Spirit Whispers: Embracing 2014 with Understanding and Light

You know the amount of people who have been contacting me and saying “I so do not want a year like last year, tell me it won’t be as hard”.   The thing is that in a Universal Year of Balance or rebalancing.  There is always and was always going to be understanding given.  Without understanding there can be no growth.    Most people underwent some intense growth periods in 2013 and that is exactly how it should be.  How else can you understand you more?

There is a beautiful story I love about a broken cup and how much its experiences taught it about life.  We are like that, when things are “perfect” we have a tendency to sit in that energy and it becomes stagnant, no longer perfect as we become restless in the need to move forward, to grow and evolve.  We can have appreciation for “perfect” but as I mentioned in the parable “The Imperfect Angel” what defines perfect?      We need and we came here to learn about ourselves, in the evolution of that there is always growth.

The question then becomes how do we look at what challenges us?   Does it empower us or does it make us believe that each “challenge” is difficult.    Take a moment to sit in the energy of what you gained over 2013, did you notice that it empowered you?  Made you understand that you have evolved to a place where things that you wanted in your life became more defined by the things you didn’t want in your life?   There is always two ways to look at it, how you CHOOSE, becomes simply how much you embrace the change.

After a balance year for me always comes a New Beginnings Year and 2014 heralds that understanding.  In a Universal New Beginnings year, you are able to take everything you have grown from and start to create what you truly want for you.   This is not selfish but from a place of better understanding of your own needs.  In the growth of balance, you become aware of your patterns and your habits and what you want to change.  You become less defined by what others expectations are and more defined by what you need for your heart and therein lies always the secret.

This energy, this beautiful energy coming in from the Universe is silvers, pinks and golds, Divine Love and Self Appreciation and Harmony.   This  energy is about creating, and within New Beginnings is opportunity.  The Guides tell me that heart’s desires within divine love can be granted this year, for optimum acceptance of self, brings it own rewards.   There will still be aspects that arise that will need looking at, resolving, but within the “new you” energy you will see these not so much as obstacles any more but as aspects which show you more and more clearly WHO you are and what you want for yourself in your own life.   None of this is material, but a deeper connection with your own heart, passions and love.

It’s a wonderful place to be evolving forward from.  Empowerment of Self.    The Guides tell me that moving forward through January, there will be some residual aspects from last year still to be resolved.  A bit like a pebble in a pond, there is always some ripples that go out further than others.  January will be the time these surface, but again remember what your choices are.  Empowerment or old habits of believing things always happen to you.

If you understand the creative process then you can start to really manifest what you truly want with empowering yourself.   February is when all the hard work from last year and the balancing comes into place.  Plan wonderfully and start to create what you need for yourself without old thoughts of thing not working out right,  or turning out as you expected.

When we invest energy into what we want to create, there is a need to understand that within that creation, there is an “allowing” things to happen as they should.  So set the intention, put your focus on what you would like to achieve and then allow that outcome to happen in whatever format it should do for your most good.

This sets the understanding that your fears cannot manifest if you are not focussing on them.  We are always undermining at times our own successes with those errant fears that surface.  Our common thought is “I would really like this to happen BUT what if”, those are the learning curves of what we bring to ourselves.  If we can step back from those fears of the buts and the what if’s we put ourselves in a completely different place of understanding and we work more in a place of light, which is beyond those fears.

We are creators of our own lives, destinies, and our learning.   We need to understand and embrace  all our fears and perceived weaknesses so we can move forward into a lighter space.  Beyond expectations, misunderstandings or self-inflicted learning.  2014 brings these opportunities, it’s up to us to embrace them.

So for each person that challenges you, thank them and then look to yourself.  What are you not being fulfilled in that the Universe is bringing you this challenge.  What are not addressing in yourself that you need this “extra” illumination from an external party?    These are the curly but important questions to embrace in the coming year.  After all it is only you that can look at your world, own what you need for you emotionally, and bring a greater understanding to yourself.

This never puts us in a place of being intolerant of others, if anything the more work we do on ourselves, the greater our understanding and compassion of others is.   Take the time this coming year to look to where your focus is, how much you understand you.     The messages from Loved Ones and Spirit are ALL about YOU, what you need for you and how to empower you into your divine self and loving the life you are in.  There’s a reason for that.     They want us to be our beautiful true selves and from what I have seen already, they are here open armed to help us to get there.

So how wonderful.  A year looming of new beginnings, new opportunities and a SUPPORT CREW in Spirit to guide you along to understanding and the light of you.   That’s awesome and even more of a reason to know how supported and loved you are moving forward into the brilliance of 2014.

On a physical note, please take care of your body.  Never more obvious in this lighter energy is the need to pay attention to the body’s needs, what you hide in it emotionally, and what you need to let go of.   Illness manifests out of “dis-ease”.   A state of holding ourselves in an energy that doesn’t work for us, thoughts directed at self, and condensed over a period of time into illness.   I am seeing so much Teal Blue around people, around their heads, which is thoughts directed not nicely at themselves.  Please watch where you put your thoughts, and where you store in your body your worries, this year.  Like the saying we are what we eat, we are what we think.   Please be kinder to you and embrace all that you are for the coming year.

Welcome 2014 and lets start out opening our hearts to receive these beautiful colours, silver, pinks and golds for the hard work of 2013 and for the delightful wonder of 2014’s opportunities.


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  1. Stephanie

    Beautiful! Thank you Jacqueline. I, for one, am excited about this coming year for all of the reasons you mention. I have been practising the ‘allowing energy’ and grinning when I see the perfect timing. I see it in people all around me too, that we are more in tune with our true selves, where we are and what we do. 2014 is set to be a great year. Thank you for illuminating our yellow brick roads. Happy New Year!