Spirit Whispers: Reflecting Facets…


In this shifting and changing energy, the Guides tell me that it is very important that we understand more about ourselves, simply by interactions with others.   They have often described humanity to me as a beautiful solid diamond which has been dropped and millions of facets (people) splintered from that main diamond and became individual people.  However, within each one of us is all the facets of the original diamond.

When you think about it, we may feel completely different and unique, yet each one of us has a heart, a brain, emotions, learning and the journey here.   It stands to reason that all of us are here interacting with each other to learn about ourselves with the help of all the other facets of the “Diamond”.

Since all of us are aspects of each other, people ask me why can we not all get along?   Look at it this way… when beads all come off a necklace, do they land all the same way?  Or do they land in different directions, some parts of them showing and some hidden beneath.  The same really applies to us as well.  There is set understanding that we come in with, some forgetting, some remembering, some longing.  With knowledge inside us, of purpose and intention and the things we are here to learn.   Each of us, depending on which facet is exposed at each time, brings that understanding into our lives.

As we continue through the journey, we turn and change and other facets are also exposed, giving us greater understanding of ourselves and others.  It is really up to us as to which side of us stays forward on the basis of how long it takes for us to have understanding of our emotional selves.   Some people are content and do not want to explore the hidden facets or sides of themselves, yet when they “see” them reflected in others, it can reflect off their own hidden selves and bring them awareness in ways that they don’t want to see or experience.

Yet with each person that we meet on our journey, they are another piece of ourselves, in the many scattered pieces of the whole “Diamond”.   At the end of the day, we cannot judge them, for we are in fact judging an aspect of ourselves, that we may have, or may not have acknowledged or even had the experience of that side of our own small diamond that is ourself.

One thing becomes very important with this understanding.   That we are all learning.   That for each individual person what they are experiencing and living, is a unique part of their own shining diamond facets of themselves.   One thing we can and should never forget is that we are them and they are us.     Sometimes the reflection is so great it is scary and sparks comments like “I was just thinking that”, “I feel like that too” or “I have experienced that as well”.   If you are aware enough to look for the similarities, then you are aware enough to acknowledge that person having an equally important journey to you and is reflecting to you, what you are learning about yourself.

A reflection aspect of similarities of facets can be also the frustration you can feel at meeting someone who has the same aspects as you, but in not addressing your “hidden” facets or your own insecurities or perceived vulnerabilities, these will be reflected to you and make you cringe.  How many times have you met someone and thought “I hope I don’t come across like that” or “How rude, how can they behave like that?”.    There are many, many forms of recognition and some can be positive recognition of our traits and some can be negative recognition of our “hidden aspects”.

We are multi faceted beings and for each person we interact with we should always remember that they have the same qualities, the same learning and the same understanding, just reflecting in slightly different ways at times to our own.   When we have expectations of others to understand us and see only our good qualities, we underestimate at times people’s ability to see other aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of.   We need always to be respectful of each other, after all, we are simply pieces of the whole.

The Guides tell me until we have understood ourselves completely, in all of our facets, all of our understanding and recognition of all the sides of ourselves, we need others to show us, US simply.   It takes a lot of courage to look at yourself, at all the aspects of your self, but they ask me to pass on this going forward into 2014 also.    While the energy is encouraging us at a Universal Level to be all we can be, to look at ourselves and be our true authentic selves, to NEVER forget that others are having this experience to and there is a need to respect that each must have their own understanding, their own facets to deal with, their reflections to be reflected and there simply is no right or wrong.

Most of us are aware of the Universal Energy changes in this way.  It is making us look at friendships, careers, where we live, how we live, what’s truly important to us.   All of us as the small diamonds of the whole, are getting to look at everything in our lives and see where the importance is.   As we are impacted by this, we are changing friendships, changing jobs, changing where we are living and attitudes, emotional barriers and looking simply at what we need for ourselves.   If in this energy, we can do that for ourselves, we need also to respectfully allow others to do that too.    Putting yourself in situations where you feel “dischord” or “disharmony” with people who you used to enjoy being with, is one of those reflecting aspects being illuminated in 2014.   Be gentle and honest with both them and yourself.

As we move forward further into the year, our understanding of where we want to be in ourselves, will require us to be completely honest with ourselves, about all of our facets, and be accepting of all of these as well.    The Guides ask simply this and I will pass on these beautiful words for them (Elom, thank you).

“You walk a pathway forward that you have not walked before, there has been endless preparation to bring you to the place you are now, embrace you, for you are changing and your world is changing because of you.    What you think, you become, what you focus on you receive, what you create, empowers you.     Within this monumental change at this time and has been changing for many years, you stand at a truly pivotal place in your learning.    This is what serves you, what serves you beyond degrees of separation and selfishness, but brings you back into the alignments of your soul.   This is a place you have been yearning to be, where you live, breath and think within heart energy.

At this transitional time from thinking with your logic, to listening to your spiritual and emotional heart, be gentle, on both yourself and others.   For at this time, illumination is being brought to all and the changes that are yet to come will be by your choice and your choice alone.   You can choose to live in your authentic light, or choose to remain as you are,  however, you must understand that your body is also responding to the frequency that you are transmitting and it too desires to be in a harmonic place of the heart energy.

As this transition moves forward, be patient, be understanding and above all be loving.  Not all of you are at the same stage, nor the same reflection, nor the same aspect.   Go gently on your heart, do not demand others embrace what they cannot, acknowledge always the freedom of choice, for each is allowed and must be allowed to walk their own pathway to their own light.  This is something that cannot be forced but truly must be reflected for the alignment of the many.    Many will be welcomed home from their journey as that too becomes one of the choices presented over the coming year.   This is not a time for sorrow but rather again a respecting of the choices, of going forward as the energies shift and change within the physical body.

Divine ones, the choice is and always has been yours.  The journey yours to find yourself, to love yourself and empower yourself. Please again, respect the right of each and every one of you to “recognise”, “reject” or “embrace” the other soul facets reflecting on your journey and be at peace for all simply is as it should be without judgement, resentment or frustration at another’s journey.

Make peace with yourself and love simply the experience that is your journey of you”.

I love these words and I love what the message is.  We are all here trying to find who we are, what we need to do, and empowering ourselves to our beautiful lives.     Respect and honour each person’s choice.  It may not be one you think they should be having, but then it is their journey not yours.   Lovingly, peacefully, contentedly, respect that for that “reflection” is you, and in truth,  we all hide in each other.


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