Spirit Whispers: Enter the Darkness to find the Light..

A while ago I went to listen to the Dalai Lama talk about the “Four Noble Truths”, it wasn’t so much what was said at that particular event as in the energy of the frequency from the actual man and the understanding of what is behind all of the teaching.   The four noble truths are about the relationship between causes and their effects.          The human journey is a complex one, understanding ourselves even more complex but one thing that I have noticed in the time that I have worked with both myself and other people is that we seem to fear our own darkness or what we perceive as darkness within.

This could be our perception of how we interact with others, how we respond, what we think of ourselves, how hard we are on ourselves in expectations etc, emotions, triggers and traps of self,  and then how hard we simply are on others within this as well, reflecting like mirrors in all directions.   It’s a massive learning cycle that repeats over and over again until we start to find the reasons why we do the things we do and HOW to change those patterns and habits. But quite often it’s what we think of our own darkness.    We don’t like being vulnerable, I have had this said to me so often from a friend of mine but within vulnerability is the truth of ourselves and that is beyond any perceived darkness we think we may have within, but to the almost “naked truth” of ourselves, the inner part, the amazingly beautiful part that is beyond any darkness of learning we think we have.

The Four Noble Truths talk about this too.

The first truth is the truth of suffering, indicating that our existence is fraught with various types of suffering.

The second truth is the truth of the origin of suffering, suffering does not come from nowhere, it arises as a result of its causes and conditions.  Likewise, happiness also rises from its own particular set of causes and conditions.

The third truth is the truth of cessation of suffering, Cessation is the highest form of happiness, because it is complete freedom from suffering.  Here again, cessation or true happiness must have some causes – the actualization of or attainment of cessation depends on the path and the individual’s effort in practising it.

The Fourth Noble Truth is the truth of the path.

The Four Noble Truths outline the two sets of cause and effect, suffering and its causes, and cessation and its causes.  (from the Four Noble Truths Booklet June 2013 Chch)

I have thought a lot about the Four Noble Truths since that time and I often talk to the Guides about our perception of our suffering and how we create it, go within it, (hopefully) and learn from it and then and only then do we change our degrees of suffering and our viewpoint of it.   Often I ask this simply and asked the Guides about suffering,  because people come to me and say I did not ask for this learning.    Yet if we only understood within the darkest of moments, we are more illuminated in that moment of ourself then we are in any other moment.   We simply learn quicker from suffering.     We battle faster, quicker when the going gets tough as well.   We need the illumination of this to simply understand how we react and who we are to find peace not only without but within.

Also what we hold onto ourselves in suffering pulls us ever into the depths of emotional selves, which at most times we resent simply because it makes us feel vulnerable, ill, trapped.  Within vulnerability however, is a deeper understanding of ourselves and beyond that an acceptance of things that happen in our lives, enabling us to not see the negative or suffering of it, but the wonder of discovery of who we truly are.  There is a true freedom of being at that state.

In a conversation about people and their life paths Elom gave me this piece of wisdom which I would love to share with you.

“What you perceive as suffering you hold to yourself, each incident, a perception of what you believe you did not desire or deserve.  But only by the experience could you learn how you would react, how you felt and emotionally experienced it.   All of this was presented to you to empower you to see your way forward.   Would you hold it as suffering and resentment and believe that life has worked against you or would you take it as the way lit forward from your own darkness and despair to see that you can choose another option, another perception, another reality for your own creation?”

“Elom? but don’t we wallow in our despair, feel like the way is not clear not lit, that our darkness at times can be consuming, trapping us and holding us stuck in a limbo of lack of clarity.  That in our vulnerable state, we will be even more exposed to suffering?”

He smiles “Do you understand that beyond what you perceive as hard learning is an acceptance, a wonder at all the experiences you have?   That until that moment when each and every one of you stops and says ‘THAT’S ENOUGH”, that only and ONLY in that moment, have you truly realised your ability to change and change not only what you are experiencing but what you will hold to yourself as a perceived darkness.   When we encourage you to find your light within, you will see there is no darkness but only the illumination beyond suffering to see you were never as vulnerable as you thought, but indeed stronger beyond words”.

There is so much drama that we bring to ourselves.  If we believe that there will be drama coming into our lives, it comes.  Wish come true, if we believe we can find a way out, we usually can.  We are governed by both our inventiveness and our expectation that “crappy” things will happen.   Emotionally we are so involved in the pursuit of successful lives, conforming lives, happy lives, that we constantly bring rollercoaster learning to ourselves in our fiddling with our truth, our passion, our purpose.   We quantify and struggle with happiness and see it as an elusive commodity that is both fleeting and has to be earned.

Over the course of the last few weeks I have been so blessed to catch up with some of my clients from a few years ago.  synchronicity is a wonderful thing and of each of them I have been able to ask one thing as they have told me how much their lives have changed and they are happier, more fulfilled and CREATING the lives they so richly deserve.   That one thing I have asked them is WHY.  Why did you decide to change things in the way you did?

The reply simply has been I had enough.    I decided I had enough suffering, enough of a hard life and I decided to change it.   The question beyond that is; WHY do we not understand that we do not need to bring such suffering or hardship to ourselves UNTIL utter darkness forces us to illuminate ourselves for ourselves.   This is our truth, who we are.   This is what we are here to do, illuminate ourselves from our own darkness, our own perceptions and DECIDE, truly decide what we need to create for us.   Happiness is not an aspiration, it’s a work in progress, YOU already are happiness but creating emotional cycles to help you learn all you can about illuminating yourself,  the truth of you into happiness.

So don’t look at something that happens in your life as negative, dark, challenging, but rather embrace what is it helping you to understand about you.   Loss teaches us value, of people, of life, importance.   Misery shows us what we do not want.  Despair what we have the ability to change.  No one person can do that for you, that’s what you are here to learn yourself.  Love? its always there, beyond any darkness and into the light, love is you.   Once you have gone through all the “emotional” triggers that drive us to learn about us, we reach a peace within.   That everything is as it should be, and each situation is exactly as it should be for all of us learning together.     It’s a peaceful place.. and worth the work on self to find our own inner light.    So embrace not the suffering but beyond in understanding that YOU need to illuminate you for you and find the happiness at the core of your being.




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