Spirit Whispers: Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, Choose your Illusion…

I have these massive convoluted discussions with the Guides that no one else sees, or hears, or even I at times understand completely. These discussions can go on for hours as I try and work my brain into understanding all the view points, understanding and points of view before I can decide exactly how it resonates.  Sometimes its just so darn easy to procrastinate you know?

Honestly I think my Guides need a medal or something, they must be getting a massive amount of Kudos for choosing me to work with.  I am sure the conversations about this go something like this…

“Right, today for this period of time you are allocated to Jacqueline Mitchell, bottom of the world, New Zealand”…   “What?  What?  Seriously? Her?  The difficult one who never listens??   Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” and then with some kind of grudging “I will need a heap more patience”, they get allocated to me.  Which is not strictly true because your Guides are in reality, aspects of yourself as well.  The ones that you don’t to a degree acknowledge or even think you are possible to have in yourself but show themselves in your behaviours at times.

Anyway I digress as usual…  So how you all holding up in this energy?    There is really so many different illusions that we can hold onto really, but the one that the Guides seem to be asking us to watch out for is this “Complacency” energy that’s going on at the moment.   That feeling that you are wading through SOUP a metre deep and you just decided to rest for a little bit because it just all seemed really hard going?   The only problem with it is that when you stop you really start to feel ill…

Woosey, fluey, and just plain old YUCK.     It is really important in the fluctuations of energy to make sure that you are looking after yourself 100%.   Also please, please keep holding your light and keeping your plans in place for what you want for you.    Make sure to ask the Angels to look after you and keep you safe in your light as well.     It’s a very heavy energy and our bodies are responding to it as much as we are at a mental level, look after your HEALTH.

It’s very important in this changing energy that we are completely aligned within ourselves and while it’s not all negatives at all, it is very important you KNOW you.  Don’t take on board other’s dramas at the moment, you simply won’t have the energy or the strength for it and your physical body will suffer as well.     The illusion is really that this is an energy to stop planning in, to just be in, when in reality it is not serving us at all.      Ask someone how they are at the moment, “I’m fine, just tired”.   What are they planning, creating?  “Oh not much”.   The question is why not?    In order to get past the energy at the moment, we need to be amplifying our energy into US.   When we light up ourselves, we can illuminate our own world.

The energy is challenging you in terms of what you will accept and what you won’t and if you stay in it the “complacency” feeling becomes heavier and heavier.   Coupled with how much work you are doing in the Off Worlds while you are sleeping, most people are feeling like’s its extremely heavy going at the moment.

One thing about us, while we all want peace and a happy existence.  We kinda suck really at manifesting that, so we have good days and bad days within the emotional roller coasters of ourselves.  So we sit at the top of the roller coaster and throw our hands up in the air yelling “Wheeeee” in anticipation of the plunge, but when the plunge happens, we kinda get the “willies” and wonder if we can stand to go back up again and do it all over again.     Simple solution?   Get off the roller coaster unless you LOVE IT.

Where is your PASSION people?  Where is your WONDER at your life….   Mehhhhhhhhhhh…   Slap, Slap… here take ownership of your life… you are expecting it to drive itself and you are STILL parked in the driveway…  *peers at you intently..  Soooooo how’s that working for you again?

We all have been told time and time again that we are Creators of our Destiny, our lives (here I will slap the Guides again for you for reminding us all of that if you like) BUT we don’t take ownership.  When did you decide that doing the housework was the sum total of what you “accomplished” for your day?  Sure dinner was delicious (not that anyone else really commented) but the benchmarks for your own enjoyment of your life, have slipped pretty darn low lately and you can blame it on the Universe, the Energy, the husband, the lover, the dog, the cat, the goldfish, that bug that flew in the window…     SERIOUSLY!!

So when I was walking through the Off Worlds listening to Aeron I was really surprised when he said CHOOSE your ILLUSION…    I said (fatal last words) “But I’m fine at the moment”.     Deadly silence and he leans into me and says “Which illusion are you “content” with”..    (Gawd loves a party pooper!!)  serenely as only he can, walks past me and leaves me to think about it.

When was the last time I focused on what I would like to achieve for me?  Bog trotting pineapples… I can’t remember..   I frown, actually that’s seriously awful.   Do you remember when we were kids and we wanted to “save the world”  “Be a race car driver” “Go to the moon” “be a Ballerina”?    Where did that passion for life go?   When did we dismiss those things are being Mehhhh probably cannot do that so I will just do the ironing instead?    W h a t  t h e  h e l l?

The point I am making and seriously after I followed Aeron and I couldn’t EVEN ask him what did he mean because the ESCAPE ARTIST part of me KNEW exactly what he was talking about, I got to think about it.    We are in danger of settling into mediocrity people… where the illusion that our lives are okay is fairly passionless…  Worse it’s goal less and heavy…  and  where the heck is the FUN in that?

Pries open your eyelids and stares into your face.. What’s the plan for this year??   It’s a Universal Year of New Beginnings.. and ohhhh look there they are sailing past you while you wait for them to HIT you out of your complacency with a sledge hammer.  Ain’t going to happen people, not going to happen.  They are waiting for you to shift your patoot into gear.  Hell, the Universe is waiting for you to shift your patoot.

Get a piece of paper, I challenge you, and write down what your goals are for the year and THEN when you look at them, choose ONE just ONE for the love of Mike, and do something outside this complacency zone and energy that is so heavy and passionless.        I did, I took out my paintbrushes for the first time in 6 months, and man did I have to force myself to do it.   I LOVED IT.   I also started writing again in one of the books I am writing and GUESS WHAT?  I loved it!!

I cut my hair off, brought some new clothes and changed a HEAP of my bad diet habits and I LOVE IT.   I’m starting to REHUM in energy and I LOVE THAT too.

BE THE CHANGE YOU NEED FOR YOU, cause no one else can do it for you, you gotta look past the illusion to find and create what you need for you…  Just sayin’.

Love your life and OWN IT..  get back to yelling WHEEEEE about your life, and LOVE IT truly for you.



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4 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, Choose your Illusion…

  1. Had to laugh about you comments on the guides. Sounds like me with mine and I’m thinking how patient they have to be with me lol.

    Good article, too. 🙂

    • laughs delightedly, I wonder often if “normal” people had half the discussion we have with the Off worlds, how nutty they would think they are. Smiles delightedly and hugs you XX

      • From what I gather, there aren’t all that many. (Or if they are, they aren’t aware of what is going on.)

        I’m sure enough think I’m nutty lol. Whatever. I get results 🙂

  2. nice blog, yo. this is so how my poor guides feel about me… she who never listens… 😛