Spirit Whispers: Pardon me, you’re stepping on my insides…

I so have to blog, simply because I am watching people feeling vulnerable and exposed in so many ways at the moment and the need to love themselves from being lost is so very important.  This beautiful colour of silvery orange really challenges us to look at the “secret” elements of our self esteem and our inner core.

Orange is the colour which resonates and responds with our Sacral Chakra.  The Sacral chakra is ALL feeling and intimacy.  How we view ourselves and how we emotionally interact with others.   To quote an off world being I used to know “The key to the inside of you is through your own vulnerability”.   One of the most wisest things I have ever heard really.   We really kick and scream about being exposed as us…

The silver that is added to this glorious colour streaming through the airways, is an illuminator silver which means all situations and interactions with people can bring us to the point of feeling “exposed”.   (I so would like to add a drum roll in here) honestly we can horrify ourselves in perceiving that in being ourselves all our insidey bits will be on the floor and everyone will look awkwardly at us and then act like there is a giant elephant in the room.   Major epiphany moment…. Everyone else’s insides are falling out too.   *notes this is rapidly descending into a zombie movie and that wasn’t the point at ALL.

I love this colour, I love that it is bring all aspects of our deepest fears to the surface for us to address.   One of my major fears is loss, what better way to address the fear of losing the people I love, then to go into me and ask the question WHY?   When you honour someone else’s journey, you HAVE to step back from them, not at an emotional screeching “please don’t leave me”, but rather at a “I see the light in you and I respect and honour your choices in your pathway”.   Sounds good doesn’t, the theory of it is wonderful.   The plateau you have reach deep down inside yourself is acceptance, enlightenment and acknowledgement and EVERY step of the way you will fight yourself to reach it.

I don’t mean that it’s not achievable but you have to address all your fears to find the release from it.   I recently let go of one of the most important people in my life, because I was clinging so desperately to the fear of losing this person that it was turning me into someone completely different.   I would worry endlessly about this person’s health, their mental health and it was consuming my thoughts as to how I would survive if they left this world.  No one was making me do that, my fear was making me do that.  I would find myself wanting this person to not change, to not be themselves, to be something that would give me security within my fear of loss.

Now the Universe notices, and I really mean NOTICES where we put our focus and our energy and then as we generate energy, both in thought and action, of our fears, it simply complies, because we are Creators of our own beautiful world.   So as my fears amplified and amplified, I became really unreasonable in my expectations of this person.   It brought straight to my doorway by my own creation, the loss of this person out of my life. Manifestation of fears at it’s very BEST!

This is after all the best learning realm we can come to in which to learn about ourselves.   Beyond this, this beautiful New Beginning energy and silvery orange, is your PEP Team from the sidelines waving their cheer leader pom pom’s and rhythmically chanting ” Gimme an A….Address your fears, Address your fears”.  Closely followed by a collective “YAY for insidey bits”….

So the point of this blog is this, and YES I blog it to everyone because in this energy EVERYONE will be having to, at some layer, some point, some epiphany moment, be having to look at your own insidey bits of your deepest fears and your own vulnerability.     Stop running from yourself and really PUT down the boxing gloves that you are busy beating yourself up with.

The Guides would like you to remember something…

  • You are having a human journey… *cue pom pom waving silvery orange energy “woot woot”
  • You are allowed to feeeeeeeeeeeeeel and show other people how you are feeling…  *hello there, you          hiding inside
  • This energy is applicable to all of us and there is no gold medal for winning it.  This is something you need to discover about you for you.
  • You will rethink yourself completely to find who you truly are.

So please, please stop thinking that everyone is against you at the moment or you are being “squishafied” until you feel like your insides are exposed and there is an elephant in the room.  There is an amazing freedom beyond vulnerability as well.  There is a complete understanding that it is okay to be who you need to be for you.  It brings balance to HOW you communicate because there is no expectation to be something for someone else, or provide something for someone else NOR do you have people crossing your path inadvertently “poking” your insidey bits (which by the way they are MEANT to do to allow you to address them).  There is an acceptance of all they are doing on their own journey and there is a freedom to a degree from the roller coaster of being emotionally out of balance.

Beyond vulnerability there is a beautiful way of communicating how you feel without any of the “triggers” you can elucidate clearly your emotions and feelings without taking ownership of others issues.  After all there is honouring the other person’s journey too and knowing within your own experiences, that they are free to have theirs as well.  *cue pom pom waving silvery orange energy again.

You can feel lost on this process, completely and utterly.  Lost in a lack of understanding from others, which is basically a loss of understanding your own self.   But feeling lost, alone and vulnerable enables you to look past everything else to the core of you and the light of you.  Come back to loving you, seeing what you need to give you to nurture you and the Universe smiles as you figure out how completely and amazingly perfect you are.  You won’t need to justify or explain that to ANYONE else you will be content to hold that knowledge to you and see the whole bigger picture of life.     Way to go YOU!

So take the time for you to look at your vulnerable spots, go inside you and be okay with all that you are, because for too long you have been behind the mask that does not serve you and really *winks your insides are not that bad…   IN FACT they are absolutely GORGEOUS within the honesty of who you truly are.

And for those of you who want to wave and screech, and blame new beginnings and silvery orange?   Well, here’s some boxing gloves because you are only really fighting yourself… when you get tired of that and the Universe trying to get you to see your own beauty, you will see that it simply wasn’t as hard as you thought and the inside of you is DIVINE. Take the time to find you.



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  1. Elu

    Thanks for sharing this, I really needed to hear it. Hurry, turn the other way while I cammoflauge this large grey animal that isn’t really here. 🙂