Spirit Whispers: Mixed Messages…

You know all this week the Guides have been mumbling about not listening and I was both mortified and delighted when a lovely man in Spirit literally yelled at his daughter that try as he might to get through to her she just wasn’t listening.    Mortified because I haven’t been listening and also naughtily in a way delighted that someone else was getting told off as well!

The funny thing is that when Spirit are trying so desperately to let us know that they are around they get as completely frustrated as we do, around the elusive communications that never seem to quite connect.  There is such a collective rolling of eyes in the Off Worlds when finally we think about it and go “You know what I HAVE been thinking about that all week really but I kinda dismissed it as a co-incidence”.   This of course, this particular phrase causes a collective face palm from the Off Worlds in complete frustration of the messages trying to be connected to us, being mixed, missed or lost in translation.

To be honest, really honest, sometimes I think we wander around a lot in a bubble of our own thoughts, processing this and processing that and generally remaining oblivious to a lot of communication that comes in around us.   When I talk to people and point out that they have been having dreams of their person, lights flickering and they have been seeing flashes of light out the corner of their eyes.  Keys going missing, cell phones going off with no messages but could have sworn they heard it.     Lyrics in songs that bring memories, laughter through their thoughts, someone in the Mall who looked for a moment JUST like their person.  Their eyes start to gleam as they think of all the times this has happened.

YET and I mean YET the human brain convinces us that these are just coincidences.   I personally do not believe in coincidences at all.  Syncroniscity and divine planning YES but coincidences, no not at all.   I believe at times very much so it is US who mix the messages and US that have a tendency to completely dismiss the things that we do not recognise immediately.

A lot of Spirit communication is subtle and the reason according to the Guides that it is subtle is because it is constant and within that constantness is the reminder that we have NOT been left alone.  After all do you honestly expect your friend to be in your face every day if they were not when they were here.   Do you expect a partner to be by your side every moment of the day?   They weren’t when they were here BUT in so many ways, they are thinking of you, watching you and simply loving you more because of their ability to not be limited to the human body and in not being limited by a human body, there then becomes multiple forms of communication.

Today has been one of those, for some reason my Guides have been switching places today, left to right, right to left to the point I turned and said to Aeron “Seriously!  What on earth are you doing?”   He laughed and I saw him and Zach exchange glances.   “Just checking you were paying attention” he said and innocently looked at me, “after all some days you have a tendency to NOT be listening or paying attention”.    I do actually understand what he means.

Think of it this way, we have a tendency to get used to things.  Whether it is work, play, or habits, we have this habit of “switching into neutral”.   Is it any wonder we are getting mixed messages from ourselves and from Spirit, when we are running on autopilot and immersing ourselves so deeply into our own thoughts.  I get extremely used to having Spirit around, and the Guides of course, to the point I can become complacent in my expectations of them being there.   Today when they were switching places while I was reading I became aware of HOW used to where they stand how they help, how much they direct and interact with Spirit and HOW expectant I am of them doing that.    THEN as I clicked that I was switching into a neutral pattern of how I receive information, which is fine, it’s okay to completely switch into passing messages on from the other side BUT at times when we are not truly IN the moment we can miss the subtle changes and messages become not as clear as they should be.

For me I have luckily, (and constantly) reminders from the other side.  Like today just about jumping out of my skin when the Dad yelled tell her to clean her ears out and listen to him.  Hmmmz point taken I think that might of applied to me as well!     But it got me to thinking and I am sure that is why the Guides were switching things up a bit too and it got me to thinking even MORE…

HOW many things do you think of during the day?  How many mixed messages do we send out to the Universe expected non mixed messages to come back?      I was thinking about this as I was watching the thought patterns plop out of my son’s head.   “I think I want this to go this way.   Or not….  Maybe this would work, or not”.   Honestly, I was blinking really hard to keep up with his convoluted thought patterns of what he wanted the kids coming to stay to do.   Now thoughts are NOT just thoughts, they are broadcasts, they don’t just stay in your head, they float out on the airways like radio frequency.

So think of it this way.. How MUCH indecision do we broadcast out to Spirit, our loved ones at times that must be incredibly confusing to them to follow as well?   “I want this job!…. I think.  Well I think I want this job, but maybe there is a better job?  Should I take this job?  I know I wanted a new one but am I burning my bridges?  Maybe I should wait.  I don’t like where I work but what if that one is worse?”   *facepalm… Its like watching someone do the Hokey Tokey.  Left foot in, left foot out, left foot in and shake it all about.

Now imagine the Universe, all ears…  Job, they want a new job!  YAY can send something perfect for them, energy starts to spin.  But wait… No they don’t want a job, energy starts to subside, collective pause…  Yes, yes they do want a new job, energy spinning. NOPE wait… they don’t know… Collective pause again.   Then because the Universe sees you as not allowing, accepting or changing what you need to for yourself, you get fired, made redundant or the company goes under.      Heck, the Universe looks at it this way… You wanted out, couldn’t decide, let’s make it easier for you?…  Ever helpful that there Universe!

BUT!  what an incredibly amount of mixed messages you were sending!!   Please come back to paying attention, both to your thoughts that are going OUT and the thoughts that are COMING in.  Neither one is a coincidence, but rather a direct response, be it from loved ones, Spirit or the Universe to what you are putting out there.   You are a radio, broadcasting frequency, SOMEONE is listening and responding.   Take care with your thoughts and come back to clarity.  Clarity of listening, clarity of sending, clarity of being.   THAT way you will get a better response from loved ones, the Universe and a more in tune feeling with yourself.   No more mixed messages and believe me, it will stop Spirit yelling at you when they are communicating, which personally for me, is SUCH a good thing *winks and grins!





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5 responses to “Spirit Whispers: Mixed Messages…

  1. Stephanie

    Got it! Thanks Jacqueline.

  2. Paul McEnaney

    Thanks jackie

  3. Maybe that spiritual father needs to try a new approach. I don’t know anyone who responds well to being yelled at.

    Perhaps that daughter is indeed listening – listening to her own voice and not the voices of others. It is only the fathers perception that she is not. For only she truly knows where her heart is taking her. No one can tell her anything she doesn’t already know herself.

    • Most people come because they do not have the courage to listen to themselves, while he can yell at her, I would not yell at her but rather gently encourage her to listen as well. Most people will listen more to a loved one than themselves until the have the courage to listen to themselves.

  4. Tina

    Thank-you beautiful light. I guess when you put it all like that, yeah…. there is an amount of mental ping pong, back and forth. But is it positive affirming…. Hmmmmmz. 🙂
    Love and light