Spirit Whispers: What’s my purpose………

This has come up before now in another post and I am sure as I work through the coming year it will come up again and again.    The moment a client steps across the threshold of my house, their frustration can be palatable at themselves over not knowing what they think they are supposed to be doing.

We can hear people say “Oh find what you love to do” and we can reply “What is it that I would love to do?”  I’ve tried that and I am bored with that, bored with this.    We can place expectations on ourselves massively about what we think we SHOULD be doing.

The funny thing is, and I will say it has come up time and time again in comments and in some of the blogs that I have written with the gorgeous guidance of the Guides, it is very simple.   Yet we live in a world where there is limitations, or what we perceive as limitations, and we stick to our comparisons, our unspoken or even unplanned desires or dreams by choosing and I do mean consciously choosing conformity because our perception is to belong, when we already belong.   Yet in our hearts, and our minds we have such big dreams, so much longing, an expectation almost that things should be MORE than what they are.

Have you ever wondered why that is?   Why we think that there should be more?   That our passion or our “lightbulb” epiphany should hit us between the eyes one day and make us see what we think is missing from our lives?   The reason we know at a very deep level that there is more, is simply because there is.  However,  the basis of discovering this is of taking the time to look at each stage of the journey, each portion of our life, each moment and start to look at it simply.

A couple of months ago one of my Guides told me I would have regrets.  I would wish I had of done more, enjoyed more, pushed boundaries more  and I was startled.   When I said “Well is this to do with my purpose?”   He shook his head lovingly.     He said “You confuse being with purpose.   What you do not understand is that for each moment you are here, you are IN purpose, you are the purpose, the purpose of your being is you.   What you need for you, by your own perception of purpose, is not nor never was what you think it to be”.

Which, of course, I find the singularly most frustrating comment really.   What’s important if we have no purpose?  Aren’t I meant to do something while I am here?   Aren’t we mean to accomplish something?  Anything?   Isn’t there value?   Surely there is a celestial “benchmark” measuring stick somewhere that looks at what we have done and are doing.    What’s the point otherwise and HOW will I have regrets?

And I look at what I just typed and I smile wryly to myself.    The Universe is such an amazing place, the dimensions incredible, for each experience that we have and we ARE multi dimensional beings, there is value, purpose and understanding.   The, dare I say it, most irritating portion of the human mind is the “PROVE IT” factor.   We constantly set ourselves up to view our lives as worthy, valuable, and conforming and yes!  with a purpose.

The moment that we CHOSE to be born into the human journey, you had your purpose.  You chose to come, to one of the most difficult experiences, and it is just an experience, that you will ever have.  Why?  Because you need to learn about you.   Nothing here is not of value, the emotions, the body, the breathing, the feeling, the smelling, the seeing, the dramas, the situations, the people.  HOW COOL, such a multi blended experience and one which we can take for granted completely and utterly.

Ask a blind man his experiences, and he will base it on his own experiences in his life.  A person who cannot hear and they will base it on their own experiences.  Both will be different but both will be thankful for the experiences they chose as well. Why?  Because their journey, their choices, their life is their own to experience and they came with that PURPOSE, to have those experiences.

Many times I have asked the Guides about purpose for people.  What they are here to experience and many, many times people have been told to find their passion.   Straight after that is the “I don’t know what my passion is”.   The reply is always, “this is what you came here to do, find you”.     Put it this way.. if you were told you would get a red bike with a blue horn for Christmas.   Would you be delighted?  Would you go, “oh that’s nice but it’s not what I wanted”.   Or would you think about when as a child you had the experience of learning to ride a bike.  The thrill of the unknown, the feeling of controlling something, learning something and experiencing something new.  The scraped knees, the uncomfortable butt cheeks, falling over the handle bars and hurting yourself but then delighted you were ok, and climbing back on feeling?

That’s your purpose… simply.   Like riding the bike.  When did you get so jaded that you took for granted the smell of the ocean on a breezy day.   The chill of snow on the end of your nose.   That giggling eruption of laughter that feels like effervescent bubbles of delight to you at a soul level?     We can also say we don’t want to feel the “bad” things, the pain of loss, the hurt of betrayal, and the sting of indifference.  However, without all of these experiences how can we learn about ourselves?

Do one thing… just one thing for me.   Think about all the times you tried something new and how excited you were about it.  Doesn’t matter if it didn’t turn out the way you expected, for that was your own expectation. But break it down to the experience of it.  I am sure if you look at most situations or days, there is things that you learn about yourself.  Now make it more simple… what do you enjoy?  Not the big stuff… the big stuff happens on the basis of the small stuff…

The small stuff works like this..  A moment’s peace on a busy day, the taste of cool water when you are over heated, the smell of baking bread, the hug from a loved one.   These are the small things that will be remembered.   I bet, and I know I have some of these too.   But for me, memories of toasting marshmallows over a hot fire on a cold night with my family, the warmth of being there, experiencing are some of the most rewarding and most memorable moments.   It’s a moment, people.  Within that moment you are at one with yourself, in delight, in harmony and in PURPOSE.

So when you start asking yourself what’s your purpose.  Take time to look at the small things, because small things become big things and small things are the basis of enjoyment, build on these and you look at life differently, and each moment has purpose, each moment is one you cannot ever get back.   Life is short, experience it all you can and make the most of it.

Play hard, dream big and let yourself be free of limitations of self, you are so much more than that.   Celebrate you and open yourself to your endless possibilities WITH purpose, the purpose of YOU.


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