Spirit Whispers: Discussions with Yoshi, change and chances

Hmmmz, I have noticed that lately I haven’t blogged as much about spending time with the Guides and while that has been absolutely fine as each blog is moments in time.  I do still spend a huge amount of time with the Guides.  Mostly this happens at night and (when I’m avoiding my day).  There is a distinct pulling sensation and I am out of the human body and off.

I just close my eyes sometimes and immediately, last night for instance, Yoshi is right there, “Come, come” he says and we are off.  walking this time through a beautiful forest, the colours of it extremely vivid and the details so crisp and alive.  That is one thing that is so different here, or maybe it’s just the way we see things.  There is so much detail here on the Earth Plane but on the other side, everything seems richer, more vivid, more intense in every sense.   Down here at times the colours while beautiful, are dimmer in comparison to the auric colours that radiate of everything living beyond our current sight.   Funny how it seems in reverse really but is still our gorgeous planet and her colours are beautiful.

We walk through this amazing forest and come to this enormous pool in the middle of it all.  The water is deep translucent and I look down and see all these varieties of fish, amazing really.  As I stare into the pond Yoshi says “We are going fishing”.   I look at him and laugh “Don’t have a fishing rod”.   He smiles and crosses his arms and inquires “How would YOU go fishing then”.   I laugh, “well without the proper rod, I would probably look around and get a stick maybe, some vine, a worm, I don’t know I would have to think about it”.   “Hmmz” he replied “Isn’t that making it complicated?”.   “Well, it the only way I know how to catch fish!”.   He laughs and leans in.

“The best way to catch fish is to simply DECIDE to catch fish”.   I frown “Why?”  He laughs “Put your hand in the water”.   “I don’t have a fishing rod”.   “Then ask the fish to come”.   I sigh, I am never getting out of doing this unless I trust him.  He winks “Oh you aren’t trusting ME, you are trusting YOU”.     I lie down and put my hand into the beautiful clear water, close my eyes and wish the fish to come.     As I lay there I am thinking, I haven’t got a hope in hell of catching fish this way.   There is a poke in my back and a “Set the intention” whispered in my direction.

I pull my focus back to the pond and the fish and simply ask the fish to come.   A flurry of water spins past my hand in the cool depths and I nearly pull it out by accident.  Smothered chortles from Yoshi and I open my eyes.  I so have to smother giggles myself as there is a myriad of all different coloured fish moving gently, all within touching distance from my hand.  I move my hand gently and hold my breath.  “Ask them”  and I ask the fish to come closer so I can touch them.    A small brilliant purple fish lands gently in my palm and I can feel the energy of it, singing with harmony and with life as it flutters like a heart beat in my palm.  I touch it gently and let it go.  The other fish nuzzle closer and I gently trace a finger over the smooth scales of a gold and green, large finned fish.

“Ummm you are supposed to be catching them?”  I turn my head and grin at Yoshi.  “Oh pfffft, they are so beautiful!”.    He throws back his head and laughs loudly and the fish startled at the noise, dart like shooting stars off in all directions.   I take my hand from the water and I can almost feel the energy of the small purple fish in my hand.  I beam at Yoshi and he laughs again.   “What?” I demand, feeling mortified.

He beckons me over and wraps an arm around my shoulders.    “You know, you make up an awful lot of excuses at times for the reasons to procrastinate about what you are supposed to be doing.  If I had left you, you would have gone off and found a stick, wandered around looking for something else to fish with, then some bait and the amount of time you would have wasted would have led you to the conclusion you should just give up”.

I have the giggles, seriously, I have the giggles.  WHY do I have the giggles, because OF COURSE he is right.  When he showed me to just stick my hand in the water and ask.  It was the simplest thing and yet I was procrastinating with my own issues, my own perceptions and my own excuses about how to catch the fish.   How many times do you do that?  Are you giggling too?  YOU should be, you do EXACTLY the same thing!!

So when you have finished giggling about me, have a think about it.  Do you talk yourself out of things, or into it?  Around things or over it.  Under things or just “It got too hard so I didn’t follow it through”   It didn’t get too hard, YOU got inventive with the hard stuff.  Get your hand in the water and call those fish.  You can do it, stop convincing yourself you can’t.

Food for thought isn’t it.  How many situations do you do that in?  Me a lot. Sighs, and I have to suck that one up because Yoshi isn’t wrong and the next time.  Maybe sod being on the bank, I think I might just dive IN!!  Take a risk, take a chance, make a change!  Close your eyes and make it happen, focus, set the intention and WISH.



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