Spirit Whispers: Enhancing Emotions Meditation

The one thing that I love about the Angelic’s is some of the meditations that they give are so truly beautiful, and inspirational, that I just love to share them as well.    Nerlila took me through this beautiful meditation and I so want to share.

Welcome to Nerlila’s Garden, a place she always takes me to, to soothe your heart and enhance the beautiful emotions that we so need yet hardly give to ourselves.

Before any meditation, please ensure you have your own space.  No interruptions, people, phone etc.  Please be comfortably seated when doing a meditation, and do not lie down, as the tendency to fall asleep is there and you will wake up feeling disconcerted and out of sorts, because you have made a conscious effort to shift your energy to another space.

So just get comfortable, take a deep breath in and let it go.  Take another and let it go and let your whole body relax, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs and feet.    In your mind’s eye, envisage yourself in a large meadow, look down at your feet and see that they are bare and allow the feeling of the grasses to brush against your bare feet.  Feel the sensation of this and the warmth of the grass in the warm sun of the brilliant day of the meadow.

Walk forward into the middle of the meadow and see in front of you appearing out thin air a beautiful bright blue door.  As you reach the door, you reach forward to the handle with a sense of anticipation and open the door.   As you walk through the doorway, you enter a room that is filled to the brim with containers full of different flowers, like an enormous flower shop.  The smell of the flowers is heavenly, combining in a way which is not over powering but energising and revitalising.

As you walk forward you notice a sign that says, pick as many as you like for the pleasure of you.    The different colours of the flowers draw you as you see colours that are your own preference.   Go towards the first container of flowers and choose a bloom.   As you lift the flower from the container, notice that the container label says “Compassion of Self”, choose as many flowers from this container and hold them to your heart.  Notice that the flowers once lifted to your heart seem to absorb into your skin and merge into your being filling you with a wonderful lightening feeling of compassion, directed not towards others but a beautiful compassion to self.   Allow the flowers to seep into your being and fill your heart with a lovely lifting sensation.

Look around now and choose another flower of a different colour, whatever you are drawn to.   Notice as you select a truly stunning looking flower that the label on this container reads “Appreciation of Self”, select as many of these beautiful smelling blooms as possible and hold them also to your heart.   Allow these flowers too to seep into your being at a heart level and fill you with a deep appreciation of self.   Allow this feeling to fill your heart, lightening and inspiring you with appreciation of all you are.

Look around now and choose another container of a flower that draws you and notice as you move towards the flowers that they all seem to hum with a brilliant pull of loving intention.   Step towards another container of flowers and stop when you decide which one you are drawn to.   Allow yourself to gather up as many flowers as you would like and hold them to your heart.   Noticing that the label on this particular container reads “Harmony of Self”.   Allow these flowers to seep into your heart and fill you with a loving intention of harmony, lighting and adjusting any disharmony in your heart and bringing you peace of mind your heart.

Look around the room again and go to the next container of flowers that draws your attention.   Pick up as many of the blooms as you feel like and inhale their scent, let it linger on your senses as you hold the flowers to your heart.   As these beautiful flowers merge into your heart energy and disappear, notice that the label on the container reads “Wonder of Self” and allow your heart to be filled with the wonder of being, being alive, being in the journey, and being who you are.   Accept this wonder into your heart and allow the feeling of being blessed to open into your heart, lightening and clearing energy that has been too heavy in expectations of self.

Look to the back of the room and move to the far wall and look at a container in the back of the most unusual flowers you have ever seen, pick as many of these amazing flowers as your arms can hold and bring them to your heart.  Allow these unusual flowers to merge into your heart and energy and allow the flowing energy to soothe and warm your being.   Notice the label on this particular container reads, “Forgiveness of self”.   Allow the energy of these amazing flowers to release any old hurts you have held towards yourself and let go of all you have held against yourself for a long time.  Feel the release of this and tension to seep from your being as forgiveness simply heals old wounds of self.   Acknowledge deeply the release and take a breath in and let it go.

Look around the room again and go to the largest container of flowers you can see and go to them.  Notice they are all in brilliant colours and have the most beautiful colours and scent of all of the flowers in the room.  Gather armfuls of the flowers and bring them to your heart, allowing them to merge into your energy and disappear into your being.   Notice that the label on this container is simply “LOVE” and allow the energy of these beautiful flowers to seep into your being and bring an inner love and peace of self to you.   Close your eyes for a moment and just feel the movement of love in your being.  Love of being who you are and an overwhelming acceptance of the love you have for yourself.   Feel yourself almost floating in the embrace of the love and feel a complete oneness with all the flowers in the room and a connection with all of the planet.   Hold this feeling in your heart and open your eyes.

Look again around the room and know you have blessed your heart and yourself with this enhancing emotion meditation and know that at any time you can return and add to the positive emotions of your heart for you, in the flower room.   Move lightly towards the door, feeling lighter and happier with yourself than you have for a long time , open the door and step back into the meadow, close the door behind you retaining all of the emotions in your heart to take forward with you.   Move  across the meadow feeling the grass against your bare feet and slowly become aware that your feet are on the ground, in your house and you are back in your body.   Retained within a lovely contentment of self and a new awareness of your ability to love yourself.

Take a moment to truly allow the feeling of peace to permeate your body and mind and just for a moment allow yourself to think about how the flowers made you feel and how long it had been since your heart felt so light.   Take the time in the future to revisit the Room of Flowers and each time notice that what flowers you are drawn to will be just what you need for yourself at that time.

Nerlila, thank you!   What a beautiful meditation and what a lovely time to share what people need for themselves in this changing energy.



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  1. Linda Brady

    Perfectly wonderful! Thanks you both xxxx