Spirit Whispers: Don’t give up… Keep your light shining…

Well true to form, the Universal energies are rocking us all and in some places, you would think that the cradle is being violently rocked.   Seems as much as we hold onto the old energies which are not serving us the more violently things are being abruptly changed and brought to the surface for us to address.

I was walking in the Off Worlds with one of my Guides and listening to the wisdom he was bringing.  I thought I would share it with you.  As he so wonderfully puts it, there is no hiding from life and even though I may retreat to the Off Worlds for solace, what is the point if I am not bringing back the wisdom to share and even better to implement.  There is no hiding in this life, you are only truly kidding yourself and when you do hide, the Universe has a way of exposing you anyway so you may as well keep shining forward on the track to finding out who you truly are anyway.

I always laugh when the Guides say “Come up” because that means I have got too heavy in Earth Plane energy and need to lighten myself up to a level of clarity.   Last night as I went up, I was travelling with Yoshi who always takes me to the most beautiful of Japanese Gardens.

Always we land in a flurry of cherry blossom petals and walk through these amazingly intricate walkways, serenely calm and beautiful.   There is a lot of wisdom from simply being in nature.  It brings you to an awareness of such beauty, that we forget as we trundle forward in our cluttered lives.  We need to make more time to be free to just enjoy space with our beautiful planet.

As ever we when we walk, Yoshi brings his gentle wisdom and clarity.  Yoshi appeared a couple of weeks ago, brought in by Aeron, simply to help me to understand at times the responsibility that we put on ourselves that we do not need to (he actually killed me in a past life but that’s another story).   He always shows in such simple ways how much we create drama for ourselves that we NEED and I mean that truly need in the ever understanding journey of ourselves.

He was telling me the Story of the Water Girl and I would love to share it because it ties in beautifully with the energy of this blog.


There was a beautiful maiden, skin like the palest cherry blossom, and hair as dark as a raven’s wing, doe eyes, deep as a river, and arching brows, she was the talk of the village.   She dressed each day in a beautiful silk kimono in midnight blue and travelled down the intricate pathway from her home to collect water from the river below.   Many questioned why the beautiful young girl dressed so beautifully just to collect water, but rarely did she talk to anyone on her travels, she obediently collected the water and returned to the house, looking after her father.  Her mother had died in childbirth and the maiden was the pride of her father’s eye.

In the village the only thing that was feared was fire, and when the storm hit, lightening hit the house of the maiden and her father.  In trying to save her father, the beautiful maiden was badly burned.  Her father perished in the blaze and the kindly neighbour woman took the young woman in and patiently nursed her back to life.   One side of the beautiful girl’s face was unmarked, skin still like the petal of a cherry blossom, the other side of her face, was an angry burned reminder of her loss of her beloved father.   The days and months passed and the girl slowly healed.  Everyone in the village was very sympathetic but shook their heads sadly, for the girl now was no prize and it was unlikely she would find the happiness she would have been able to find before.

The girl said nothing, she cried no tears for herself, she kept her sorrow inside and she hid from the rest of the village within the house of the kindly woman.    She would only ever complete her daily ritual of going down to the river to collect the water, her hair down in a sleek rain down her back and covering her burned face.       The kindly woman watched her carefully, knowing full well one day she would need to release the tears which she carried inside, in order for her to fully heal in her heart.

As the summer passed the young maiden threaded her way down the hillside to the river and bent to fill the wooden buckets with water.  The cherry blossoms rained into the water, and she grew frustrated trying to remove all of them from the water.  Again and again, she removed the small petals for more to fall into the buckets and the young woman in frustration sat down by the river and sobbed and sobbed.   The kindly woman who had taken her in came and found her, and brushed back the hair from her face and took her chin in her hands.

“Child, why do you weep so?”  The young maiden replied “I collect the water and I want it to be fresh and pure but the cherry blossoms fall and contaminate the water, I just want it to be clear”.  She sobbed.   The kindly woman knew that the tears fell for many reasons not just the cherry blossoms. She waited patiently and sat by the young woman. “Do you not see that the cherry blossoms do not contaminate the water?  That they add their colour and flavour to the water.   Much like the burn on you, it does not change who you are, it enhances the beauty of your soul.   Things are not always perfect, by our own standards or by any one else’s, they are perfect in their own way.    When you try to change something that has its own understanding, and its own flow, you try to form it into something that works by your own rules, by your own understanding.   Many many times in this lifetime you will be “flavoured” by things you cannot change, the loss of your father, the loss of an external “beauty” but the beauty of your SOUL of who you are is shaped and formed by these things. Just as the water from the river will always flow, it will continually be shaping the land, be shaped in turn by the cherry blossoms that flavour it, and all other things that happen on the journey of life.

This is life, it is about taking what happens and allowing yourself to go with the flow of it, not trying to shape and form it by your own expectations or limitations or perceptions, allow yourself to be flavoured, enhanced and see the beauty of you beyond anything that others may say or do.  Be like the river, trust that all that comes to it is what is meant to be, that you have enough to give, and be given.  Trust in who you are beyond anything that may try to bring you down to your knees, or instill you with fear, trust that within you, the light of you, is enough to deal with all that life gives you and celebrate the flavouring of your soul”.

The young woman smiled at the kindly woman through her tears and it was a beautiful smile, shaped with wisdom and understanding and the light of her love for the woman shone in the doe eyes and she gently hugged the kindly woman.    “Thank you, for showing me not what I think I am, but what I need to be for me”.   They both collected the cherry blossom blessed water and continued back up the hill contentedly.


Life does flavour us on our journey, with losses of people, circumstances, situations and regrets.  However, it is this too, we may have scars that are not as obvious as the burned maiden, but they too have shaped and formed us to whom we are today.   We have two choices in this lifetime, to be brought to our knees by what we consider NOT fair, but what we needed to learn about ourselves or we can celebrate each “seasoning” that brings us greater wisdom and understanding of ourselves.  This is YOUR journey, uniquely yours, you agreed this at a SOUL level for your own understanding and in it you forgot one important thing.  Love you regardless, you are in a process of great learning, great understanding for your soul, LOVE that life will have twists and turns for like the cherry blossom flavoured water, you are more enhanced, more wise and more loving for those experiences. Show your scars, for they are the very essence of who you are on this creative journey and they show everyone how proud you need to be of what you have experienced and grown from simply.

Don’t give up… Keep Shining



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