Spirit Whispers: Meditation for your Higher Heart

With all the intensity of this year of New Beginnings complete with its endings as well, we need to at times be more kind, more gentle, compassionate and forgiving to ourselves.  In the middle always of sorting out energetic drama we can feel like we have missed a piece of ourselves or not really had the time to nurture ourselves properly as well.   For me, the Heart Chakra has 8 different spokes, or sub-chakras and as we work within all of these, we also reach into the Higher Heart Chakra as well.  The Guides have asked me to give you this meditation to help in the frequency changes that are taking place at this time.

Higher Heart Meditation:

As always, please make sure you are in a safe place, have the phone turned off and no interruptions as it is really important particularly for this mediation because you are working with a part of your deeper self.       Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and blow it out, take another breath and do the same, do this three times.  On the last breath out envisage all the stress leaving your body and relax completely into your chair feeling all the tension leaving your body.  Wiggle your fingers and your toes, move your legs and shoulders and neck and relax deeper into your chair.

In your mind’s eye see a meadow, step with bare feet into the meadow and feel the softness of warm grass and the brilliant warm of a summer’s day.   Move forward into the meadow and notice now there is a small stream, this stream is both large enough and wide enough for you to step into it.  It’s waters cool and refreshing but not cold, in fact the temperature of it is both soothing and oddly warming.

Step down into the stream and allow the water to surround you, feel it’s flow gently soothing and caressing as it flows around you.   Sink gently into the water until it is up to your neck, you feel embraced by the water rather than needing to hold your head up as the water is just deep enough that it comes up to your chin, relax as the water gently cushions you but pulls as you ever so gently with its soothing movement.

Notice now as the water feeling seems to permeate your whole body, flowing gently it seems right through your skin, soft as a feather but washing away any feelings of discontent, any hurts, any grudges and worries, they seem to be seamlessly flowing out of your body and away gently down stream away from you.  The water is making you feel cushioned, light and all of your senses seem to be fine tuning, becoming more aware as the water gently clears away any feelings that are not serving you or empowering you.  The flow is not from your head, but rather from your heart.  Notice now too how the water seems to be warming your being but from the inside out, filling you gently with peace, love and harmony.

Notice now floating towards you gently on the gentle pull of the stream, a beautiful pink lotus blossom, gently floating directly towards you, it’s petals closed and tight, simply in a brilliant bud nestled on its green leaves.  Reach out and take the lotus blossom in two hands and bring it close to you.   Hold it on the top of the water, still feeling the flow of the gentle stream warming you from the inside and watch now as the beautiful lotus blossom slowly starts to unfurl its petals.

As one petal unfurls, feel too deep in your heart a corresponding petal unfurl in your higher heart, notice now another petal unfurling from the lotus in your hands and again the feeling of opening inside your being.   For each time that a petal unfurls in your hands feel the wonder of the uncurling of a petal deep within your higher heart bringing a feeling of release, relief and wonder.

Watch as all the petals unfurl one after the other and feel the changes within your heart as your matching internal blossom also unfurls, bringing you deeper understanding of yourself, your heart, your wishes and your dreams.  Breathe gently and slowly as all the petals are opening.  Look into the brilliance of the lotus blossom in your hands and know that this beautiful flower has opened within you as well.  Ask now for the lotus blossom in your hands to be illuminated and watch as it gently becomes more and more brilliant, more iridescent, swelling in harmony and colour and feel this too, the opening and swelling and brilliance taking place within your higher heart.  The feeling of complete peace, complete love fills your being and warms you from the inside out.

Take the lotus blossom in your hands and gently stand in the water, bringing the beautiful flower up to your heart and notice now as it is absorbed into your being through your heart to reach and join with the lotus within.  Watch as it gently, and smoothly is absorbed into your chest, warming even more your heart as the two beautiful flowers combine within you to become one.  Close your eyes in your mind and allow the full flow of harmony within your being centring from your heart flower to all the extremities of your body.   Sit in the moment of the peace and feel the gentle flow of the stream, the magic within and the feeling of allowing your higher heart to open.

Take a deep breath in and gently release it and step again from the stream knowing as soon as you touch the bank and stand, that you are immediately dry, still warm but so content.  You can feel the open lotus blossom within you and know it is giving you peace, harmony and is protected by the love you have given yourself.   Walk back across the meadow away from the stream, feeling light, open, wonderful and complete.

Come gently back into the physical body with this wonderful feeling of being free to be yourself, being open to the wonder of living and the peace, love and harmony within.   Know this feeling will be retained within and when over the course of the coming weeks you feel a bit lost, or tired or even struggling, to envisage again that beautiful blossom within you, helping you, growing in its beauty, sustaining and loving you.

Open your eyes when you are ready and wiggle your fingers and toes to bring you back to the now.


I love this meditation, it really does warm your heart completely and is such a lovely thing to think about when everything just feels bleh, because it reminds you how beautiful you are inside and how much love you have both to give to others and to yourself.    Always be kind to you and nurture your higher heart because this is the truth of who you are.



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