Spirit Whispers: Don’t forget me, I’m not gone…

People often ask me if their loved one has left them for good or no longer around them any more, simply because initially they could feel or sense their loved one around them all the time.   However, as time has passed they feel that they can no longer link in with them to the same degree as when they had first left the earth plane.

At times when celebrations, memories, and special events come around they notice that their person slips into their mind, or they notice more that they are around and they wonder why they are not around them all of the time.   The simple truth is they are.    It is not Spirit moving away from us, but rather us moving away from Spirit.   Life does that, with the challenges we have here, our day-to-day interactions, and just plain time passing.

This is not a horrible thing, but merely what happens in the evolution of ourselves and in our understanding of ourselves.

Simply it works like this to a degree.  When we first lose our loved one, they are in our minds all the time, we feel like some one has taken a photo and cut them out of it and our lives, and we are left to deal with the hole that is in our lives from them.   We don’t fill in the hole, we learn over a period of time and it is different for each and every person, to adjust to the hole that is in our lives.   We do not love them any less, we love them just as passionately as what we did when they were here and we miss them dreadfully, however, we adjust over a period of time to the hole.

Initially our thoughts link into them all the time.  Are they ok? Do they miss us? Are they happy in Heaven?  Are they lonely? Are they well? Healed?  Still around us?   Those thoughts swing around and around us all the time, bringing our loved one back to the earth plane to make sure we are ok.   We reach out tendrils of love and need to them, tangible and heart wrenching, needing that reassurance they are around and searching endlessly for tangible “signs” that they are around.   On the basis of this connection, they come in dreams, smells, visions, and many other ways to confirm they are still here, still loving us and they are ok.

Time passes and we become imersed back into our lives, the daily routines and we feel that Spirit distances themselves from us, leaves us.  However, the tangible need and love isnt fading, but is being interfered with by the “noise” of daily life and the frequency of demands of this life here as well.   We simply change our focus at times away from them as we continue here in what we simply have to do.

For Spirit at times I think it can be harder for them.  To watch us struggle in our minds, reach out feelers only at pivotal times when we are stuck, and anniversaries, celebrations, remembrances.   They watch us get “blurred” by lifes demands and things we have to sort out.  They reach out endlessly with their love, no time passes on the other side and they love us completely in the pure love without the complications of the earth plane.

From what I have seen of the other side and the daily interactions with Spirit, their awareness of what we do in our daily lives and what they KNOW we are up to means that even after years and years, they are still completely aware what we are up to and what we are doing.  I love that, I love so much that they never leave, that even a Grandparent or family member that has passed before someone is born, can still be so much a part of their lives in know what they are up to and what they have been thinking about.

My sons’ have never met my Dad on the earth plane, he died tragically before they even were a twinkle.  But each time one of them says to me “I was playing with Poppa today, or Poppa told me this at school and helped me to make more sense of what the teacher was saying”.  That for me is so heart warming.  I love I send out to Spirit “Dad!  Come and see me when you are not busy sometime” and hear him laugh the way he used to when he was trying not to be cheeky.     For me and my kids, we are grateful that we can interact with him the way we can but please, please understand, so can you, in so many, many ways.

Simply try this, focus on your loved one, in your minds eye build a picture of them, and send from your heart a huge amount of love, a massive blast from your heart to them.  If need be close your eyes and embrace sending them a huge hug of love, just directly to them.    Then ask them simply to give you a sign, a physical feeling or manifestation that they are still around you and allow your loved one to give you a sign in a way they feel fit.  Be it a song on the radio, a memory that floats out of no where into your head, a smell, or a street sign that pops out at you because it was part of their name.   Allow them to send a sign over the next 24 hours and you may well be completely surprised at the simple clear message that they send you.

They as simply all the time, don’t forget me, I am not gone.  It’s not a please remember me all the time, they don’t expect you to think of them, have structures that include them constantly.   They just want you to know that it’s not THEM who forget us, but rather the busyness of our lives and the things we have to do that lead us to believe that THEY are no longer around us, when in reality, they only left the body, they are ever, completely only a thought away.   We simply don’t search for them in the same way we did, time eases that, soothes that sharp pain, which it’s supposed to do, but they never left.    They just want you to remember that.   It’s truly a beautiful thing.    Celebrate that in your heart and KNOW, simply know they love you still.



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  1. Polly

    That is a great comfort, thank you for a wonderful Blog.
    Enjoy this lovely day. Polly x

  2. tina

    Looooove this blog LOL….!! 🙂
    love and light xxx