Spirit Whispers: Take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… Aww hell, just forget it..

Hmmz gotta love the APRIL energy, lingering like a bad smell,  which has many people standing staring down the barrel of their relationships in all shapes and forms and going “SERIOUSLY!  I have this T-shirt, what the HECK am I doing wrong?”….

Cue massively drum roll, in fact let’s make it a Galactic drum roll for good measure….

YOU AGREED to this…   WHY?   To make you look at what you had hidden from yourself, what you need to heal in yourself and more importantly to teach you to love yourself MORE.

There is no BAD eclipses, or planetary alignments… there is “Wake up” eclipses, “love yourself” eclipses, “hello? is anybody feeling their hearts?” eclipses.  Nothing is co-incidental people… NUTHING…

And just when you thought you could deal with all of that, what about the agreements that you came in with, with the people you came in with?   These are all adding to the need for each of us to ‘find’ ourselves simply within ourselves.

Everyone is so interconnected, so much more than we realise at times, and no one person is coincidental in your lives.     As we move forward into higher frequency and higher awareness’s the “agreements” you come in with start to really play out through your life.

Ever wondered how someone can be in your life for 10 years and you have, what you think, is a really good relationship with them, and then one day, they actually start to annoy the heck out of you and you them, and you wonder what on earth is happening.  So you start to call them on their “changes” and they call you on “yours” straight back again.   You both start to distance yourself and not see each other as much, until ultimately there is no connection there at a physical level and you are left wondering was it them or you?

“Oh they changed so much, I don’t even know them any more”.

Or they blast into your life for a period of time and then equally as loudly “blast” out?…

These are the agreements in learning, agreements at soul level that you have undertaken with each other, way before coming here.   All the times I talk to the Guides and have been in some of my own “soul group” meetings at night time.  There is many discussions on behaviours, learning, understanding and growth.     There is such an interest, in how we are progressing, for this choice we can do this, for this choice when we chose that, look what it produced.

There simply is no wrong… ever…  It’s all about LOVE, growth and experiences.   Unfortunately for us in the forgetting at times, we FORGET to have FUN with our lives.   We take things so intensely personally down here, and while it does feel intense while we are in it, that is also our own perspective as well.    As my son sums it up so beautifully “It’s complicated”…

I remember so clearly when my youngest was about 4 years old, he was doing something that was irritating the heck out of me.  I had asked him and asked him to stop but as all gorgeous children are here for their experiences as well, he was learning of pushing boundaries.   In the end what he was touching got broken.   I was so cross and said “How could you break that when I asked you not to?”   He looked at me with the most serious of eyes and said “You agreed to do this with me!”.   For a single moment I was startled and then got the giggles.

He was right, at 4 years old.   I did agree to have this relationship with him, I did agree to bring him into the world for all his learning with me and me with him.   How lovely at 4 for him to remind me, (and is STILL reminding me) of the agreements at a soul level we have decided to learn from with each other, and REALLY that’s the key, the whole key.

We AGREED to give each other and agree with all others in our life, because it’s a pretty organised soul group, to give each other the learning we require.    People who take roles of difficult parents, friends, siblings and partners.   They take these roles because of LOVE, the more the souls want to bring “deeper” understanding to themselves and each other the more challenging the roles they will take.     At times our human understanding moans at the “unfairness” of all of this, however, at a deeper level there is amazing amounts of growth happening at so many levels.

How many times from a difficult relationship have you stepped back with the blessing of space and time, to say “That was hell, but I learned so much about myself?”    THAT is exactly what was meant to happen within the agreement at a soul level of LOVE.     We can twist and blame and create complete and utter conviction that THEY were wrong and WE were right within relationships but cut that all away and think of it this way.

There has to be an amazing amount of love at a soul level to take such a, as our human condition says, cruel role in our lives, our learning.  But really that’s only a perception from an Earth perspective.   At a soul level to want to help you learn as much as possible about yourself, it’s done out of love for you.   It can be hard to wrap your brain around it really, but I will try this way.

Yoshi, is my newest Guide, when he appeared I was having dreams about being burned alive and the feelings of utter betrayal that came from that.   I couldn’t quite work out why and it seemed like everyone I had in my life was betraying me at some level.    Some of the Guides I work with have had past lives with me before and Yoshi is no exception.    Our history is one that is extremely violent and if you go back in history there is always cruelty, there still is today.  We learn slowly really, by experiences and then  we repeat them until the learning is complete.

Yoshi threw me as a small child into a burning pit.  He was part of band soldiers who were given the responsibility of removing whole villages who did not support the ruler at the time and what better way of removing any resistance what so ever, than killing all the children to keep the villages subservient.  The power struggles have been throughout history over and over again and while all of this was an experience in the 800’s.     I vividly remember the looking straight into his face as he dropped me.    I don’t bear him any animosity whatsoever, we have gone back and looked at everything, what I learned what he learned, what he is coming in to teach me at the moment, there is understanding there completely between the two of us.

However, IF I met him here in real life… What kind of emotions would he have “sparked” in me, if I didn’t remember (as most of us are not meant to).   I may well have felt a huge distrust, a feeling he may betray me, or we could have connected in a more contented way.   The point is YOU are meeting people all the time you have agreements with for your own learning and for theirs, no one is exempt here.   So take the time, truly take the time to acknowledge your “agreements”.  THANK everyone who is in your life, good, bad, random, because ALL of you have agreed to work together to learn and grow together and you did that because you LOVE each other so much, regardless of the roles on Earth.

Also until we learn completely about ourselves and not constantly blame others, we get to come back and fulfil all aspects of learning.  I dunno about you, but I’ve been here a long time and its overdue for me to look at all my “warty” experiences and I am so grateful for everyone who is here on the Earth plane helping me do just that.     THANK YOU.

Hmmmz, Take 962, Action, Camera… what’s next?   Love the life you are experiencing, truly and completely and stop taking it so seriously, love all the experiences for they are empowering you to know who you truly are!




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  1. This is pretty much an article I wanted to write, so this is good. Mind if I post the link in the FB Empath support group?

  2. On second thoughts, i’ll go ahead and post it and if you are unhappy, I’ll remove it. Easier that way 🙂

  3. Wow I wish I had all this wonderful insight into relationships when my children were younger!! Great article – thank you.