Spirit Whispers: The Penny Wishing Well…

Nothing like a story to make you pay attention to things at times as well.    I love stories and I hope you love them as much as I do.   So thank you again to the beloved Guides who tell such wonderful stories so I can pass them on to you.

The Penny Wishing Well:

High on a hill, perfectly placed for wishes to be heard by the Heavens, was a small wishing well.  It had a shingle roof and was made from weathered stone bricks.   It had stood for a long time, heard many, many wishes, and radiated serenity and peace as places which listen to wishes do.

One day a fool was travelling in the area, and intrigued he followed some people up the hill to the wishing well.  He watched avidly, as they cast their pennies into the well and made their wishes, looked to the sky in gratitude and then made their way back down the hill.   Ever thoughtful, the fool walked over the to wishing well and stared down into the water.   Many pennies gleamed back at him from the depths and with glee, he considered that he would make some easy money if he swam down into the depths and took the pennies.   He looked at the people travelling back down the hill and decided to wait until later in the day before he took the time to collect the wish money from the bottom of the well.   He smiled to himself and seated himself on the grass to wait.

The day passed and many people came and went, and still the fool waited.    Just as the sun began to descend the sky, and no more people appeared on the walkway, the fool, gleefully slipped into the wishing well, took a deep breath and dived down towards the bottom of the well.   The cold water clutched at him and the shadows grew long as he swam down further than he had expected in the crystal clear water and reached his hands out to the pennies at the bottom.  They shimmered and gleamed in the silt at the bottom, and as he grabbed the pennies, the mud and silt at the bottom of the well, stirred hugely and clouded the clear water.  He grabbed more and more of the pennies, as many as he could fit in his hands and as he did more clouds of silt and mud moved in the water, blurring his vision.   The shadows lengthened and darkened with the silty water.

The shadows created with the murk became confusing and the fool did not know which way was up or which way was down and his breath was starting to run out, the pressure on his chest building.   The fool’s confusion grew even more, and he suddenly realised the predicament that he was in.   Which way was up, which way was down.  The weight of the pennies in his hands and the cloudy water pressed at him and in desperation the fool wished with all his might and all the pennies in his hands that he would be shown a way out of the mess he had got himself into.

He closed his eyes and released all of the pennies, and opened them again, and a small silver light flicked on and off, coming down through the murk, down past his face, a single gleaming penny.   He plunged up towards the place the silver light had come from and finally, gasping for breath, looked into the startled eyes of the person leaning into the wishing well, having just tossed his penny into the well.    “What on earth are you doing in there?” the man demanded and hauled the fool out of the wishing well.

The fool upon gaining his breath back, ruefully replied “Learning the value of wishes”.


Sometimes we can think that something is so easy, so certain and we have all the answers.   Half way through when things become difficult or situations suddenly change from what we expected to be an easy outcome, we realise that we need to have faith in something higher than ourselves.   That sometimes the wishes that seemed so important at the time can be answered in such unexpected ways, that really benefit us more than what we ever imagined, and sometimes, just sometimes, we also realise that we needed to really ask for help, to ask for our wishes to be heard and have absolute faith that our wishes and prayers will truly be answered in the most unexpected of ways.


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