Spirit Whispers: Mercury, you old Illuminator you…

Goodness time flies and this month has been crammed full of all sorts of ups and downs really.   This year has been, as Spirit reminded me, a time of reflection, letting go, decluttering and addressing emotional issues that we love to ignore as much as we can.   Now we can grizzle as much as we like about the Moon, causing dramas, affecting us emotional, energy wise, or this planet or that planet doing this in our energy fields.    Mention Mercury and then a retrograde and all hell breaks loose.

However, if the overall intention of this Universal Year of Balance is to help us rebalance our out of balance lives, then surely the Mercury Retrogrades are one of the most brilliant Illuminators of all and in a lot of ways we need to celebrate anything that helps us to see all aspects of us, all sides of us, and help us to pay attention to our foibles, insecurities and our dark icky bits.   Which in reality are not our icky bits but integral bits of ourselves that we need to understand in order to completely be at harmony in ourselves as well.

For every step we take forward in addressing our emotional responses to people, to situations, we get a greater insight into ourselves and a deeper understanding, hopefully, of decluttering some of the issues that are holding us back.   Old patterns, habits and emotional blocks are certainly illuminated at this time and all of the planetary alignments have been doubly working to address any residual issues as we head towards the end of this year.

Last night I was working with Merrin and she was busy showing me how to mould clay, constant kneading, folding, rekneading.  I was intrigued, “What are we doing?”   She smiled and her eyes twinkled massively, “Always there is a time when you need to reshape, reform, and stretch yourself beyond what you think you are.   Like this clay, life is a constant change, within the evolution of self you need to constantly be stretching and pushing the boundaries of yourself”.       I think this applies to everyone as well, and I believe that we are lucky enough that the planetary alignments also contribute to empowering ourselves, in a greater understanding of whom we are.

So enough of the cringing about planetary alignments and back to the lovely illumination of the things we need to address in this Universal Year of Balance because simply within this year, you can change career, jobs, relationships, but all of these are directly influenced by how you are in your emotional state.    That has been what this year has been about, the value of learning and addressing things that challenge us at an emotional level.

Now we can all wail, but sometimes the emotional stuff just plain sucks.   That is simply because we are not good at embracing that side of ourselves.  How many times when we feel emotional do we smother the emotion, get cross at ourselves for feeling that way, hide our tears and try to show the world regardless we are “fine” when part of us feeling like we are breaking to pieces.    How we view our emotional sides in ourselves is what truly causes us issues as well.

I have an uber practical, logical brain.  It can screech at me to simply “pull yourself together” and smother constantly how I am feeling with logic.   This method may be rational but it’s certainly not healthy for the human body.    There was always to be balance in the body as well and the heart is the truth of us, to smother our emotional state brings in more and more problems with the heart.   Is it any wonder that heart “dis-ease” is so prevalent in our society?    We are slowly killing ourselves with smothering our emotions and our emotional side.    You are simply allowed to feel.     In a Universal Year of Balance, the Universe tries simply to illuminate the need for us to find the balance between practical and emotional.    It doesn’t SUCK, it is crucial in the understanding of ourselves and who we are truly meant to be.    After all the journey is about you and feeling is a part of your journey.     I don’t believe people can feel too much, empathy is the key to us understanding others as well as ourselves.

I know that it can feel like a roller coaster ride and certainly for a quite a few people this year it has felt like that, but haven’t you simply learned more about yourself over the last year than you have for a long time.   Mercury is also bringing in the energy of illumination at this point, getting us to understand what doesn’t serve us or no longer suits us.     Normally we are so stubborn and hold to our patterns and old habits, that we have to wait until we are just about screaming in frustration before we change something and then, and only THEN, do we go, Oh!  That was actually easier than I thought it would be…. *pause for the hello! moment*.

Yet we do this over and over, complicating our lives and making us feel under pressure when in reality it is US who are holding ourselves back from believing and allowing ourselves to be all we can be.     Start to look at the patterns we create, and start thinking about how not to cringe about things like Mercury Retrogrades, or moon influences and start seeing in yourself what is really being affected.   The need for recognition, acknowledgement in yourself that you are the one that is changing and you are the one that has a choice.  Either celebrate each change, no matter how much you fear change, or struggle through the changes as they come.   Coming out the other side with more wisdom and knowledge, but also seeing that always within it, there was positives, it was just not what you expected at the time.

So thank the planets, thank the retrogrades, that bring us brighter, more brilliant illumination to help us get to the emotional hearts of ourselves.  It will make us a healthier people in the long run, when we stop avoiding all aspects of our emotional selves.   Please love the skin you are in, and start loving completely and accepting you are emotional being, celebrate that too.  It simply is who you are ♥


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