Spirit Whispers: Talk on Reflections….

Lately I have not been sleeping that well.  I crash to sleep when I do go to bed, and am pulled immediately up to the Off Worlds, so very busy up there lately.  A lot happening down here on the Earth Plane, it’s keeping everyone busy, I usually come back down about 3am and am extremely cold, as I come back into the physical body.   It is also the reason you can wake up feeling tired, simply because you have been so busy upstairs at the moment.

I look at the clock and sigh.  I close my eyes and I am in a field of pansies, all different colours but mostly purples and blues and yellows.  I laugh, a clear sign that my Nana is coming to talk to me and she walks over on a small path that is through the pansies.  I smile and she hugs me, she feels so solid and warm and smells very subtly like Lily of the Valley.

“Come I have something to show you” she says and we walk along the path, I feel the slight breeze as it ruffles all the pansies but can feel the warm of the sun on my back, there are trees surrounding the meadow and we follow the path through these and into a small clearing, which has a pond in the middle of it.   “Look in the pond” she says.     I lean over and look into the water and I am reflected back to myself.  “It’s just me” I say.   She laughs, “No it’s not just you, it’s what you think is reflected back at you, your perception of you.

I look confused, “isn’t that still me?”   She moves and walks around the pond, “look here” she says and I see me again but from a different angle.  I shrug, “it’s still me”.   She laughs and we move again to another spot and I peer into the pond again looking, searching for what feels elusive to me that she is trying to explain and the wind catches the surface of the water and my image distorts and then clears as the wind scampers off on its way.   “I still look like me”.

She laughs delightedly, she reaches into the water and pulls what looks like mirrors from the water, each one round as a side plate, five of them and they show me, complete with the distorted with the wind one, each a slightly different angle, each a slightly different perspective.  She holds them out to me.

“These are the illusions you see of yourself, from whatever perspective you look from you create your own illusion.  The illusion of yourself.  A habit put in place by what you see in the mirror, or what you see as reflected by others.  Until you take ownership of who you are, you can be distorted by the reflection of what you think the world sees of you” and she shows me the wind-blown mirror.  “You are still you but you can allow the perception of what you think others see to distort who you are in yourself.   Illusions are everywhere, what you need to hold onto is NOT what you think you see, but what you feel in your heart”.

“At this time, there is many illusions, what you need to look past is the perception of an illusion that you have accepted for a very long time.  Within that you have lost the value of yourself into an illusion within an illusion.   In reality none of the illusions of anything matter, and within the passage of time you will come to see, that all is an illusion, just whichever one you are most content with”.

She pauses for a moment, and watches me gently.  I completely understand what she means though and it has been coming through in my dreams over and over again.   Whatever we settle for, by our own perceptions, insecurities and fears, that’s what we get.   That’s what we create, and therein lies the greatest illusion of them all, how we feel about ourselves, creates our current reality.   Everything is an illusion, what we create, we accept, what we believe we cannot control, we cannot.  There are multiple ways, reflections that we can see our lives from and yet we at times are so close to the seeing that we cannot see the wood for the trees.

This is a time of choice for all of us.  A time of great opportunity and opportunity for change.  The point she is making and I love her for that, is what we settle for we get.  What we are happy with we choose, what we need to learn from, we create.   It’s OUR illusion, but we not owning it, or understanding the degree of directions we need to look at things from.  We have very narrow perspectives.

To borrow a quintessentially famous phrase “What if I told you this was all an Illusion.  What if I told you, you only see what you want to see, that there is no difference, it’s an illusion.  How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

Please understand it’s not as Matrix’y as all that, and yet beyond it, is the simple truth.  You get to CHOOSE who you are, what you accept and when you want to change something simply you DO.  You get to choose whatever illusion suits you at whatever time that empowers you to have the experiences you need for your own growth.   If you can get your head around that you understand something even more simple.

It’s just an experience…..

You don’t die, your Soul is eternal and this illusion, this journey, is part of what you need for you, to experience all you can to learn about you.   How empowering.  Do you understand how much power that gives you in your right to choose your own illusion?    I talked about it before, but there is a need, a great need at the moment for us to make the choices we need for us and it isn’t CHANGING everything and going “Right if it’s my illusion, I will have this, this and this”.  Well you can do that, but underneath that again is the SIMPLE understanding of choosing to embrace your experience here, love your experience here and BE in the experience, by whatever illusion you are most happy with.

There’s a creative power in you needing, wanting to be set free about how you view your life and your choices.  OWN that, SEE that and you change how you see your world.    A bit mind bending, but within that knowledge.. there is freedom that can set you free, beyond any distortions or views.  It’s a feeling within self, and that changes how you see everything.

Reflections at times show us what we think we know, but they also show us, through reflections from others, HOW much we distort how we feel about ourselves and we can buy into that illusion of who we are.   Step back look clearly… Beautiful you, you are all that is reflected in your world to some degree, in some way, by either what you want to see or refuse to.  But its all part of who you are and the world you are in.      Embrace it all with clarity and simply CHOOSE to be happy with whatever illusion you are happiest in, after all its just an experience for your soul ♥


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