Spirit Whispers: Multiple Healing through Connection

At Church last night Spirit had asked me to explain the multiple level healing that happens when we connect with people whom have let us down, or been difficult to deal with in our lives.    Sometimes I wonder if people really understand what actually happens when we reconnect with our loved ones or our not so loved ones.

Because we are energy condensed into matter and once we pass to Spirit, we do not have the “matter” to contend with, we can be energetically more understanding, more fluid, and work as brilliant energy.    For me, once we have passed to Spirit, we get to do a “Life Review”, see what choices we had, how we learned, what we could have done differently.   All of this is done without judgement, recrimination, just the gentle wisdom of understanding what we needed to complete and how much we had the opportunities here on the earth plane to either heal ourselves, others, or complete what we came to do.

When connecting people still here on their journey with these challenging family members, friends, loved ones.  It is both a bitter-sweet connection, and one that pulls completely at my heart.   In front of me is the person who has been very hurt, and had some hard learning from the one in Spirit.  On the other side is the one who was responsible (to a degree as we agree these situations and learning with each other), for how my client feels in themselves.    Yet we need these challenging soul aspects to work out what we DON’T want to be, how we don’t want to treat others, and grow for ourselves.

Most of the time my client does NOT want to talk to this person, yet if they understood with even just allowing the one in spirit close to them, there would be a healing of a level that they wouldn’t quite understand, for both sides.   It is extremely hard to forgive a parent, or a sibling in a part they have played in the journey of our lives, however, if we understand that we are really playing roles here and that within the role we play there is many facets, many different levels of understanding, then we see that we are all meant to learn from each other.

Be it the victim, the bully, the peacemaker, the lover, the friend.  These roles are played out over the course of our lives and within ourselves.   At times also we need to heal ourselves of perceived and real hurts inflicted by both ourselves and others.    However, if you were given an opportunity to connect with another in Spirit, understand that they have not come back to torment you, or hurt you again, merely to acknowledge their “role” also in both your learning and understanding and theirs.

It looks a little like this to me.  I see them coming and immediately acknowledge that this person is not 100% welcome around my client, simply because my clients auric colours are responding ALREADY to the proximity of this Spirit person.    I always take a breath at this stage because it can only one of two ways.  Either the client closes down in their colours and refuses to talk to them, or waits for me to patiently explain WHY that person has made their presence felt.   If the client is willing to listen, then the understanding is given of WHY their parent, sibling, loved one, did what they did, why their life was like it was.  This is not excuses, this is understanding overdue to be received, by BOTH parties.

Never is this a justification of a series of events or a happening, merely understanding given in a healing manner.   Subtly the colours around my client start to shift, and heaviness and weight begins to be lifted off their shoulders, their heart and their hurts.  It is extremely subtle and healing.   On the other side, the Spirit person’s colours are also shifting and changing as awareness is given on their part as well.  All of this is happening simply when the client is JUST listening to what their Spirit person is saying.   For me it always is so beautiful to watch, yet bitter-sweet in some ways as the client usually has no idea the level of healing that is taking place.

Sometimes they do and as they leave the session, they say I feel lighter than I have for years.  Other times even when refusing to talk to their person in spirit, they have been gently wraps in more loving energy by the Spirit Realms to help them on their pathway as well.    If we do not learn to forgive people and ourselves in situations, then on our journey here, we actually will come across more living people who will bring that learning back again until we realise the importance of being ourselves.

Love has the ability to heal so many wounds, so many challenges, and within love is the understanding.  Of ourselves, the roles we play, the experiences we have here and the PEOPLE we NEED simply to bring us this understanding.   So the next time you have a partner, boss, loved one, friend that you feel challenges you.  Don’t please put the blame on them, rather understand that they are showing you either how not to be, what you need to change, how you treat you.  Remembering that the Universe reflects back to us, through people, what we need to learn about ourselves in order for us to grow on the journey.   Take a moment to step back in the situations and see what you need for you, in order for you to understand you as well.

Allow forgiveness into your life, into your heart and understand it’s just a role.  Not a personal assault, although it can very much feel like that, it is condensed learning for ourselves and one that at times, hard as it is, we need very much to allow ourselves to heal from.  Be it here on the earth plane, or reconnecting with Spirit, we need simply to heal us, for us, to enable us to move forward into a more peaceful understanding of ourselves.


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  1. David Almeida

    I am in the situation you are describing. I am not totally aware of the nature of our past life relationship. I do feel this spirit’s loving presence around me. I want her to know that I do very love her with all of my heart and soul. If I hurt her in a past life I am so sorry for it. I do not feel that I am the same person in life. However, I do carry that part of me. Those are my experiences. I choose not to be that person in this life. I would never want to repeat such a life with that person (or anyone else) again. I wish I could have had a positive relationship with this person. I do not understand why it could not have been that way. I would like this person or spirit know that I see nothing but goodness in her. For all of the pain and suffering I may have caused her – I wish I could take it back and put it on myself. I would gladly do that. In fact I do feel her pain . . . very much so. I want this person to see the goodness in herself and let go her pain. I only want her know how truly wonderful she is and how much I thank her for being in the world and in my life at this time . . . in whatever form she may be in. This how I really feel about her . . . and not how I may have treated her in any other life. I believe it is where we are now that counts . . . even if we exist in different places. We are still spiritually connected in this moment .. . the love I am expressing to her now . . . . is what I want her to experience and feel . . . as if it had always been that way. I want this genuine love to replace all of the pain and suffering that she now feelings. I want her to be renewed in spirit . . . . and experience nothing but feelings of joy and happiness. She’s deserves all of this and more. Please accept this.