Spirit Whispers: Be the Firefly…

When I was away in Timaru this weekend, the Guides told me I would be asked to do an address at the Spiritual Meeting that I was down there for.   Love that they give me a heads up about things like that.   I have so many stories that the Guides have given me that there is always a choice.  However, they then told me this beautiful parable of the fire fly and I so want to share it with you also.

The Firefly:

Once there was a small fire fly who worried completely about her light.   Was it bright enough?, was it strong enough?.  She would worry all day long about her “imperfections”.   Her judgement of herself became worse as the sun began to set.  She could see other fire flies starting to hum and shine and she sighed sadly to herself.   “Look how bright they shine.  I don’t shine that brightly.   I feel embarrassed to be shining around them, they must be thinking I look dreadfully dull” she would mumble to herself.

As the night fell the Firefly would gloomily join the other fireflies and constantly compare herself to them.   She never spoke to them of her insecurity of herself.  She pretended that she was okay and she hummed in and around them, listening to them chatting happily, all the while comparing and judging her own inadequacies.

One day the Firefly had simply had enough, she really couldn’t stand herself any more and as the night fell, she took herself off by herself where no other fire flies were.     She sat on a rock and sobbed, her light dimmed but still shining.    As she sobbed an Angel appeared and touched the small firefly gently.  “Little one, why do you weep?  Do you not see how beautiful you are?”   The firefly stared at the beautiful angel. “No” she stated sadly.     The Angel smiled gently and the night got blacker.    As the night shifted, the firefly instinctively shone a little brighter.  The Angel smiled again.  “Do you not see how you light up your own portion of your world?”.   The Firefly stopped weeping and looked around.   It was so very dark, the darkest she had seen and yet she shone.

Her light shone around her keeping the darkness at bay and illuminating like a spotlight her own self.  That’s funny, she thought, I never thought I shone this brightly before.   She sent more energy to her light and she shone even brighter.  The glow from her was now very bright.  The small firefly laughed and looked the Angel.  “Goodness!  I am really bright!”.    The Angel smiled “Always in your darkest moments, will you forever shine the brightest.  You just need to remember that”.

“Oh” said the Firefly sadly “but I will never shine as bright as the others”.    The Angel reached out and touched her gently.  “Do you know that all the other fire flies worry that their light is not as bright, that they too may be not good enough?”   The firefly stared with wide eyes.  “Really?”   The Angel smiled again.   “Understand everyone has their concerns, their judgement of themselves.  Yet there is absolutely no reason to compare.   All of you have a purpose.  All of you are here to be all you can be and to simply shine.  To look at others, to wonder and to compare will only ever make you sad and blue”.    The Angel leaned and whispered “It’s part of you learning about you.   To realise how amazing you are by just being you”.

The Firefly looked at herself shining in the dark night and thought, I do shine bright and I can shine bright and then she frowned. “What happens though when I am with everyone else?  Do I have to shine brighter?  How will I still see me, if they are shining too?”. “Ahhhhh” smiled the Angel.   “See therein lies the beauty.   For when you join the others and they are shining as brightly as they can do, then all of you as a collective have the ability to light up the world.   What an amazing power from all of you to illuminate and be the change that the world needs.   Many shed more light than just the one, you will not feel alone at all in shining brilliantly without comparison.   Never forget you are all in this journey together, and the light you shine together brings you closer together and illuminates all your purpose more fully”.

The firefly nodded for she did indeed understand what the Angel was saying and she looked at the beautiful Angel. “Can I join the others now?” she asked shyly.   The Angel beamed and light flew in all directions and the firefly looked in awe and brightened herself. “Of course you can”.   Suddenly in the dark the small firefly could see her group, see her friends and she waved at the Angel with a brilliant grin and flew off to light up the world with the others.


To have the courage to be you and keep shining your light, is one of the biggest challenges you will have if you slip into the habit of comparison and judgement of self.   You were born to shine simply and the best way for you to shine is to just be you.  There is no warts, no hideous traits you have.  The only person who will judge you the most is you and it is the most worthless of habits to make.  Change it, change how you think about you.  Every single living thing on this planet has Divine Light within.  Shine that out and find others who believe in shining as them and you will help in your own special unique way, to light up the world. ♥



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