Spirit Whispers: Don’t throw Tomatoes, throw LOVE….

Ever feel like this is a large playground, and that you get loads of people to play with? Not in an awful sense, but sometimes when the Universal Energies pull on helping us to gain insight in our emotional lives.  We can very, very quickly feel like life has reverted to Kindergarten and you are surrounded by small petulant children, including YOURSELF!

Firstly and I know the Guides want me to share this…. You are NOT alone… We are so interconnected by the living weaving tapestry of humanity, that if you say Potato and I say Tomato, we are actually throwing the same stuff at each other just in a slightly different format by our own perception and growth.   IN reality, there are no potatoes or tomatoes just us trying to avoid our evolving emotional states by throwing something at someone else!

Phew….  So when I was sulking this morning about being woken up at 4am and grizzling, and I might add GRIZZLING, about the colours in the airways, the emotional swings and crisis’ affecting people was it any wonder I had to say hmmm where to from here?

Enter a very, very patient Guide for me to chat to.    LOL!    The colours defining the airways for me are greens, in differing shades of change, right on top of them is an EXTRA dose of illumination, with a sudden sharp blue of deal with it NOW… With the contrasting colour of lilacs bringing in your own wisdom IF, according to the Guides you are paying attention to ALL that illumination.

So no point stomping, poking fingers and generally resorting to Kindergarten practices, of I don’t want to be your friend.  WE are in this together people and more than anything know that the solution to everything always is and always has been bringing it back to LOVE.

There is an amazing amount of positives coming forward from the changes, and while we are in change, we can struggle to see the point, the wisdom and the understanding.  However, WE are change resistant at times when we can refuse to see what we don’t want to and so the understanding gets amplified until we do look at it and address it.  (I love you really silver illumination colour)…

Circumstances are being brought to the fore by these colours which means with that sharp blue ADDRESS IT NOW…  Within that colour is a wonderful momentum of understanding, we can wallow (eyeballs a potato to throw) or we can SUCK it up and see that we are the change we are needing for us.  We are what we need to move forward.   No one really can tell you what to do or even make you do it.   You change these things for you and for you only.   Why on earth we wait until we are uncomfortable to do it, I have no idea.   Well I do, we are stubborn, errmmm determined? Nope just plain stubborn.

Boundaries are being set, new purposes being implemented, structures being changed, relationships coming and going with more speed than Grand Central Station, as the Universe is powering us forward into the next stages of OWNERSHIP of who we are…    Step back people beyond the human junk and see the wonder of that!

Ownership of empowering your choices… Wooot Woot.   So you are stubborn and need some shoving… errmm sorry, encouraging?, in this energy… Celestial kick in the bottom time people.  But don’t wallow, know that you are just being pushed, pulled (errmm I mean guided) into wonderful new possibilities of new beginnings.  Bless you green bits in the airways..

You forgot one really, really important aspect in all of this… Not your brain, never your brain, but your HEART LIGHT.  It’s a time for listening to your heart, honouring that you need to FEEL and acknowledge those feelings and just simply come back to what is really important in your heart.   Not have to’s, cause that brings extra learning as well, but empowering yourself in allowing yourself to melt off all those residual issues which have lain dormant and are needed to be expressed and taking ownership of the airways energy in a really positive manner.

One door will always open but don’t catch your butt in the one that is closing!  Allow, Allow, be kind to yourself but don’t hold onto a frequency that no longer serves you.   Buckle up and step into ownership of emotions, empowering your heart,  be honest, truthful and more than anything do these things for yourself!

You WILL let go of people, situations and learning.  WHY?  Because you don’t need that any more, you are embracing the change (albeit looking around the playground, some not willingly) that sets an ear mark understanding of ownership of your heart energy and the power of you.

Best advice, DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF, because it is small stuff, stop throwing potatoes and tomatoes and accusing others of being unfair, or unjust or rude.  This energy is affecting US all and always we are in this together.   Throw love instead.. it leaves less stains and bruises and it also empowers us forward into a better place of understanding with each other.

So that person that really ticked you off when you felt it was unnecessary?  Send a bouquet of PINK, candy floss pink energy, or wrap them in a bubble of pink love and (don’t hold your mouth like that when you are doing it!) allow understanding through your being that they are struggling too in their way and YOU get to choose whether you aid them with that, or throw a tomato.  Which in any case would probably come back to you anyway!

Heart energy is beautiful, its peaceful and loving, you need it for you and we need it for us all.  Be kinder, no expectations and certainly throw love.  What the heck it’s a limitless source and you can tap into it because YOU are love, created in love, and filled with love.  You just in this energy seem a mite forgetful of that (Thank you upstairs for the reminder)….

Also start planning, creating, that green in the airways, that one of change, it brings endless possibilities when your focus is in the right place.  TAKE advantage of it, think positively, be positive, stop picking faults and start believing.   That green is perfect for this month and the coming months, plus with that super illumination silver, wonderful CHOICES.   Stop feeling stuck and start planning.. Things can be ever so interesting when love is being thrown around.   Say yes, be the change and start NOW.




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  1. lorraine williams

    I just want to say to all followers,If you didn’t go to Jacquelines evening of insight,i’m so sorry you missed out on a real experience.She left no doubt in peoples minds that we have a genuine lady standing in front of us,roll on an encore.