Spirit Whispers: Many Happy Karmic Returns…

Been talking a lot lately about patterns, habits, cycles.  How hard we are on ourselves and how kind we should be to ourselves, and to others….  It was funny because the other day I was listening to a lady talking.  Well okay, I might have been eavesdropping because she was right beside me yelling down her phone as I waited in a waiting room.

“That’s Karma” she yelled, “Karma, bites everyone on the ass, hope it bit a good one!”   Stunned silence in the waiting room as we all waited (without her noticing, even though she was yelling) for the next epiphany to be boomed across the waiting room.   Some serious head nodding from the lady and muted silence from the waiting room as we all appeared fascinated by magazines that we weren’t even reading.

“I get that, but you wait Karma, it’s a BITCH, grabs you and really screws you over!   You’re tempting Karma you know and she BITES!”  Angrily she yelled that last bit and punched a finger into the phone.   Cue mad scramble as no one makes eye contact at all the magazines suddenly go from the lap to a good two inches higher as eyes stare raptly at something they are NOT reading.

She blows out air and stares moodily into the waiting room, gets up and stomps off to the bathroom.

Five people look sideways at each other and grin.     I sit thinking about this and really it did get me thinking.   I hear people vent this phrase a lot.  With an evil gleam in their eye, they sagely say… “hmmmm Karma….” everyone nods and gets that evil gleam of anticipation in their eye.   Seriously its like cursing someone with the black plague or something…  Will get ya… will get ya.

Well listen up Gorgeous Lights,  in perfect justification that Karma will get someone else… What about yourself as you were waving the ole hairy eyeball at someone else.

We have a tendency at times to get on our hobby-horse about people’s behaviours and we love at times to blame others for their role in situations and aggravations.    BUT…. What about our role? and better YET understanding WHY people choose their roles?  What about the energy of throwing “Karma” at others, when all energy we sent out is like a ripple and a ripple once reaching a destination returns to the origin.    So while it’s all well and good, in this case, yelling it at other people, it doesn’t make any of us exempt from this experience either.

We are the sum total of all of our lives at any one point.  That one point is RIGHT NOW.  How we react is based on our experiences in this life, and in others.  As for Karmic connections, well we are ALL in this together as well, so if we are doing reminders about Karma (loudly) perhaps we should look at what we are “karmically” experiencing in ourselves.

Yoshi explains it well and I love the explanation.  So here you go…

“If a tree falls in the forest, does it affect just itself?  Or does it have an impact on the soil? an impact on those living on it?  Those living beside it? Within it?  from it?   Does the space where the tree was replace itself? or does it generate more light for others?  Or more shade depending how it fell?   Everything is interwoven in every way, time may pass but the essence of the changes will be felt on others in the forest in many subtle ways to come”.

Interesting point isn’t it.  Because on the days we want Karma to quote “Bite someone’s ass”..   We are in fact not acknowledging the bite marks on our own butt that is to come from the energetic chain reaction that ties us all together, for in fact we are ALL in this together.      The energy you WISH to another will indeedy manifest along the way in your own life because of your actions or reactions on the basis of your other lives and most of us have had many of them.

I kinda liken it this way… we are all sitting around in the Laundry of Life… One lady says conspiratorily “I’m on a wash cycle this time around”… “Ohhhh” says the other “Rinse cycle this time for me”…. sighing heavily.. “So much dirt last time… have to really rinse well this time”… The other nods in complete understanding “Have soooo been there and yet here I am again for another 50 years.. more dirt, it was intense”…

The cycles we are in can be called Karmic and can be thrown at other people, but there is a balance at play here.  Not the “I’m in a grumpy mood, let’s throw energy” way, but in an understanding that for every action, there is a reaction and taking our part in that as well in understanding and acknowledgement.   We are all bouncing off each other in the Laundry of Life, we should be more understanding within that.   Not wishing more dirt for each other.  I dunno about you, but I have enough of my own without sending out energy in a “Here Happy Karmic, more dirt, returns” way.   Personally do it in a loving manner so the energy returning is soooo good for you.  Not the negative aspect of a balance that will affect you as well.

Oh? and for your information, the grumpy lady in the waiting room came stomping back out of the bathroom, the door swung really heavily smacked her in the butt and she nearly fell back into the waiting room.   Cue 5 pairs of eyes, sagely nodding… “That’s Karma, right there”… running like a freight train right through their heads!!

This energy at the moment is asking us all to look at our inner bits, the ones that make us vulnerable and the bits that are needing to heal, its a trying time for all, and a little more compassion would go a long way, both for others and for ourselves.   We need more love people, more loooooooove so instead of sending crappy returns.  Send loving ones, we are all needing encouragement for whatever role we are bringing to each other and we just need to lighten up people, choose where you send your energy and please don’t wish more dirt on others unless your own “laundry” is squeaky clean. *winks






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