Spirit Whispers: Treasure lies within – A Parable

You know sometimes at night times I just cannot sleep and when that happens I always go and find one of the guides and manage to “weedle” a story out of them, as I love stories so much.

Merrin sits beside me on the hillside overlooking the vegetable patch and she tells me the story and it weaves and unfolds before my eyes and I listen raptly to the parable and it’s wisdom.

The Treasure Lies Within:

There was a beautiful Temple high on the side of a mountain, so beautiful that the sun shone down and illuminated all of the intricate carving of the columns and the mystery of the depths of the Temple.  It was a holy place, beautiful in its simplicity and resonating with the divine frequency of God.  It’s majestic beauty resonated with all who saw it and over a period of time people took massive pilgrimages to come and feel the essence of the Divine, to heal, to be at peace and to be at one with God, to walk through the Temple.  Over the years more and more people heard of the beautiful temple and more and more of them came to experience the feel of the Temple, its beauty and hopefully step closer to God and understanding.

For many years an old Temple Custodian sat at the very front of the temple.  The years passed and passed and he would say to each person who passed by the step where he sat at the front of the Temple “Treasure lies within, the treasure lies within”.  Many people would ignore the old man, many would pass him pennies which he would slip into the many folds of his robes and then contribute to the up keep of the Temple.  Many would not listen and thought of him in his old age as becoming dim, vague,  with the passing of years and yet still he said the words to each of the people who passed him on their way to the Shrine.

Word spread far across the land of the Temple and it was revered by many.  Those who were of not so good of heart also heard, on the wings of gossip,  the whisper of the old Custodian of the Temple, the talk of the Treasures within and three men journeyed to the Shrine.   They came during the day in a large group of people travelling to and through the Temple.   They leaned in to the old Custodian and listened as he eye-balled each one of them and said clearly “The Treasure you seek, lies within”.    The old man’s black eyes surveyed them wisely and he nodded at each one. “The Treasure lies within”.   The men looked at each other and they continued into the Temple.

They surveyed the whole of the Temple while they were there.  How to get in, how to get out, where any hiding places for this “treasure” that the old man talked of.    Surely with him being so old, he would know of all the places that the “treasure” would be and they left the Shrine with the agreement that they would come back that night and break into the Temple and steal the treasures.

Night fell and the world was at peace, the Temple shone in the moonlight, its pillars glowing luminously, the depths of the Temple beyond yawning eyes of darkness looking out into the world.   The three men stole on silent feet to the small hut beside the Temple where the old Custodian lived and quietly entered the man’s home.   Pulling him abruptly from his humble bed in the hut, they whispered threats to him and insisted he take them to find the “treasures”.    The old man, muddled awake, laughed quietly and shook his head.      The three men pulled him roughly from the hut and dragged him into the depths of the Temple.

Stillness reigned and as eyes adjusted to the darkness, they pulled the old man deeper into the Temple.   “Show us the treasure NOW”.   The old man again said nothing but laughed.   One of the men raised his hand and slapped the old man. “Shut up you old fool and do as you are told”.    Again the old man said nothing and the men grew more and more frustrated and angry.     If the Custodian always talked about the treasure within, then he MUST know where it was.  The Temple wept in sorrow as they persisted  with searching and with beating the old man until dawn was just about on the horizon and then in disgust they left the old man, abused in the dirt by the front of the Temple.   They had not been able to find with, or without the old man any treasure what so ever.

The dawn rose and bathed the bruised old man, in its early morning wonder, it caressed him gently on his wounds, and bathed his soul in the light of God.   Quietly the old man slipped a hand from his robe and drew in the sand beside him, a perfect heart.    He smiled to himself and lay quietly back on the earth and slipped away from the mortal body, and to the reward he sought, peace of heart, of mind and of body.

People arriving to the Temple found the beaten body of the old man and they were horrified at the loss of such a beloved icon of the Temple.  Many remembered his words, many had been helped by his understanding and they buried the man’s body by the Temple with a monument by his grave, a perfect heart stood engraved as a reminder for all, with his words beneath “The Treasure Lies Within”.

Moral of the Story:

We search endlessly for “Treasures” for wisdom, for understanding.  We seek ever ways to be closer to God or Godliness, we also aspire at times to be rich, either in success, understanding, or well-being.    What we truly need to take time to understand is as the old Custodian said “The treasure lies within”  Within you is your Divine beauty, the essence of the Creator, your connection on a daily basis with the Divine is you.  Simply the Treasure of understanding this world is within you.   There is no external place to connect with your Divine but to come inside yourself and see the truth of you, all of your success, your being, is your treasure and it lies simply in the heart of you.    You are the Treasure you seek and it truly is YOU.   The Treasure simply lay within each and every one of the people who travelled through the Temple and it simply lies within you.  Embrace who you are and seek only the answers you need from yourself and the Divine within.



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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Treasure lies within – A Parable

  1. That was a wonderful story Jacqueline. It was beautifully written. Thank you for writing it


  2. Polly

    I don’t want to wish you sleepless nights, but I soooo love these stories x

  3. I know what you mean Polly! Jacqueline is an extremely talented writer. I really liked this one! Reading inspiring articles like this motivate me in my own creative writing. Insomnia must be common among the more passionate blog writers. I feel most productive and focused after midnight. My friends are always hinting to me about my poor sleeping habit.