Spirit Whispers: Ahhhhh the Celestial Kick in the bottom… Excellent!

I keep hearing for the last couple of days Fairground Music… la la la la lar … da da da dar…  and it echoes in the back of my head like some small broken wind up toy, glaringly annoying, it cycles back around me when I am procrastinating…   Apparently, APPARENTLY, Spirit have an awesome sense of humour… Me on the other hand lately, well not so much.

I was incredibly startled the other morning to open my eyes at 5am to find Yoshi peering intently at me.  Talk about having a heart attack.  Nothing worse than some beady little black eyes in a crinkled face peering down at you when you were expecting, EXPECTING, I might add, to see a beautiful sunrise.    Honestly, loud speaker announcement “Ermmm Poo Pickup, Isle 5, can I have a pick up Isle 5?”…

I smothered the screech that was about to burst from my lips and startle half the planet.  “Go away, it’s too early” I mumble at him indignantly, while I wonder if I can actually capture my heart catapulting about my chest and harness it back into place.    I close my eyes and try to ignore him.     I wait and mentally roll my eyes, “sleeping here” I mumble at him again.   No movement whatsoever and the worst thing is that I may well be able to hide from myself BUT Guides are persistent little creatures and they pop through realms.    In my mind’s eye I can see the Fairground getting closer and closer.  I sigh, SERIOUSLY!  5am people, 5am!

I crack open an eye and see my beloved Guide patiently staring at me.  I cringe… The fairground or the Guide… shouldn’t Selwyn Toogood be yelling “The money or the bag” somewhere in my lurking memories of my childhood.  I have noticed something though, it’s really hard to roll your eyes with your eyes closed..  (I know you just tried it!)

“Distraction!” yells Yoshi suddenly and I just about catapult again off the bed.    “FINE!” I glare at him and crawl quietly from the bed, snatching the dressing gown from the end and stamping out to the lounge, well by stamping I mean making as little noise as possible since I don’t really want everyone else in the house awake and MOANING at me at 5am.   I flop into the chair in the lounge and drag the fluffy comforter over me and go “What?” rudely at Yoshi.    I love this Guide, he has the most mobile eyebrows, they soar, simply soar off his face and disappear into his forehead, like a pair of swans taking off, fascinating.  “Distraction!”.

Seriously people, no one should be rude to their Guides, but any honest person will be, after all they can at times have it incredibly easy by our perception.  They AREN’T HERE on the planet, trying to have a human life and living in a meaningful and loving way.   “Distraction” whispers my Guide at me.

Now I don’t know about you but this blog is taking on a pattern….   It’s actually suspiciously looking like to me that Yoshi must be right.   I mean to say how many times have I tried to “Distract” myself AND you off into another train of thought?   And come to think of it, WHY is that exactly?

Yoshi shakes his head at me.   “You need to stop this game of “Distraction” with yourself” hmmmz..  I raise my eyebrows and seriously consider LYING… which is a moot point really because whom exactly would I be lying to?  STINK me….      See this energy lately has been doing a really curious thing to people, it seems to have “disempowered” them into complacency.   Ask someone how they are and they say “Ohhhh I’m fine” look slightly puzzled as if there was something important to say and look vaguely into space.

Now follow my finger, follow, follow, yes back to here.  There you go.  What seems to be happening is people have not lost their “mojo” but are sitting in an energy that is not really motivating them and worse they are playing “Distraction” with themselves.     I probably should explain the game and then you can see if you know it.

1. 1st Rule of the Game – Convince yourself you are really busy – (Liar, Liar, pants on fire)

2. 2nd Rule of the Game – Make a list of jobs to do and then think OMG why can’t a pixie come and do that for me.

3. 3rd Rule of the Game – Think more and more about the jobs you should be doing and start to look frantically around for a….. YIP “Distraction”…

4.  The phone rings and you just about HUG it, it means that for a time you can simply ignore all the “other” stuff, you know important stuff that actually helps you to be “IN YOUR LIFE”

5. You hang up the phone and cringe because the “LIST” is still there and that phone call ONLY took 3/4 of an hour.. Darn those pixies, what the heck do they think they are playing at!

6. You peer at the “LIST” and see it involves something to do with emails… You think I can do this, I can do it, and suddenly and unexpectedly FACEBOOK opens and you get completely “DISTRACTED” by someone having their left tonsil removed because as they were tackling a dinosaur, they swallowed a newt.   3 hours has passed and now it’s WAY too late in the day to start tackling SUCH an enormous list and those pixies haven’t made you coffee so it’s time to go have one, AND while you are out, spend 1.5 hours at the Supermarket so the rest of the day is SOAKED UP….

People, people, people…  Oh wait… I was talking about myself here!

In all seriousness though, this energy is GREAT at stealing time..  Or is that you doing it to yourself?    Yoshi, Aeron and Elom are all eyeballing me at the moment.   I look at them sympathetically… “I know, I know, you got me! Definitely NO money and I’m a complete BAG”…

But hark, on the horizon (5 bleeding AM) is Yoshi with his pearls of wisdom.

“No one forces you to do these things to yourself.  You are making a conscious choice.  When you make this choice, you choose to ignore your soul purpose, and within doing this you will have no one person to blame but yourself.    You have worked a long time to come to a point of indifference don’t you think?”  He peers at me so gently and so lovingly and I feel like an absolute heel.

“The problem is your brain (see I knew it, over rated)”  He shakes his head.  “You are allowing your brain to distract you, when your heart knows you are not passionately involved in your life.   You need to fall in love with your life again”.   I peer at him, what a wonderful concept.   The images he sends me are of such love and I understand so much that these EVER patient Guides have the capability of out waiting the most irritating of people (by people, I mean me).

So how much ARE you distracting yourself?  How much are you believing that it’s easier to slide aimlessly because it’s not so bad, yet the days seems to be eaten up?   When asked what have you been up to lately, you mumble “just busy” but cannot for the life of you remember what that entails?

FALL IN LOVE….. with your life.   What a perfect celestial boot in the bottom for you.   Fall in love with every moment, MAKE it a moment to remember and LOVE what you do, who you talk to, put energy into YOUR day, after all it IS your day.   Stop creating distractions and come back to what is truly important to you, renew your VOWS, with yourself for your passionate, creative and loving life.     The colours are changing in the airways and its a clear Turquoise you need to grab hold of and bring it close to your heart.  Clarity people, and lemon for purpose.   No more game shows, fairground music or sedentary choices.   Choose for you, choose for life, and CHOOSE for LOVE…  After all no one wins at the “Game of Distraction”…

PS: Celestial boot in the bum over… Up to you to sort it from here, the Universe awaits your plan!



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  1. Tina

    Bless you lovely, awesome blog. Wheeeeeeeee……..!!
    And yes, I’m reading your blog when I’m suppose to be replying to emails. Winks and giggles!! 😛