Spirit Whispers: The listening ears of Dementia and Alzheimers..

I watched a beautiful video the other day about a woman who works with elderly who have Dementia and Alzheimers, and how she persisted with touching them, holding their hands until after a period of time, the “real” person started to show themselves, with gently persistence.   It was moving and inspiring, because she managed for a moment in time to reach the person inside the sufferer.

Spirit calls both of these diseases “The Stealing Diseases”.   When I have a client who has a family member with these conditions, they gently touch my head in a tapping motion and I hear the words “stealing disease”.   It is either Alzheimers or Dementia and I know the person has passed with that condition.   However, when we talk about people going into a coma, or being unconscious and not going to regain consciousness.   We are told that hearing is always the last to go.    This makes me laugh a bit, because the hearing NEVER goes.

It reminded me of a lovely client that I had a while ago.    As soon as she sat down,  I was told she had a message for her from her mother.   She looked slightly confused, and I felt the normal tapping on my head and the whispered words “stealing disease”.   I said Mum had either Dementia or Alzheimers.     She looked at me strangely, “well yes, but Mum’s still here”.    I laughed and then had to explain.

We are a soul in a body, and when the body is not functioning, or performing, and even dying, the soul still has multiple ways of communicating.     Hearing NEVER goes.  I have talked to so many loved ones on the other side who have thanked their loved ones here for what they said when they were unconscious, thanked them for holding their hand as they passed.  Whispering it’s ok, you can leave now, we love you.   Hearing is never an issue.   What also happens is when the physical is not in a space where communication is possible, even LESS of us is in the physical body.  The physical body will go through the motions, eat, sleep, drink but the cognitive part of the person is usually not there to the same degree.      To make it more simpler, MORE of her Mum was already on the other side, than was occupying her body in the physical and she very, very much wanted to talk to her daughter as she used to.

Didn’t mean that her Mum was going to pass, but rather was taking an opportunity to connect with her daughter in a way that was no longer available to her in this realm as her Mum had severe Dementia and did not even recognise her daughter in this realm, or so she thought.    The Mum talked to her about something that had happened a couple of weeks earlier around a bruise that was on her arm, that her daughter had been concerned about and how she got it.    My client was both startled and delighted when her Mum was talking to her about her current life and also happenings in the Home, which she was completely aware of, but not able to respond to her daughter about in a way that her daughter remembered from her Mother.

It was both an amazing reading  but a bittersweet one, for to be reconnected to your Mum, one who recognises and loves you AND can respond in a way you recognise for a period of time, all the while knowing that here in this realm she has severe Dementia.   However, the amazing thing about it is that my client was delighted.    She said she had been struggling with visiting her Mother, struggling with the lack of recognition every time she goes, and the helplessness of seeing her beloved Mum in that matter.   What she had decided to do after an hour of talking to her in a way she used to, was to keep sharing her day regardless, to keep touching her Mum regardless and having no expectation of her Mother to respond, but to simply allow loving her and sharing with her KNOWING her mother was hearing and experiencing her daughters visits beyond this physical life.  She found an amazing amount of peace within that and she felt it was really important too that other people realised it.

I also get a lot of questions from people who have missed a person’s passing or they may have as mentioned, never regained consciousness, about whether they heard their words, felt their love, and understood what they were trying to convey, beyond our need for us to “hear” a response or get a response.   The answer is always the same.   They felt, they heard and they STILL are listening.   I think that is singularly one of the most beautiful things to hold to your heart.     The knowing that someone you love is okay, that they are still there, still listening and very much still loving you.

We want at times so much for people who have been “stolen” away from us to respond, to see us, to warm our hearts with their recognition, however, some times it is equally important to realise that beyond whatever experiences they may choose to have in this lifetime, that they choose also to love us, completely and utterly and no matter what has happened, or is happening to them, they are so aware of the connection to you and the love that is shared.   It’s a beautiful thing this flow of love, and remember to never forget that they “hear” everything, be it while they are passing, or are in the physical body and not responding.  Still they listen and they love.

Did also remind me though of the lovely man in Spirit who told me about his children bickering over his estate while in the hospital room.  That did truly cause some mortification and laughter when connecting with family.  He wasn’t judging but merely pointing out a factor which had concerned a daughter so that she would doubly know that he was listening.  She distinctly found the funny side and said SHE knew he would be listening.

Never under-estimate how truly talented we are in our abilities and always recognise that dis-ease, death, conditions never part us completely, we always have the ability to listen, to learn and to love regardless of any situation.   We need to acknowledge and see that we are never alone, and the love that surrounds us.




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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The listening ears of Dementia and Alzheimers..

  1. Stephanie

    A beautiful explanation. Thank you Jacqueline.

  2. beryl

    This? came a day after I wrote a poem with help from spiritand I called it you are never alone spirit are really with us always