Spirit Whispers: The meaning of Inertia… A sedentary Tale…

I have been working a lot in the Off Worlds in my all time favourite subject “Energy and cellular reconstruction”.   I often say to people, I’m a Jack of all Trades and master of none but in reality we are all jack of all trades.   While at times people see me only as being a Medium, working with your loved ones, yourself and your guides, that is a side of me I present for that time.

People who know I can see energy and work with energy, come to work with those sides of themselves with me, to look to the past, the patterns and how it is impacting on their future, working with the energy coming into their body and their frequency.

People who are looking for reasons why their energy is low, why they are manifesting illness and what deficiencies or needs their body is trying to tell them, come for those reasons as well, to find out why their bodies are responding in the manner they are.   These are all aspects that belong to who I am.

They are all ASPECTS, that belong to YOU.

Many, many times, we allow people to only see small aspects of ourselves.  Things we allow ourselves to do around certain people that we feel comfortable with.    People we choose to be with on some days and other days think “Oh I love them, but cannot deal with them today”.   With the shifts and changes of our ever-moving emotions, we pick and choose our way through the aspects of ourselves.  Constantly adjusting and changing we are constantly creating “states” for ourselves.  Within these states, we will allow certain people at certain times.  It’s not really a cloaking of ourselves, more an exploration into understanding why we choose certain aspects at certain times.    On good days,  you can connect with people you like and have fun with, but if you are hiding an aspect of yourself that needs your self-healing, a “trigger” person will pop into your day to help you see you are still in a way hiding some aspects of you that needs addressing.

I often ask the Guides if we are putting ourselves back together on the Earth Plane.   Seems to be the best way to describe it really, for until we get back to being “whole” we have these roles, or aspects that we present to people for whatever reason, governed by our emotional state at the time.   Complex creatures aren’t we?

The next step from there is how our CELLS respond to all of that, making us either tired, lethargic or enthusiastic.     The Guides explain it this way,

“Energy has its own flow, everything flowing continuously, be it fast or slow, its a constant movement.   If you take energy and contain it in a box.  It does not stop in a state of inertia but it then starts to cycle on itself.  It becomes circular in both it’s patterns and it’s intention as there is no way out.   Similarly the pattern within your own harmony does the same thing.  When you are mentally active and stimulated by new things, your energy flow is moving, growing learning and embracing.  When you get caught up in sedentary structures and lack of motivation, inertia energy forms within your cells, and your own energy starts to cycle on itself.   It cycles back into old learning, old patterns and structures and simple circles on itself.   As this energy condenses into the human structure, the cells start to respond to being “boxed” and cycle back on themselves, reinforcing energetic “loops”, (here Zack show’s me an image of a record, an old 45 just going around and around, never-ending just stuck on the same song) and singularity of programming.    In short, your cells keep responding in exactly the same way, no change, no invigoration, no exercise, just circular and as they do this, they make you tired, immune system drops, illness seeps in as your cells relentless programmed into inertia, by a lack of flow, start to “illuminate” your need for change, mostly in VERY drastic ways.”

Now for me when the Guides talk about these things but I know that it needs in some ways to be simpler so we can embrace helping ourselves MORE.    So here’s some steps…

1. Acknowledge you have created too much structure in your life (you did you know) and go have some FUN!

2. DRINK water, your body is made up of mostly WATER… stop over feeding it food and drink more…

3. What you THINK you are… “I can’t, I’m scared, I’m too tired, I’m useless, I will probably fail”… these have emotional qualities that are  dis-empowering to your cells and CREATE circular flow in cells that ACCELERATE  illness in your physical body.

4. Pay ATTENTION to what your body is telling you… Stomach? What can’t you stomach?  Headaches? Over thinking over analysing (people who come will hear me say your “turquoise” about your head is spinning in a circle, your thoughts are circular)  what on earth do you think your cells are doing when you are cycling around within dramas, the SAME thing.  Back, Neck, Shoulders? Responsibilities TOO overwhelming. PUT some down, you aren’t here to fix the world!  Bowel, intestine? (I think you know this one)  LET go of cr*p SERIOUSLY!   Fatigue?  The manifestation IN your cells of being OVER everything, but continuing to do it… BOREDOM…  At some point your body will MAKE you see what you are creating by showing you to remember your value by YOU making yourself sick…     Add emotional qualities, resentment, frustration, guilt, grief, anger and the body responds FASTER, BIGGER and the illnesses get into serious diseases…  DIS-EASE…

5. Recognise YOU are creating your own inertia…  YOU are.   Know the meaning of the word?  At a Physics level?

Inertia : a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.         

Peers intently at you and taps fingers on the counter waiting….   Unless the state is changed by an external force…  JEEPERS!   That should put the willies up everyone!   I certainly don’t want the Universe to give me a “Celestial” boot in my butt about looking after myself, or MAKING me see that I need to put some empowering changes into place.   There is two ways it will happen people, only TWO ways….  YOU change it, start healing you away from stagnation and into healthy flowing energy.  Or wait for that BOOT in the BOOTY from the Universe telling you to get back into your beautiful life by MAKING you see what you are doing to your amazing body.

Thought triggers emotion + emotions produce cellular response + cellular response = HEALTH

Everyone spiritual will nag you about loving yourself, being at one with yourself, but the bottom line is this, UNLESS you love you, nurture you and look after you, YOU create the vehicle you move around in, the situations around, the world you live in.      Sooooooooooooo how MUCH are your thoughts circular?  How much inertia are you in?  AND HOW well are you at the moment??



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