idle…

  1. Stephanie

    I hear! BIg smiles, S.

  2. Linda Brady

    Nice one Jac!
    Always appropriately timed kick up the rear! Lol
    THANKYOU. Much love xxx

  3. tina

    Very well timed jac, Like my new wee nippy car, I need to stop “THINKING” I’m park on a upward hill and just take the handbrake off and push the accelerator down and yell WHEEEEEEEEEE……… out the window…. YES!
    🙂 TOOT, TOOT…. hear I come!!
    Thanks for the push start LOL!!! (giggles)