Spirit Whispers: The Wise Mouse – A Parable…

I don’t know why stories resonate more with us at times, I so believe it is the child in us.  In this time of changing energies as well and being in this year of value it is important to look after the things that we value, and at the front line of those things is ourselves.   We cannot value health at times until it is take away, we cannot value living until life is threatened, we do not value love until we give it to ourselves.  There are so many reasons we need to look at what we have, truly have beyond the material because in one moment it can change and in one moment you truly get to understand the value of life simply…  Thanks Aeron ♥

A Wise Mouse

Just as the day is long and the night is short is the time when the mice come out to play.  In a small village in the middle of no where lives a colony of mice.  Now mice are very much a colony animal and they have their own rules, their own understanding, and their own hierarchy etc, no so dissimilar from us really.

Ferdinand mouse was different, he was simply born different,  his family noticed it as soon as he was born.  There was something about Ferdinand’s eyes, they gleamed with knowledge and he knew things.  “A Wise Mouse” said Grandma Mouse, “Aye” agreed Grandpa Mouse and so it became known in the mouse community that Ferdinand just KNEW things, he was not odd, not different but wise beyond his tender years.

Now as time passed the small village grew and as it grew, so too grew the population of rats whom shared the village with the mice and the humans grew frustrated and were starting to talk about getting rid of the pests and the dangers of disease.   The rats were indifferent but the mice were worried.  They knew they were running out of time to save themselves and the whispers of panic flew around the mice colony.   Many of the elders stated that they weren’t budging even though it was abundantly clear they could lose their lives, they stated “It’s our home why should we leave?” and panic grew worse as time passed in the arguing.

The mice decided to have a meeting so convened to the old cemetery by the light of the watchful moon to discuss and settle matters.  The arguments waged and the time passed, they all knew the next day that there would be poisons put all amongst the town and as the rats grew desperate, the mice would suffer, they needed to make a decision.  Around and around the arguments went.   Gently Ferdinand’s father pushed his way through the crowd carrying Ferdinand to the speaking platform.  He held up Ferdinand and inched forward onto the platform until all the of the mice could see the little mouse.

Ferdinand’s whiskers twitched as he surveyed the gathering.  Everyone silenced as they listened to the little mouse.  He cleared his throat and spoke clearly.

“There is a time in everyone’s life when things do not go as planned or as expected, nor anticipated.  When this happens we can do one of two things.   We can sit and wait in complacency for change to be forced on us, usually at great cost and learning to ourselves, or we can recognise that we can be the directors of our own destiny.”

He quieted for a moment and then continued ” Quantify what is truly important to you.  Understand where that value lies and what place it has in your heart.  For if your value lies in an object, then that object consumes you.  If your value lies in the living, then let the living consume you.  For nothing is truly yours, until it is taken from you.  Then and only then do you understand in truth, what was the main importance.  A situation, a possession, an object, or your life”.

The mice all looked at each other and pondered the words of one very small mouse.

“In one moment you can choose, and there is always beauty in that choice, for it is your choice.  You may perceive that you must look harder to find it, but there is a freedom and beauty in the opportunity of a new beginning, a passionate start when it comes to the value of your life.  So choose but choose for you for the cycle of life will pass regardless, make the most of the preciousness of life while you can”.

Ferdinand’s father lifted his small son back down from the platform and followed by 1000 mice, they left the cemetery and the small village.  No one mouse was made to, no one mourned because at the end of the day, most chose life, everything else was just a change of location.   A wise mouse indeed.


Habits, patterns, catalysts and choices.  This life is about BEING, doing and loving.  We quantify our importance at times with what we have accumulated, where we think we need to be and the ties that bind us are not ones of life.  Not ones of enjoyment but of routine, structure and materials possessions.   Given all the opportunity to look at our life in hindsight, were your happy moments of material things or what a difference you made in someone’s life and they made in yours.   We wait for catalysts, ill-health and drama before we realise QUITE how marvellous life is, yet we should be celebrating the pleasure of being.  Things will come and go but your life, that’s yours, the decisions and choices, your own.  Start to value that NOW, before you need a catalyst, for it is only complacency and lack of value that brings us illumination around value of self.


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