Spirit Whispers: The Rock and The Grass… A Parable

You know this energy has been very up and down, and within that I have seen a lot of my clients struggling with difficulties within relationships and dealing with the emotional sides of themselves.   It’s a very good thing Merrin tells me, to look inside ourselves, to look beyond what is happening and see how we are not “reacting” to every situation, but taking in each situation and understanding it is teaching us more and more about ourselves.  That we have such a choice in how things affect us, and how we react to those.

We need outside influences to understand us, but we also need at times to still our minds and simply listen to what the Universe is telling us as well, for ourselves, for how we deal with others and sometimes when we think we should have an answer, there is only reconciliation in ourselves that we did all we could and we are okay with that too. We have to stop expecting so much from ourselves at times as well, and in our constant chatter in our minds, we need to be quiet and find our own peace.

The Rock and The Grass:

Once high in the mountains there was a small meadow, it was bare and barren, apart from a large rock in the middle of it, burnt around the edges.  There had been a lightning strike a year previously which had burned the meadow and surrounding area completely bare.    The rock stood stoically in middle of the field.   The winter had passed, coating the meadow in a blanket of soothing white snow, cooling the heat of the scorched earth and tending its hurts with the soothing blanket.

Now the spring was coming and with the snow melting away, the earth was starting to sing again, slowly but surely the grass was starting to grow.   As soon as the grass poked its nose out of the ground at the edge of the meadow it started talking.  It not only talked, it grizzled, and moaned constantly.   It simply never stopped talking, nor complaining.

“The wind is blowing on me” it cried, “the sun is too hot, I feel too hot” the grass grizzled and moaned as it crept its way across the meadow.  It moaned at everyone it came across, the other plants, trees, it complained they were taking up too much room, they were encroaching on its space.  This wasn’t fair, that wasn’t fair, no one understood, how hard it was for it.   The other plants tried their hardest at first to listen to the grass and be empathetic, however, in the end they decided to ignore the grass and it’s constant complaining, but it was tiring and soon they shot up as high as they could to keep away from the relentless criticising and complaining of the grass.

One day the grass reached the rock, it crept slowly and closely up to the rock and soon the noise of the grass was all around the rock.  “Rock! what are you doing there?  What an inconvenient place to place yourself.  Can’t you see that I am having such a hard time surviving, and now I have to try to decide what I am going to do because you are right in my way”   The grass grizzled and moaned and complained and the rock stayed silent.   The grass crept around the rock and came in as close as possible, linking its root systems around the rock it tried as hard as it could to move the rock from its position.

“Honestly Rock!  Do you have to be there, I am trying so hard but every time I try to move you, you won’t co-operate and you just sit there, really as far as I can see doing absolutely nothing while I am trying so hard to be all I can to be me and no-one listens, and it rains on me, I get so drenched and then the Sun.  Don’t mention the sun, it’s too hot, I can’t stand it.  Everyone else here in the meadow, gets it so much easier than I do and NOW you won’t co-operate and you so won’t move!”.

The grass sighed and for a moment a single tiny moment it stopped talking.   In the moment of blissful peace the rock spoke.   “Do you hear that?” it rumbled quietly.     The grass completely startled that the rock had spoken, listened intently for a moment as well.  “No, I don’t hear a thing” it said.   “Listen again” said the rock slowly and quietly.

The grass again startled to hear the rock say anything, listened more intently and then as was its nature, grizzled at the rock, “I can’t hear a thing!  It’s typical! Something to hear and no one includes me!”   The rock gently asked the grass again to listen for a moment longer.   The grass again stilled and listened intently for longer this time.  The wind blew quietly and the meadow for a time, stood in perfect, peaceful quietness.

“No, I don’t hear anything”  grizzled the grass.  “Exactly” said the rock quietly.  “Isn’t it wonderful”.

Moral of the Story:

Sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in needing people to understand us, and talking to people about our problems and what is troubling us.  This is a very good thing, to share with others our journey and what is happening around us.  However, within this we can develop habits of expecting others to understand completely, when we have not taken the time to understand ourselves.   In expectations of others, their behaviours and their understanding, we can grizzle and moan in an attempt to get people to understand us more and the habit deepens and becomes a way of life, making us feel isolated in a lack of understanding from others and isolated within ourselves.   Always we seek at times peace in our lives, yet peace comes from within.  Sometimes it is just as simple as stopping talking and listen simply to the quietness, the simple sound of living, not the cars, not the bustle but the simple stillness that we can create, that is so peaceful.  Just for ourselves.  Finding that moment of peace means you can find it again and again and ALWAYS it will be within yourself.


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  1. Jon Rinckes

    So true Jackie,good parable!