Spirit Whispers: “Spheres of Limitations”… Did I do that?

Sooo how you all surviving the energies at the moment?   When Spirit said to me that the year would be broken up into three monthly lots this year, I was very much, Ohhh nice, that’s all good.   Forgetting completely of course and conveniently, I should add that in a Universal Year of New Beginnings, there will be multiple closures in so many areas to empower us to move forward into our new beginnings.  Talk about having a duhhhh moment.

In fact when I think about it, we are really a bit slow on the uptake in so many ways, we think that we love a challenge, a change and yet when change comes we are always a little “I’m sure I didn’t ask for that in quite that way either”.   Funny how narrow we are in our perceptions in that regard.

This is this discussion that has been going on in the last couple of days with one of the beautiful Guides that I work with.   He keeps showing me energetic changes in the format of a sphere, perfectly round this ball of dark blue light is so smooth, perfectly round from all angles about the size of a tennis ball.

He showed it to me and said this is your life.   I got the giggles, my life condensed down into a sphere.  His eyebrows raised delicately as seriously, he says to me “This is the limitation of your current world”.   I peer at it intently.  “It’s rather small isn’t it?”   If remotely possible the eyebrows soar higher “Very” is his only comment and I don’t know whether to feel insulted or not.

As I sit talking to him, watching the sphere moving through the air in front of me, I think about all the things I have created in my life and wonder if in truth, it can be condensed down into a sphere.   Sadly I have come to the conclusion that yes in fact, this small ball of energy is exactly what I have created into my current sphere.  I reach out and touch it gently, dark blue, it feels quite solid on the outside.

I frown “Why did I do that?”    Yoshi smiles “When you perceive there is a limitation of what you can SEE in your life, you create a boundary for it.  This boundary becomes the “edge” of what your limitation is, your perception or expectation, it creates a boundary that you do not consider going past and thereby becomes the edge of your current reality.     What the Universal energies are doing to all of you at the moment is making you very aware of the “spheres” of your existence and the limitations that you have put on yourself.   The boundaries of the sphere are now limiting you in a way you didn’t recognise before.  Holding you in an energy that is no longer serving you.   Frustration and annoyance becomes a daily occurrence as you energetically are responding to the limitations of your expectations of yourself and of others”.

I look at the sphere again, it’s really small, hell, did I make things that small?   I wonder to myself.  Yoshi grins at me and light illuminates around him, and my sphere in the air suddenly starts to crack like an egg opening.  “Whoa, Whoa, what the heck, what’s up with my sphere now?”   I mean really, it may be small but it’s mine right?  I am thinking to myself.

Laughter collects from the Off Worlds and I refrain from glaring in the direction of the “Eavesdroppers” who are listening in, seriously you HAVE NO SECRETS!.     Yoshi patiently explains that in order for the sphere that has been constructed to change, it must first “crack” in so many ways to become more that what it is.   I watch as colour shines out from all the cracks but there doesn’t seem to be any limits from that light, its shining out everywhere.   I ask what I think is a simple question “where does the light end?”  and in that one moment, as Yoshi gazes at me expectantly, I have this massive understanding.

We are containing ourselves by our own expectations into a “sphere” of our own little world when in reality there is no limitations at all.  When we try to put our lives into a small tiny round sphere, we are actually creating so much limitation on ourselves.  A lack of belief of who we are, what we are capable of, how much we dull ourselves down, and hold ourselves back from being glorious, divine light.   No limitations what so ever apply, it US that is doing that, not the world, but our perception of these boundaries that we create for ourselves.   No one made us do that, we do that to ourselves.

I feel like something just came loose in my brain and I suddenly realise something else as well.  How flipping uncomfortable do we become when we try to make things as comfortable for ourselves as possible?     Am so having a moment here of wrinkling my nose at myself in disgust, at not really realising what is going on at so many levels.  Well I have been but you know, lovely Rational Mind has been handing out excuses left right and centre “What if you are wrong?”  “Shouldn’t you be able to see how this turns out”..   Good grief, someone slap that brain!

Shells are cracking, by whatever means necessary, to empower us to be who we are supposed to be, who we are in our hearts.  Light without limitations, that we put on ourselves.   This year will bring so many opportunities but also it will do THIS…  The opportunities will be HIDDEN… why?   Simply because we are sooo darn good at creating these “spheres of limitation”, that we are actually smothering ourselves.     So when we change things but we try to stuff that new thing back into an old expectation or an old habit, we are actually ruining what we wanted to change in the first place!  No wonder the energy is spicing things up at the moment! and no wonder things are slightly hidden. It’s asking us to shrug off the energy that no longer serves us, that’s trying to contain us into our comfortable or rather uncomfortable little “spheres”  and “take a risk!” to empower ourselves into the light of us beyond our current perceptions.    Ohhhh please stop wailing you just want peace, when in reality YOU were the one who asked for the change!

How cool is that?   Well painful for some of us, as we really like little spheres, we feel like they are safe.   Well newsflash, they AREN’T.   They are so limiting and showing us that when we try to control everything we are limiting all of the wonderful things that can come into our lives.  Things that we haven’t even dreamed of, let along can think of, because that’s a sphere in itself and MAN it’s been getting intense with the cracking hasn’t it?

I was having a colossal meltdown while cleaning the chicken shed out the other day and moaning to anyone that would listen in the Off Worlds, when the song “Rescue Me” starting playing full noise in my head and then with the brisk ripping off noise that ever belongs to a record player needle being pulled over  a record abruptly to end the song, came a sharp “Rescue yourself”.   I froze for a moment and then laughter bubbled up massively, and stooped over in the coop and I was snorting and terrifying the chickens with inappropriate snorting, giggling noises.    Seriously people, you going to create these little spheres the same way I am, YOU have to rescue you too!

Sometimes YOU aren’t MEANT to see where you are going.  But in this energy, stop waiting for the Universe to kick your butt into closure mode of aspects that are not serving you and forcing you forward.   Seize the opportunity to open up the cracks more in your spheres, and LET your light shine out.   The way forward isn’t predictable, it’s EXCITING, UNKNOWN, and WONDERFUL!  Stop trying to stuff it in an old sphere…   Seriously WHERE is your sense of adventure.   Drag that thing out and dust it off, and celebrate NEW BEGINNING by creating something outside your comfort zone.

Who cares if you don’t know what it is, that’s the whole POINT, simply have fun doing something beyond your own limitations.   After all you certainly will surprise yourself with who you truly are if you don’t try to PACKAGE your life into a little sphere of limitations.     Go forth boldly where no man has gone before… why the heck not?   No one gets out of this alive anyway, may as well say yes to every opportunity and go where you can feel the freedom of being you.  Just think about it and embrace the opportunity to shine your light beyond any limitation you can think of.





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