Spirit Whispers: The Dynamite Clause…

Over the weekend I was away in Sydney, I spent so much time thinking and thinking, after all the discussions during the workshop.  Some amazing people so passionate about what they want to bring to the world in their books and it really was an empowering space to be present in, listening to peoples stories of their journey and how their books reach others.

When you take a look back at your own journey, and you really need to, you should be amazed at how far you have come and how much you have accomplished and you NEED to be empowered by that as well.  Such an amazing journey of learning.

After the first night while really delighted with the workshop,  I was drained completely in the solar plexus (which is the energy centre we give out and receive energy through when we are around people.  It is also the chakra that governs our self-confidence, the essence of ourselves that we present to others).   I was gently bringing in harmonising yellows and lemons and working on both clearing energy and adjusting frequency on the spin of this chakra, it’s balances and subtleties when Jobe said “You may want to work on the Dynamite Clause“.

Gently removing my focus from my solar plexus and focusing on Jobe sitting on a rock in an arid landscape, desert all the way around him, “The what clause?”  This beautiful gentle guide smiled and replied “The Dynamite Clause”.    I look at him so suspiciously, I hope its not something I placed in my solar plexus!  I have absolutely no idea what that is but I know that always I am about to learn something interesting and its SOMETHING that I am either creating or manifesting.

Gotta love that we are the centre of our own worlds and yet we are singularly at times the most destructive FORCE in those own worlds.   I sit at his feet and raise an eyebrow waiting.

He laughs at my expression because there is always wisdom and sometimes in my own stubbornness I think WHY does this have to be about me, and yet I get to share it so ultimately it is a win/win and in reality I just get frustrated with myself at times at what I feel is my slowness in understanding.

“Ever wonder why at times that the thoughts you pay the least attention to manifest the fastest?”   I look at him intently, I think I know the answer to that one at least.  “No thought is missed, no thought is lost, but when you send a random thought that you are not trying to control or put into your own limitation of expectation, the Universe can bring it in the way it sees the most fit?”.

He smiles “Yes but in a way you also send it as a sudden flash, brilliant in its understanding without complications of worry, fear or expectation”.   I get that, I understand that at times we have these thoughts that fly off us and then we get a surprise when it actually does happen.  Then justify that we WELL we did think it, but didn’t really want it.  Which complex but in a reality all thoughts have energy so we are just really kidding ourselves anyway.  You know,  in some ways we are so very good at justifying the hows, the why’s and the maybes.

I impatiently wait for him to explain some more.  He laughs again at my expression. “Let’s put it this way.   Say you really, really want something.  A new car, a new job, a new partner, and you send out to the Universe your thoughts about what you would like, define it really, really clearly on your terms.  So you have set the intention, set your focus and then you send it up to the Universe for it to manifest in time, Divine Timing, and Soul learning.   You know enough to do that.  BUT then you inadvertently add in the Dynamite clause.

You add in that random thought “if it’s meant to be it will be”.   I look at him extremely startled.  “Isn’t that a good thing to add?  I mean if it is meant to be it WILL be won’t it?  How is that a dynamite clause and what the heck does that mean anyway?”.   Before I start to get huffy, which I can feel myself doing, Jobe looks at me so kindly and says “It’s about ownership, it’s about believing and it’s about KNOWING.  Not building a bridge to dreams and throwing a stick of dynamite at it and hoping with all your heart it won’t blow up.    It means that for one tiny but crucial moment you DIDN’T believe in your own power of manifestation, you put in a clause that you could find an “out” within.  It didn’t go the way you wanted it to, the perfect job was given to someone else, the perfect house sold to another, the perfect man disappeared and you said “it wasn’t meant to be”.   BUT there was a part of you that stopped believing that you could manifest what you wanted, a tiny part of you that sniggered and said “I told you so”.

That is the most detrimental of illusions really.  That smallest justification, a tiny worm of doubt.  It may as well be dynamite to your dreams.  It’s the “I know I can change the world…. and that tiny element of “I think I can… Maybe I can.. Can I? NOPE I can”… In that one singular moment of adding in the extra terms and conditions, came the destructive moment of doubt.   It flashed only for a tiny second before you squashed it but it has the power to change everything in a single blast because part of you needed to add that clause”.

I so get what he is talking about and it’s not just the “if it’s meant to be”.  That is only one of a dozen phrases really which could have the potential to dynamite our plans.  It’s the tiny “am I really good enough” FLASH or the “do I deserve it really” Fuse igniter.  It’s so subtle, so tiny, that we think it has no power.  But in reality, it has MORE power than anything because you put SO much intention and focus into your own TERMS, more than anything else you were focusing on creating and that ONE thought, came on the back of ALL that intention.  Then  worse as time passes and the Universal manifestation energies take into account the dynamite clause, you ADD to it.

Hmmz, not happening quite the way I anticipated, another blast of thought of doubt which then you try to smother but it’s already escaped and in cahoots with the first dynamite stick.   All these dynamite sticks are forming around your perception of your worth, your belief you can create wondrous things for yourself and worse still you are wandering around with an igniter.   The igniter is not empowering yourself MORE beyond those random thoughts.

As things don’t manifest on our terms, we throw more dynamite clauses and when they do explode, they explode normally bigger than what we expected YET we were the ones who put the clauses in place.

This coming year is about OWNERSHIP.  For me I have been told it’s a Universal Implementation year.   What you create now you can take forward and implement it into dreams and understanding and really start to understand your capabilities.  On that basis it’s time to start looking at how you get rid of the dynamite clause(s).  Forever.  It’s holding you back in so many ways and you can start by acknowledging that you do it.

Don’t smother it, counter it with love.   Counter it in a way that you recognise it’s a fear, but you have more power to overcome it.  Use it as a spring-board to bounce off and bring your dreams closer.  “I recognise I thought that, but I know that in conjunction with my higher self, divine understanding I can truly bring my dreams to reality and I will OWN that.   I lovingly forgive myself of any doubts (sticks of dynamite) and ALLOW all that I choose to manifest to be presented in my best interests.  In this I trust and anticipate”…

Jobe smiles gently at me, eyes twinkling.  “Sometimes the best analogies remind us what we need to change” and a huge sand dune in the distance blows up and I laugh loudly as sand blows everywhere and Jobe looks incredibly innocent.

Remove the dynamite clause people and start taking ownership of your creative thoughts, because you need more than anything at this time of change to start to OWN who you truly are and what you are truly capable of manifesting in your beautiful way for your beautiful life!



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