Spirit Whispers: Energy Rollercoaster on the Horizon…

Gosh, hasn’t this year flown past, the countdown to Christmas on at the moment and the energy frequencies busy as anything clearing and changing, shifting and moving.  Colours streaming down through the airwaves as we are drastically “reinventing” ourselves.

I seem to be working double time at the moment, so much happening in the Off Worlds and so much happening down here.  There is a distinct feeling of being in multiple places at once as the energies are gearing up for a cleansing and clearing at multiple levels around the planet, which they have been all year, however, this next blast will be a doozy.

We are all influenced by this and it happens right here on our own doorsteps, in our own lives as well, and over the year people have been seriously sorting out what works for them, what doesn’t.   That trying to control outcomes brings more learning, changing who we are is rewarding and changing patterns is a valuable project.  We are learning to be at peace in ourselves a lot and understand that when we are at our most peaceful and harmonic, we have a better understanding of ourselves.  Not just drama free but wiser in the knowledge that others journeys are equally important, yet they have things they need and needed to sort out as well.

I was spending time with the Guides last night (what am I thinking it’s every night) LOL.     I asked Aeron why the frequency was so errmm challenging at the moment.   People trying to find motivation, wanting guidance from their loved ones, moving house and making huge changes in their lives.    He laughed, this wonderful uplifting Guide and smiled.

“It is not “challenging” at the moment, rather EMPOWERING energy.  When you see it as challenging, then it will be challenging for you.  When you see it as illuminating understanding and showing you how to empower yourself in your own understanding, then it is EMPOWERING”.

I wrinkle my nose at him suspiciously “Hmmm, you say Potato, I say Patarto”.   He laughs and the colours ripple off him in waves of light, melodic laughter chimes through the Off worlds and he again smiles, leans in and winks at me “Perception” is everything”.  I roll my eyes at him fondly.

“It is like this, if you NEED to take a journey, do you look forward to it, anticipate it or do you resent the reason that you have needed to take the trip.    Or can you look at the circumstance that brought the trip to you as illuminating, bringing you a new opportunity, regardless of the “having to” it still is bringing something different into your life.  It will bring choices, understanding regardless of the reasons why you “had to go”.   How you choose to approach this is completely up to you.  That is your own perception of events”.

I look at him and think, “Hmmm so this is why this energy coming in, particularly over the Christmas period will be important to take note of?”.     Mentally I am thinking it’s probably going to be one of those “challenging” energies that hit like an emotional rollercoaster.  Wonder if I can wave a magic wand and get us all through to February relatively unscathed.

He leans in closer and looks at me, beautiful hazel eyes with highlights of gold and green survey me, twinkling with hidden laughter.  “Perception” he whispers.     Really I don’t know whether to slap him or hug him.  “Stop eaves dropping on my thoughts”.   He throws back his head and laughs “Stop broadcasting them so noisily then!”.   I hear Merrin snort laughter at that one and inwardly groan.  No privacy of thoughts in this world, you are simply what you THINK and the same applies in this world.

So I will give you the heads up about the CHOICE you have of the energies that are coming in through December and January.     You can look at them two ways, DRAMA or GROWTH, positive or negative, understanding or resentment.    Now that’s not to say that some people haven’t addressed their “insecurities/issues”.  However, in the evolution of us, we NEED simply situations and people to teach us about ourselves FULL STOP.   (Honestly, Merrin, if you don’t stop cackling I will be extremely cross).

What we need to understand and recognise is the CHOICES we have in these “empowering (Aeron’s word)/Challenging (MINE) energies” of the next two months and it really is perception.   The Universal Year of Balance heralds always for me, a shedding of old ways, old patterns and old habits.  How on earth are you going to acknowledge your icky bits UNLESS they are waved at you.  Now don’t go taking it out on the unsuspecting people (who are only doing their part) to bring you “emotional” understanding of yourself at this time.  But rather, take the time to see that if you are “triggered” over this Christmas period by someone or something, then the CHOICE is yours.   Take it as another challenge and see how that “egg” hatches into something else you need to deal with, or look at it as an empowerment of choice of self.

React to another’s rudeness and follow an old pattern, or thank the Universe for illuminating you have the choice of being able to recognise that YOU can choose whether to take on board the “rubbish”, or leave it in the pile of discarded Christmas wrap to go to the bin.    That in itself becomes an understanding that you have the ability to change the “old pattern” you may have been holding yourself to, of trying to help everyone be at peace or remedy or fix a situation, or wading in because you have taken offence to a comment.   It’s just perception really.     In the illumination of ourselves, we need this understanding, NOT from another’s perception but our own.

So your choice for the next 6 weeks or so…   “Challenging” Energies?  or “Empowering” energies?  You have the ability to choose for yourself.   At the end of the day, we cannot change the Universal Energies that are coming in, but we can choose HOW we respond to those energies in a manner which is more empowering for ourselves and you know what?   Personally I would rather be on the rollercoaster waving my hands in the air and yelling WHOOP WHOOP for all I am worth, than desperately holding on for dear life, blaming everyone else and waiting for the end just so I can throw up….

There you have it.  (I know Aeron, hardly as elegant as you would put it) but at the end of the day, please acknowledge and embrace the difficult situations, for they will be peppered with meaningful “aha” moments and “duhhhh” moments as you take the rollercoaster ride of energy in your stride within the appropriate choice for you.

So buckle up people, it’s about to get interesting.  By your own perception of course 😀  *grins and winks, and don’t forget to yell WHOOP WHOOP you may just need that energy to get through to February.



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