Spirit Whispers: It’s a process, You are a work in progress, BE kind to you…..

Wheee, the Universal energies have been shifting and changing over the last couple of weeks and it has been interesting to see the colours stream through the airways and their consequential effect on us all.    There has been sky blues which bring such rapid fire epiphanies, which mean we have to control our annoyances and temper how we are dealing with other people too.  There has been brilliant illuminations of silver bringing us complete illumination of situations, how they affect us, what we need to embrace and what can change in a moment.   Rich magenta bringing in loving feelings and a feeling of abundant love in sharp contrast to the sky blues!  A time simply to stop fighting with yourself at an emotional level, and others,  and allow everything just to play out the way it is supposed to.

This combination of colours can bring both highs and lows of emotional tides and we are swimming our way through them as the year progresses.  One thing I have been told time and time again by the Guides is to be gentle with ourselves during this time and not to be reactive, rather proactive in how we deal with others as well.

At night when I go have discussions in the Off Worlds with the Guides I am always aware that we often are playing out situations and scenarios where, as the lead role in our own lives, we really can end up fighting with parts of ourselves that we can be particularly hard on.  Our expectations of ourselves can be extremely high and in this energy, it can make us be incredible hard on other people too.

The one thing that the Guides often say is to make sure to remember that we are indeed all in this together and everyone else is contributing to our learning with their own learning as well.  Patience and tolerance is a must, albeit, NOT easy at times.

I love the way that the Guides explained it a couple of days ago.  I was sitting on a rock in the desert listening to one of them talk and my brain was drifting, which was really rude, on to what I could have done differently with a particular person in my life.   Gently Jobe brings me back to what he is telling me about.   He asks me to hold out my hand.    I hold out my hand and he places a single grain of sand in my palm.  I have to peer down to look at it, and at once it is magnified and it seems huge in my hand, not heavy but I could see every crack within the grain of sand, it was fascinating.    He places another grain of sand in my hand.  I look at him.

“It’s just another grain of sand”.    “Look closer” he says and I look again almost into the grain of sand.  It is the same but completely different on the inside of its formation.   These tiny grains of sand are completely different, the same, but different.    He gently blows the sand away and places a small diamond into my hand.  It catches the sunlight and I get to look closely “into” that as well.  It is formed like the sand, tiny little compressions to make it so beautiful.  He places another small diamond in my hand, and again I get to see it looks the same on the outside but on the inside it is amazingly differently formed.

They disappear and he smiles.   Gently two snow flakes float from nowhere and land on my palm.  “They’ll melt” I say, he laughs.  “Look closely” and for some reason again I can see into the tiny snow flakes and see that outside they look the same but each one is different, tiny striations of ice formations within the tiny flakes.  So very, very different from each other.    “That’s so cool!”  I laugh “literally!”.   The tiny flakes disappear in a blink.

“Each has been through its own process, through its own formation.  No two will be the same, will feel the same nor will they react the same when pressure is again put upon them.   Each could melt, fracture or break in a completely different way under different pressures.    Yet at some point in time each will have that process happen.   People are very much the same.    They are outwardly the same as everyone else, yet they have their own pressures, their own processes and their own formation of understanding due to the process they have been through to react this point in their own lives.

No two people will respond exactly the same to any one situation and the shadows that you think you have within you will be within each person to a different degree.  They may or may not have dealt with them, but they will be dealing with in themselves at points in their own lives as well.     The key is understanding that the pressure you create on yourself to be perfect,  get it right, are at times all the same aspects of all of you, just manifesting at different times.   You are also not here to “get it right, understand completely nor FIX” anything at any one time while dealing with the other “grains of sand, snow or diamond”.

I laugh and Jobe smiles at me.    I love what he has just shown me and it’s extremely true.  We can really wander along on our life path expecting, and some times unfairly, everyone to think or react exactly the same way we do and they are simply not supposed to.   In this energy, it can be challenging when we are trying to sort out ourselves as well as trying to work with others on their journey as well.

We are all in this together and everyone that we have in our life is non coincidental, they are all, even the slight interactions, based on us bringing more understanding to ourselves.   We need in this energy to be kind simply, and not have expectations of people understanding us, when we kind of really don’t understand ourselves even.   All of us are working on the emotional levels in this energy, this frequency and it is important to know that what you perceive as your “cracks, and formations” are not necessarily others.

Above all over the next 6 weeks, go with the flow, CHILL and breathe before reacting because everyone, simply everyone is working their stuff to the best of their abilities too.   We are all in this together and that is a truly wonderful thing.   So be aware of the sky blue, and its sudden illumination energy and keep the light of patience and love in your heart.  You need this so much for you!



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