Spirit Whispers: Don’t blame it on the Universe.. blame it on the boogie…

Sooooo hows it working for you lately?   Feeling the pinch of the change of Universal Energies?   The streaming illumination of silver, which illuminates all the things we need to address, coupled with the burnt orange of self-worth, self-confidence, and belief of self, pouring over everyone gives us the choice.. actually a lot of choices.   We can mumble and grump continually about working on our “stuff” or we can get with the “boogie”.   Seriously if you think I am joking, HOW is it all going for you right at the moment?  Feel heavy and stuck under stuff you don’t really want to deal with?  Burdened by feeling like you are wading through mud?

The airways are changing slightly in colour at the moment as the changes from the Universe are calling us to own our own “stuff”.  The more we do and decide for ourselves that mud wading is for ducks and heaviness doesn’t really serve us, the easier it is becoming for the magenta tones and lilacs to filter into our understanding.  Magenta brings love of life, and lilacs are bringing purpose of self. Time to boogie, people…    Amp up the volume and suck up the colours of hope and revitalisation to pull you forward into your beautiful life, because as we address what we need to address in ourselves, we start to see the way forward beautifully in magnificent hues of purpose and love.

This is a realm of free choice and the choices we have in terms of accepting ourselves or wallowing is completely and utterly up to us.  This is a Universal Year of New Beginnings, and while we are slow on the uptake in understanding what that means, there will be major understanding given along the way about what we need to look and what we need to improve on.  What better way to do that then starting with ourselves.  We can be the change the world needs, starting simply with ourselves.  Old habits and patterns are really no longer serving us yet we are stubborn little things in our determination to sit in an energy that no longer serves us, getting heavier and heavier.  May as well turn that silver into a mallet to bop us all with some days.

Also one thing is as well, in this heavier energy it is illuminating our choices of HOW we treat ourselves as well.   Within that, we are actually fairly SUCKY at being nice to ourselves.   Given five minutes alone with your own brain, more often than not you will start picking at things that you haven’t done properly.  Not what you did wonderfully and between you and me, most of the things you do are wonderful.  You just are way too hard on yourself.  Thank you Universe for trying in all your wisdom to illuminate all the things we are doing to ourselves that is just down right MEAN..

We can get caught up in our own dance steps really… Know the Cha Cha right off and we cha cha through life, two steps forward and one back.  That in its self is a pattern and a habit.   Know the waltz, and the pattern is formed completely and so we waltz through in our patterns and habits.    At then end of the day, we need to give ourselves free license to “boogie”… that way we can really spice up our lives completely with a change of pace and why?  because we need to free ourselves from our habits and patterns that are not serving us that well, and keeping us in a frequency of stagnation.  When we do this it affects our physical health and until we look at ourselves as important, which we usually don’t, illness steps in to teach us of value, of self.

Sooooo time to embrace the “boogie” people and allow ourselves to really find our feet within our purpose within the month of March, because magenta coming through the airways, means love you,  with the lilac is really empowering ourselves to take the centre stage in our own lives.  Thank you Universe!  and really we have to allow ourselves more freedom within our own dances to embrace ALL of our abilities to have our beautiful lives.   We do avoid being centre stage at times within our own lives and it is us that actually suffers for this as well.      Allowing ourselves to allow our big dreams to start to manifest beyond our habits and patterns is the best way for us to explore how well we can adjust ourselves to any and every situation.

Cue dancing shoes, for these colours because it’s really time for us to start to shine for ourselves.  No one, not the Universe or the colours can help us with that, it is about us defining ourselves going forward.   April heralds some squeezing on the part of the Universe just to double-check we are really sure about what we have planned for ourselves, but hey why not?   Until we own what we want for ourselves beyond the squeezing of the Universe with its little tests of “are you sure?” “will you give up?” “are you loving your life, then own it?” .  Means we are called to embrace what we want in a powerful, positive and encompassing way with a little bit of “you must be sure” thrown in just to make us own it a bit more for ourselves as well.  So hold your ground, build your dreams and start to look at the joy, and purpose you want to bring to you.

So wanna boogie people or just keep trying to slow waltz or fox trot in this energy?   Embrace the change and take the chance to grab the spotlight in your world and boogie!   Give yourself the freedom to embrace that wonderful feeling of freedom of self, of being who you are, not what you need to be and give it up completely in the freedom of the dance.    Dare to be you!  Hums “Blame it on the Boogie!”….



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2 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Don’t blame it on the Universe.. blame it on the boogie…

  1. Stephanie

    Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly how my day went. I have been extremely frustrated about the perceived delays in the you-know-what going to air, and deeply fearful that I am being left behind due to other situations taking priority. And now this weather … so many deserving situations to be highlighted, and for me (like others) it has been so long, when will my turn come? And then it hit me. Something else is brewing that could actually provide a good lead-in for my story. So, I regained my sense of power over my own life and realised that, instead of waiting, waiting, waiting, there is something that I can do to keep gently pushing forward; I can suggest a lead-in to tie the story to a current situation and create an even bigger relevance and/or interest. Whew! You know, it is the perceived loss of power over one’s own life that creates the most harm. I so want to show ‘the people’ that, yes, even one ‘little’ person can make a difference. Let’s hope I am on the right track with this. Thank you, Jacqueline for your continuing inspiration; it makes a world of difference. Lots of love, S.

  2. leigh

    Slow waltzing lol… I’m finished with that dance!! What a drag its been! This post hit the spot for me in many levels x I can feel the more positive energys gentle pushs along the way, I got ill ,my body said Stop! And so I did, Its been a long time coming ❤ hurahh boogie x