Spirit Whispers: To wish Upon the Stars – a Parable

I spend a lot of time looking at the night sky, for me the stars have always made me feel more at home here.  Like a glimmer of light shining like in the darkness I think always we have this capability inside of us, to recognise ourselves like stars in the night sky, seemly alone, yet so illuminated from within, we forget how truly beautiful we are.

I wanted to share this parable from one of Guides, full of wisdom, kindness and light.  He brings the parable of the wishing upon stars for all our consideration.

To Wish Upon a Star:

Once there was a small boy, he loved to look at the night sky and when he was really little, his mother told him that if he wished upon the stars then his dreams would come true.   So dutifully every night he would look to the night sky and wish upon the stars, regardless if it was cloudy or not, he would look to the heavens and close his eyes and wish that all the things he dreamed about would come true.   The stars shone down with twinkling eyes and the boy always knew his wishes were heard.

As he grew, there were changes in his life, he lost his Mum to illness when he was 10 years old and it snow balled him to a life where he was pulled from place to place with his father, as his father searched endlessly for a way to escape the pain of lost, the boy always wondering what was next and learning to harden his heart to disappointment, the loss of his beloved mother and the perceived pain of change.   Yet still he remembered her words and he looked to the stars every night and wished for his dreams to come true.

The boy was now a young man, bitter and angry he had left his father and embarked on a life pushing boundaries, legalities and friendships.  He hurt many people with his disillusionment and at times his frustration and resentment felt overwhelming at what he felt he had no control over in his life.   Yet still every night, he would look to the stars, regardless of whether it was cloudy or fine and wish for his dreams to come true.   This was the one connection that he still had with his mother, their whispered shared thoughts of dreams, a faded echo in his mind, but the feeling of it so wonderful, so sharing and yet so bittersweet, for he viewed the world as a shallow place, people lacking in feeling, courage and hope.    Yet he did not see that what we choose to see or be reflected in our world, is what we ourselves have become.

As was bound to happen the boy, overstepped boundaries and found himself contained, in a cell for a period of time.  The bars contained him, saddened him and bitterness pulled at his soul.   He found that he was in a place where he could not see the night sky and even though he had memories of the sky in his head, a million of them, he gave up simply, and for the first time in his lifetime that he could remember, he closed his eyes and refused to wish upon the stars for his dreams to come true.       His sleep was disjointed, and shadows danced through his dreams and confusion, reigned and he tossed and turned in the cell bed.  He frowned in his sleep as deep in his dreams, a familiar voice called him.         Pulled backwards in memories, he once again in his dreams, was beside his mother, and she was whispering to him in the darkness with a sea of skies above his head.

“Look always to the stars, knowing that they always, always shine a light for you.   That every single star has earned their place in the Universe, their ability to shine brilliant because of the darkness they were born into.   They know simply they need to shine and within any darkness, know too that you have the ability to shine.  However, as I said they earned, they knew what they had to do.  That in the darkest moment, they would need to find their own light, earn their own brilliance.   This is what you need to remember, that you are already a star, what you have been given here, and what the stars remind you, is YOU create your own brilliance, you can own the light of you.   No one person can give that away.   So place your wishes on the stars, but YOU make your dreams come true”.

The words echoed through the man’s mind, burned with the brilliance of the stars and remained as clear as a shining beacon in the night sky leading him home.    He opened his eyes to the noise of the morning routine in barred world, and he suddenly understood what his mother had meant all that time ago.   He simply forgot he was already a shining star, he didn’t realise that in the darkness he had created, thinking every one else should either help him, or acknowledge him, that he needed first to acknowledge himself.    No one person had taken his dreams away from him, in fact, he still had them, but in the early morning light he saw that he had let himself be consumed by circumstances that he felt were beyond his control, yet within that he still had choices, and still right at this moment had choices to look at how he felt about life simply.

All through the day the man was inner reflective, thinking over his past, his mother, and the extremely vivid dream that he had.  The routines and the structures of the prison were loud, abrasive and frustrating and he truly thought it was an illumination of how he viewed his life.  Stuck, trapped and unhappy.    By the end of the day as lockdown approached, he had not spoken a single word to anyone and moved quietly back to his cell and curled up on the bed.   He closed his eyes and a starry sky was right there in his mind’s eye like a million times before, a huge surge of love flowed through his being and he smiled.   He had so missed that familiarity, and even for the one night he had not wished on the stars, he had missed that feeling so much.  He hugged the feeling of belonging to his heart that the stars always gave him and wished for his dreams to come true.

A different man woke up the next day, everything about him had changed.  He worked hard to find his place, he studied while behind bars and he learned so much about people.     He graduated with top marks in his exams and he made friendships, healed wounds in others and so started the journey of healing himself.     He dreamed to the stars every night and smiled to himself in his sleep.

Years passed and he accomplished so much, created a sanctuary for people to come and talk and his dreams manifested one by one.

On this day, of all days, his heart soared, for he found after waiting for so long, and such a long road, he finally got to hold his daughter, newly born in his arms.   He smiled delightedly in wonder at her and beamed a huge smile at his partner.   She smiled tiredly back at him equally delighted.   He looked to the ceiling and closed his eyes, in his mind’s eye, the stars shone down with extra brilliance and he celebrated.   “Mum? Thanks” he whispered in his mind.   “For showing me how to make my dreams come true”.


We have so much choice, thrown into at times the whirlwind of life, we forget simply how amazing we are.  How brilliant we shine in the loving light that we can be.   Never allow darkness to steal your light away, never think that people do that to you either.  For within all the poking and prodding and hardship, we shine, and we choose what we can embrace in this life.   When things are not right look for the illumination, OWN hope and Love and understand each situation is teaching you more about how strong you are, what you can truly be and how amazing it is to OWN your dreams as well.  Not just wish them to happen.  Create your dreams in the now, for it why you truly came.



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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: To wish Upon the Stars – a Parable

  1. Dear Jacqueline,

    I came across your blog through synchronicity some months ago. I felt conflicted as to whether to comment on this article; as it is not something I would ordinarily do. Your name flashed in my mind and I felt compelled to push through my doubt to share something I wrote.

    My true friends know that I am sincere when I speak to them. I am referring a number of intelligent people who can see past the BS of con artists. They know that when I make hurtful remarks . . . it is only because I am hurting. I do this because I am human and lash out at my own painful experiences. They know that I do not hate them and that I would never abandon them in their despair . . . even at my own peril. I think about them all of the time . . . wishing that I could provide them with comfort and ease their pain.

    I am leaving a link to an article I wrote today which describes how I reckoned with my own pain and suffering at the hands of my tormenters. I am not asking that anyone accept what I have to say in it. I am only offering the words in this article as a possible tool for healing past hurts. All I have ever wanted for my loved ones is to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

    There are many people in my life who are suffering. I have always said that I would gladly take their place if it were possible. Both my mother and father said to this to me on separate occasions. It was at those times that I realized they love me. I understand that self-sacrifice is an act of love not folly.

    I am offering the information in this article as one way to deal with emotional struggles. I apologize in advance if this gesture is offensive or unwelcome. I only want to help. Please know that I am not asking any of my friends reading this comment to do anything at this time. They should not be reading any pressure from me. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope someone finds it helpful in healing their emotional wounds.

    Be well

    ~ David

    Link to the article:

  2. I’m glad you like it. I hope you will continue to write informative articles for this blog. You are an excellent writer. Your work is meaningful and has a positive effect in the lives of others. We are blessed to have you in the world. Thank you.

    Love and light,

    David ❤