Spirit Whispers: Truly Listening….

I haven’t been well for the last couple of weeks, plagued by a double ear infection, I have been transported into a place of being without hearing.  Some would say that is a curse, however it has come at a time when it has brought to the fore a past life experience as well.     Because light is sound, and both of those are frequency it has “amplified” the awareness of people and their frequency, and other frequencies of the planet which are not as obvious when you have full hearing.

People sound to me like music, symphonies, each person with their own unique beat, a lovely divine song all of their own.  Team it up with the auric colours of them, their soul colours and this last week I have just been staring at people.  It’s probably been a really good thing that I have been having a break.    So when I was in the garden with ear muffs on because of the wind, I was surprised to be transported back to the life in which I was completely deaf.

Suddenly I was walking in a park like setting and I could see that I was wearing a very long dress, high bodice in very light linen, the sleeves were very well fitted and I was walking watching the grass with its luminous light, perfect and perfectly tended.  The maple leaves above me threw shadows on the ground with speckles of sunlight tickling the grass lovingly.     I knew I was at an institution,  I knew my father was very well to do and had placed me here to keep me both safe, but educated at the same time.  I knew also that the music that I could hear was truly beautiful and seemed to flow completely from the grass beneath my feet, the trees around me, and also from the sunlight, but played only inside of my head.  I had been born deaf.   However, everything seemed in my head to be playing music of a frequency that was divine.

I was extremely content in that life, content to be in the world I was in.  Cushioned from society, protected and looked after.   I spent most of my days either reading, walking in the grounds, studying.  I could interact with people via sign language however, I rarely interacted with people simply because I would be listening to the beautiful symphonies in my head.   Imagine all the time just being content to listen to the sounds of the Universal sounds of frequency, the language of the planet.

Someone touches my arm and I jump, startled to see my son peering into my face.  Tapping me on the ear muffs, I bring my hands up immediately to sign that he gave me a fright, the past life so completely still vividly with me.   He looks at me confused and I laugh out loud and shake myself.     Removing the ear muffs I bring myself more fully back into this life, be it somewhat reluctantly.

I asked the Guides later on, why that life has come in so closely and is it something to do with the ear infections as well.   I was intrigued with their reply as well and I wanted to share it with you too.

In that particular life, I spent an awful lot of time alone, never speaking, communicating, looked after and no cares, and I was content.  However, I never listened to what I wanted for me, I was content just to be listening to my own world and I certainly never made any ripples, caused any trouble, nor stuck up for myself in any way, a bit like a leaf on a stream, I was carried all the way through that life, listening to harmony not of this world.

At times in our own lives, we forget to listen.   We forget to listen to others, beyond what is coming out of their mouths.  We don’t listen, truly listen to the resonance of what people are saying and neither do we listen to ourselves and what we need to do for us.

Part of me craves the absolute peace of that life, the harmony of frequency.  Yet constantly in this life, there is challenges, a need to listen to your heart, what you want and truly listen to what others are saying beyond the expectations, perceptions and conditioning of their upbringing.    It takes time and patience to truly listen to yourself and then beyond that listen truly to what others are saying.

The steps beyond truly listening to the frequency, the divine music of others and yourself, is owning your own frequency, standing in your truth and shining brilliantly in the frequency of you.    In the symphony of ourselves, is our purpose, our understanding and we are so much more beautiful than we can ever realise at times.  The life seemed to amplify the need to listen more, both to myself and others.

When you are resonating at your frequency, in truth and honesty, you are truly listening to the Universal connectivity with others and the planet, in a symphony of light and sound and there is such a degree of contentment within that as well.

Be your own music, find out what resonates within your heart, and truly listen to others beyond the words they say, for the truth of them is in the listening to them, truly listening.  Then you can own and speak in the frequency of light in which you are, in harmony with yourself and others.

Life is a melody, woven with the notes of experience, the chords of love, high notes of harmony and the under tones of understanding.   Find your melody, your symphony of you and blend it lovingly, with the consciousness of the world, adding to the music of the planet, then and only then are you truly listening to the music of you.

So take a moment to listen, to the music of you soul and then decide how much you want the symphony of you to be creative, loving, giving, content and choose to add whatever notes you need in the experiences you choose to the melody of your life and the beauty of you.


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  1. Polly

    my life is a good old Rock an’ Roll at the moment 😄 Happy New Year Jac. hope you’re better now. Polly x