Spirit Whispers: The Gossip of a Fool… A Parable

Goodness it feels like ages since I have blogged! and it probably is.   Energy has been swirling through the airways and people need to be careful not to get weighed down by the shifts and changes of it all.  While there is still the silvers of illumination through the airways, and the burnt oranges of self growth, there is also beautiful lilacs of old knowledge and wisdom being activated in people.  This lilac is the colour we need, for it defines purpose when things are heavy, it makes us look at things differently and more importantly, it’s the colour that says, that’s enough!   You deserve better and it’s pushing us to choose which pathway we want to walk.  Please at this time do not let yourself be dragged down into feeling heavy and lost.  ASK for help from Spirit for pure white energy through your crown to empower you in moments of doubts, for these are the ones which need addressing the most at the moment, doubts and fears.    Doubts and fears truly need to be illuminated so we can move forward to our beautiful selves, so don’t resent them, rather LOOK at them clearly and recognise them for what they are… illusions…  Push through them and find you.

Its food for thought though and it sparked a story from the Guides…  I wanted to share it with you, so you too can see what at times we do to ourselves..

The Gossip of a Fool…

One day a young man decided that he would make a pilgrimage far across the land, to search out his true love.   He was strong and he was brave and he did not want to settle for a wife from any of the neighbouring villages, he wanted to find someone different, someone like he had never met before and so with both the blessing of his family and with some trepidation, he set forth with his pack on his back and a supply of food.    He waved to his family and walked out of the village.

The young man, once he had walked far from the village, was fascinated by his surroundings, and filled with an absolute certainty that he was doing the right thing and he had a spring in his step.  The sun seemed brighter and warmer, the greens of the grass more alive.  He hummed happily to himself as he travelled.   He stopped for the night far beyond a neighbouring village for he simply did not want to explain to them about his journey but rather hug it to himself for a time.

The night passed and he slept warmly cloaked in a small hollow.   He woke again to a brilliant morning and continued on his journey.  He crossed a small river humming quietly to himself and travelled for miles, the terrain changing about him becoming colder and darker.  He wrapped himself warmly into his cloak and clothes and continued.   As he travelled deeper into the changing countryside, a place he had never been to before, he started to wonder if he was really doing the right thing.  The mists hung about his feet and he had not seen the sun for hours now as the gloomy, damp weather seemed to close more firmly around him.    He stopped by another small stream to quench his thirst and have a bite to eat from his pack.

As he sat, he could hear no sound of the birds, just the perpetual mist and dampness that weighed on him like a damp cloak.  He chewed his food slowly as his doubts ran around his head.  Was it such a wise idea?  Coming all this way without knowing exactly what he could expect?  What if he got to another village and they decided to kill him?  What if there was no girl like he had seen in his dreams?  What if he would just return home having made a fool of himself?    The thoughts sucked and pulled at him like the pull of water in the river he had crossed.   He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to hold onto the certainty he had at the start of the journey.   He hunkered down for the night in the cold and misty land.   Time seemed to stand still and he awoke to the same cold, misty dreary outlook.

He opened his eyes and the strangest looking man was sitting on a rock opposite him staring at him.   The young man stared back surprised.   “I didn’t hear you arrive”  he said and the odd man said “Didn’t hear, didn’t see, didn’t know”.   The young man blinked and then laughed. “No, none of those things”.    He offered the odd man some bread and the odd man took it carefully from him.  “A crumb for this, a crumb for that, and a crumb for my tum” and he looked shrewdly at the young man who was gazing at him quite bemused.

“Never a worry, never a mind, turn around, you waste your time” He sing-songed the words at the young man.   The young man frowned “What do you mean?”.    The odd man poked out his toes and wiggled his pointed shoes at him “Give up now, just leave in haste, for what you seek is all a waste”.    The young man glared at the strange man.  “Why should you tell me that?”.   The odd man smirked at the young man “Troubled thoughts, troubled times, I’m just a man who talks in rhymes” and shrugged his shoulders while his shrewd black eyes surveyed the young man.

The thing was the young man was not happy about this odd man who had appeared out of no where in this cold place telling him to turn around and what he was doing was a waste.  How dare he comment when he knew nothing about his journey and what his purpose was.   He decided to ignore the odd man and he packed up his bread again to prepare for the journey.  He pulled the pack on his back and stood to continue.    The odd man in his odd clothing had moved even closer and he frowned at him again.

The black eyes surveyed the young man again and he leaned forward and poked the young man on the chest “It’s not a lie, it’s not a  jest, go back home, it’s for the best”.   The young man poked the odd little man back in the chest.  “Go away fool, for I am growing tired of your riddles”.   The odd man stepped backwards and allowed the young man to pass but kept pace with him in small leaping steps.

The young man kept his eyes on the road ahead and walked stoically through the mists with his cloak wrapped tightly around himself.   The fool darted around him at times humming loudly and irritatingly in the quiet of the day.    A couple of hours passed and the countryside had not changed.  The young man stopped for a break and the fool stopped too.    The young man ignored him as much as he could but was not rude enough to not offer again some bread and meat to the fool.  The fool took the food happily and munched away watching the young man.   “Fiddle dee, fiddle doe, there is no perfect girl you know”.

The young man stood in anger this time and glared mightily at the fool.   “Get out of here, get away you fool, for I will not listen to your words any more”.    The fool snickered at him and the black eyes watched him.  “Gone, gone far away, who would care if you died this day?”.     The young man seized his pack and stamped off into the mists listening to the mocking laughter of the fool echoing behind him.  He was not scared of the odd man, more incensed to have some of his thoughts repeated back to him.

He walked faster and he noticed that the mists around his feet were starting to clear and he felt lighter to be moving past the heaviness of the countryside he had found himself in.   He saw no sign of the fool again and felt lighter for that as well.   The air grew warm again and he came out of the mists suddenly into the most beautiful countryside.  He felt so relieved and his step renewed as he headed for the village he could see in the distance.     He was relieved to be away from both the strange man and the strange terrain he had passed through to get here.  The villagers welcomed him warmly and he was pleased with both their company after the quietness of the last leg of the journey but more pleased with the shy glances of the girl with the honey coloured eyes.   It seemed he would be successful after all and his concerns and thoughts faded in the brilliant daylight.

He asked the Village Elder about the mists and the fool that he had encountered on the way.  The Elder drew away for a moment and looked at him carefully.  “There is a legend of a fool who died in the mist groves, who only appears to those who get lost on their way.  Did you meet such a fool or did you meet a part of yourself?”.   The young man stared at the Elder in surprise for in truth by the light of the day, he was not too sure.


No one person more than YOU will convince you to embrace your fears or doubts.  People can give you advice and you can listen to their wisdom or you can decide for yourself, however, when someone else voices your own fears and doubts to you, do you get annoyed?  Or rather should you realise they have just done you the best favour?  For in voicing your own fears and doubts back to you, they have shown you simply what you need to address in you for you.   You are your own fool at times, for beyond anything of the fears and doubts, is a decision.  Do you trust YOU more or allow the fool in you to convince you that you will fail….  The choice always was up to you.




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3 responses to “Spirit Whispers: The Gossip of a Fool… A Parable

  1. Nice parable.

    And the information on the energy is what I needed to read. Still not sure what’s behind it all, but… it’s useful.

  2. Amy

    Awesome parable = and timing as always – perfect! thanks for sharing beautiful 🙂

  3. Jillian Dolan

    I needed to read this Jacs it was so me thanks