Spirit Whispers: The Fine Art of Jumping Dimensions.. Fractal Displacement

For a long period of time, I have been aware of being in three or more places at exactly the same time.  In this present reality, with part of me watching another, either life play out, or being able to watch from a distance this life here.  For quite a period of time I particularly thought I was going nuts, because the feeling associated with being in other places was extremely peculiar.    Over a period of time I have been able to shift my focus, and while being aware that multiple situations, changes are happening over there, there and there, keep most of my attention in this reality.  I am really nosy around other people but would only half look for myself.   I hadn’t really thought about it much, until a couple of years ago I started to look at the patterns and habits I have in this lifetime, childhood and started to see the links between lives had before and the one that I am currently living.

I asked Spirit recently what to call it and they replied Fractal Displacement.     Personally I thought it sounded like a disease but on asking more and lately really noticing that friends and clients are in multiple spaces at the same time, I started to ask people about it what I could see they were experiencing as well.   To my surprise, most of the people I talked to about understood exactly what I meant.   They were aware they were operating in a few spaces at the same time but unaware HOW they were doing it.

I wanted to explain about the term as well.   Fractal is a geometric term, meaning that patterns can be repeatedly formed in smaller formations, rather like the reverse of ripples from a pebble going outwards but defining themselves in the same patterns on smaller and smaller scales.  Snowflakes form in fractal patterns within themselves, little miniatures of themselves repeating and repeating.   For me this makes perfect sense, as each experience we have can be based on past lives, childhood learnings, and the purpose of us being here, our learning.

Displacement is a Freudian term, associated with the unconscious mind being able to shift itself away from situations and learning, creating a new aim, a new goal.  He called it a defence mechanism of the unconscious mind to move our thinking away from what we considered dangerous or unhealthy.   However I am not so sure I agree to the extremes on that one.   For me is it the ability in each person to be able to “connect” the dots of how in this reality, our current one, events of the past and the future are impacting in patterns that are important for us to learn, modify and adjust.     It isn’t new, it just seems that our ability to be able to sit over multiple dimensions of learning is becoming more and more obvious.

In the weekend I met a lady who was also aware she was doing this but was getting incredibly frustrated with her lack of concentration, within herself.   She felt at times like half of her was here, but the other half was gallivanting off, goodness knows where, doing goodness knows what.   She also was very aware that in herself there was multiple stages of her childhood being played out right at this present time.   It was both fascinating and wonderful to talk to someone else about fractal displacement.

For me it simple works like this, I can be walking towards the car and feel a distinct shift in focus, at the same time I am walking towards the car, I am also walking across a meadow, one feeling is of wearing shoes on a sealed road and the other is of having bare feet and walking through a grassy meadow.  I can hear both realities at the same time and I am aware of being in both.   As I said I USED to think I was nuts.  If I reach out mentally further I become aware of another part of me, further dimension away sitting in a group of light beings, listening to either a seminar or being part of a conversation.  (Honestly, do you really want in my head, Laughs)

If we are all frequency condensed into matter, and we can “tune” into different frequencies like a radio station, then you understand you can literally “jump” across these frequency dimensions and enable yourself to see, experience and learn from these “jumps”.      We have a tendency also to think in linear terms of time, and that time has passed, on a frequency level there is no time.   There just is.  It is also how to be able to “see” people’s past lives, which are impacting them now.   They have the frequency, the connection of these past lives, on this at this present time completely and it is able to be seen and explained.

Take for instance, if in this current life you have a phobia, a fear of something and get extremely annoyed at yourself for what you think is an unreasonable fear.   Not liking being in a small room, a huge crowd of people.  The “echo” of this normally is from a past life, being imprisoned in a dungeon, being killed in a war, a mob.  There can be many “non-concidences”, then it reflects through your childhood.  You were punished being put in a small room and you hated it, or your mother always dragged you out to perform before people, or you can’t stand going to concerts, not because of the music but the mass of people and you hated that.   Now these are really generalisations for each person is so unique in their own experiences.  However, if you start to look for the patterns you start to see that patterns are distinctly there and within that realisation, quite a few people are beginning to understand how “past, present” is impacting right now and they are sitting across multiple dimensions in their learning.

We have the ability I believe to be able to understand WHY this is happening and as we progress forward we are also able to understand WHY patterns and scenarios are repeating in order for us to realign within ourselves.  Simply it is now time for us to, in this lifetime, address some of the issues that have held us back in many lifetimes before and are STILL holding us back in this one.    Looking at the patterns, and understanding we are creating them, gives us an amazing insight into what we are here to learn or uncover about ourselves and truly it’s worth it for us to look.   It certainly gives more understanding to those who simply feel they are not in this space all of the time… simply, you aren’t.

For me, each person has a “Tapestry of Lives” running off you in frequency, all of your accumulated experiences flowing like a beautiful weaving, living tapestry, combined with that is the patterns recommencing from this current life, childhood, impacts, losses, and you have within you the ability to be working within these dimensions all the time.  Mostly you are just not aware of it.   But by understanding, your ability to be able to “discern” the lives, the habits, the patterns, you bring yourself to a greater understanding of you.

So there you go, you aren’t nuts after all! 😀     Please do let me know if you have experienced any of the feelings I mentioned above.



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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Fine Art of Jumping Dimensions.. Fractal Displacement

  1. Sounds exactly like what I experience. Been aware of this for quite a while.

  2. David Almeida

    Don’t worry. I promise you. You are absolutely not gong nuts. 🙂 What you are describing is the true nature of reality. I’m not sure I am experiencing this phenomenon the same way you are (I have a few times just like that) but I do understand what you said. What you explained makes complete sense to me. I suppose it could be disturbing for people to realize that we are truly mufti-dimensional beings – existing on many planes of reality in different time periods all at once.

    • Thank you David! Yes for me the knowledge that we are multidimensional is more comforting than anything LOL! However within that I do have to try and keep track of where I am at any one time 😀 Thank you for your comment ❤